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England: gun ban totally ineffective

It would be nice for once to learn from the experience of others. However our hubris won’t allow it apparently. Here are a couple of  charts which will make the point graphically. We can do all the feel-good legislation we want to, but it’s not going to change a thing.

Note the fact that despite the ban, homicides committed with firearms in England have shown an increase. We’ve talked about why that may be. Part of it is the fact that criminals don’t obey laws or bans. The other part of it has to do with the fact that the ban has created a de facto gun free zone. Therefore, criminals feel “safe” when attacking just about anyone. Thus as noted before, the increase in “hot burglaries”.

Also note that the number of homicides in England has also risen during that time. As we’ve noted before that is likely to change in culture. But there’s no question that the firearms ban has been a total and utter failure.

Will we learn from this?

Of course not. You can see it forming up now. The demand to repeat the failure of England. Apparently, we believe criminals will obey the law. And we also apparently believe that they won’t look for soft targets.

Because, you know, we’re different.


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38 Responses to England: gun ban totally ineffective

  • Like pretty much every other Collectivist notion, it DOES NOT work…every time it is tried.
    It is, at very best, magic thinking.  At worst (and I think this applies to most adherents) it is tyrannical.
    As with so many such notions (i.e., mileage mandates that force people into less survivable vehicles), it actually costs people their lives.

  • During the last riots, a year or two ago, AmazonUK noticed an uptick in interest in American baseball, as the number of baseball bats sold in England surged.

    • Wouldn’t cricket bats be just as effective?

      • At least.  Look at the edges.  You could inflict a really awful wound with one if you used the edges.  But I expect cricket bats are considerably more expensive, given they are composite products.

  • Guys, it’s gonna be the election, the fiscal cliff and anything else the collective wants all over again.    Nothing is going to thrill them more than to make conservatives into criminals by regulation or ESPECIALLY by Executive order.
    This fight is going to have to be at your state level, strategically this has already been lost, because, just like Obama Care, they are GOING to ignore us, they are going to tell us what we want, and carry through with it.   Where have they demonstrated restraint, or listened to facts in the last 4 years?

      I disagree, with a caveat or two…  Any such attempt…even should it be passed into law…will be ignored, as was Prohibition.
      Jammie presents another reason; even New York would find the confiscation of arms prohibitively expensive.

      • They just keep working it down….millions WILL turn in their fire arms, just because they pass a law demanding we do so.  As a rule people don’t want to be ‘criminals’.  They’ll do this without a dime in compensation.
        They’ll send around notifications to everyone who the Federal government has blessed to buy a fire arm with those records ‘they didn’t keep’ during the background checks, just so you know THEY know, maybe they’ll do that first.
        Then they’ll offer ‘trade in’ programs, and more will turn them in because they know they’re criminals now, but they’re going to be compensated to be good citizens.
        Then they’ll launch some daring midnight no knock armored personal carrier bashing down the door raids, on camera, ‘pour encourager les autres’.   After all, the poor police will have all this cool military gear they haven’t had a chance to use, and the Feds will be happy to come by and provide some tips for LEOs and viewers at home alike.   A couple armed resistant ‘criminals’ would be good for the drama, and maybe a couple dead brave enforcers for the kiddies and widows video footage at the funerals.

        Rinse and repeat.

      • Did I mention the made for TV movies with the crazed gun owner who never shaves and eats rodents that he shoots in the woods at nigh.  Who lives next to the new to town attractive blonde widow, who’s husband was killed by a gun owner, and her two darling children, a boy, aged 3 and a girl, aged 6 who are frightened of the weird gun owning neighbor?

        • Look, you have it about right. They’ll find some “compound” or maybe a local recluse that the neighbors “don’t feel comfortable around” and off goes the SWAT team to make a showy example. I’ll do you one step further, the logical next step after this will be some sort of campaign to have neighbors rat out who has guns to the cops….all in the name of keep our precious little children safe of course.

      • Rags,

        I wouldn’t assume effective enforcement is the goal. This is about expanding government power and altering culture.

      • The “drug head” part of the Democratic Party is sure Obama will legalize pot.
        Given that the War on Drugs is a quagmire, it is increasing clear with the election results in CO etc that there appears to be an emerging “exit strategy” coming from the bottom up.
        What makes any politician think that a war-weary electorate has the appetite for a “War on Guns” that everybody knows will have a body count far in excess of Newtown ?

        • Sigh – I hope you’re not right from every angle.
          The day we start shooting because they ‘legally’ come for our guns is the dawn of 2nd Amendment Lexington.   Would be far better if the cops told the law makers “you go collect em”.

  • Remember also the direct cause of the ban in the UK…. the killing of children in school in Dunblane, Scotland. There is nothing new under the sun, sadly.

  • Shoot dawg, even the press knows who the ‘soon to be’ criminals are…..courtesy of government of course.

    You can bet your sweet bippy that they won’t be publishing the addresses of the actual, for sure, use a gun on you criminals though.

    • Looker, I’d laugh hysterically if the criminals looked at that map and robbed the neighbors who didn’t have a gun. If I was a crook I’d now know what homes to avoid.

      • Then a good lawyer, a class action law suit, and one more print organ of the collective goes under.

  • “”I think we ought to be looking at where the real danger is, like those large clips,” said Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas.”
    Oh lord, please come home soon hon, thank God, you’re done.

    • Do you think they believe in the banning of large clips, or its just a great way to exploit the crisis to look like you’re doing something?
      I have a feeling its all about the show, and not the actually doing anything.

      • I think they do.
        Hell if that doesn’t work, they’ll ban manufactured ammo, and if that doesn’t work, they’ll ban sales of brass, primers, bullets and nitrocellulose powder, then gun powder.
        Course they could go right to the ammo and ammo component ban right up front and over time turn everything we own into very expensive clubs or paperweights.
        Black market prices for 9mm…the next Kennedy fortune in the making.

  • The only thing gun bans are actually successful at is creating greater dependence on an ever more incapable government. If you can’t protect yourself, you have to rely on the government to do it for you.  When you need a cop in seconds, they are just minutes away. The real goal here is to push us further along the dependence on government continuum, because dependence equates to power.

    • The Democrats and media have demonstrated their concern by their handling of the Fast and Furious scandal.

      • Concur.  The Republicans are not exactly beating the drums over it lately either, and they should be. Every day and in front of every camera, until we get answers and bring those responsible for justice for that travesty. And can someone tell me exactly WHY Eric Holder is still drawing a paycheck?  I’m starting to wonder a few things…. For instnace:

        1.  If you are the POTUS, and you stand in front of a camera and deliberately tell a straight out lie to the American people, why is that not a high crime or misdemeanor?
        2. If you are the POTUS, and you deliberately conspire with your attorney general to withold information from a Congressional subpoena in order to help said attorney general escape justice, why is that not a high crime or misdemeanor?
        3.  If you issue executive orders contrary to the existing law of the land and in defiance of Congress, why is that not a high crime or misdemeanor?
        4.  If your secretary of state refuses, on the flimsiest of reasons, to testify before congress on the subject of her personal ineptitude and gross irresponsibility, and you don’t compel her to appear as requested, why is that not a high crime or misdemeanor? 
        5.  If these things are NOT high crimes or misdemeanors, what exactly are high crimes and misdemeanors? Now to be fair, I’m not talking about this in the legalese sense (as in the definition of “is”), I’m asking at what point do we collectively pull our heads out, and start openly defying this group of malfeasers? When do we begin to rise up and shout NO MORE! ? NO MORE assaults on our liberty. NO MORE LIES and obfuscations. NO MORE lack of accountability. NO MORE telling the American People what they think is in our best interests, as opposed to doing what we sent them there to do. NO MORE!
          There. I will now step down from the soap box, and return the rest of my time to the group…  🙂

        • Dead American kids – hour after hour after hour of tragedy shows.
          Dead Mexican beauty queen shot with a Fast and Furious weapon?   Wasn’t Vin Diesel in that movie?  Look!  A squirrel!

        • My turn on the box – the media won’t cover us.  Gather 10,000 of us in one place shouting ‘no more’ (or even singing a bar of Alice’s Restaurant in harmony) and there might be a 20 second spot on CNN showing 10 ‘tea baggers’ carrying signs at a ‘secession protest’ (on camera giggle and smirk) against the President.
          The Administration isn’t the only group that’s lying, they aren’t about to show peaceful protests that have any significant numbers.  People might start to think they’re not alone in their concern or anger.
          Gonna need to revisit the 60’s, in so many places, at the same time, they CAN’T keep it quiet.

        • Obama could sacrifice a live baby to Satan on national TV and as long as it wasn’t brown and he didn’t use a firearm to do the killing the only supporters to complain would be the atheist.

  • Some interesting news has broken in the wake of the latest push for gun control by President Obama and Senate Democrats: Obama sends his kids to a school where armed guards are used as a matter of fact.
    The school, Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, has 11 security officers and is seeking to hire a newpolice officer as we speak.

  • Keep in mind improvements in medical response and technology for gun shot victims has lowered gun deaths significantly over the past 15 years. Which makes the increase in gun deaths even more startling.
    Banning guns does nothing but make criminals bolder and citizens less safe.