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Damn “assault” weapons!

Because, you know, they’re no good for anything useful – like defending yourself and your sister:

It’s called a “right” for a reason.

What? You haven’t heard of this incident?

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16 Responses to Damn “assault” weapons!

  • That’s Rag’s neck of the woods.

    • Yep.  It is.  Home invasion crews are often TERRIBLY surprised here in this part of the world.  It CAN be a fatal mistake…if you are lucky…

  • If it hadn’t happened in Texas, I would figure on the “victims” of the shooting pursuing a civil case.

  • The boy was wrong. Him and his sister should’ve huddled in the back of a closet and waited 20 minutes for the cops to arrive. That’s how we do it in the civilized blue states!

  • Gob Bless, I see nothing wrong with educating our children about firearms and taking the mystique out of there presence . Those of you who find this incident excessive, I am almost positive you have never been victimized or felt the fear that someone had evil intended for someone you love. This young man did something many adults could not, he made the decision not to sit idle and helpless. If you are offended by anything I’m saying, then I have this to say to you. Stand up for something or fall for anything, sit meekly and pray for someone else to come to your rescue in your time of need and if they do not, then take no responsibility and blame others. That seems to be the mind set of our society lately. I say this with no remorse or apology, only the knowledge that I will never sit idle!

  • I wanted to know more about this incident so I Googled “home invasion, Houston”, expecting to quickly find this incident. It seems there have been quite a few home invasions in the Houston area, and I never found this particular one. I’ll have to ask my brother in law (from Humble) if it is as bad as it seems.

    • Perhaps can give you insight into the incident.
      She should come forward and insist that our neighborhoods be protected by the TSA, as she did with Houston’s buses.  She could call it “House Safe”.
      And we ought to have laws against people breaking into your house!!  Perhaps we should pass registration laws for things that can be used to break out windows!   No doubt the hammer or bat or crow bar or rock made that guy break out the window.
      And that kid, he needs to go to jail.  Little maniac, he could have hurt someone with that machine gun!
      Reading guide –
      Liberals should read the above as absolutely serious commentary.
      Conservatives may freely apply a significant quantity of sarcasm to the brew for actual intent.

    • We certainly have our share, though the numbers and outcomes would be much different in a less advanced civil rights state.  (Heh!)
      (In truth, these two thugs were more accurately “burglars” who made a serious mistake.  Real home invasion crews know you’re home, or don’t care.)
      Do a search just using “home invasion” some time.  They seem quite popular among the criminal class.
      As I’ve pointed out elsewhere…if you are facing a home invasion crew, you ARE fighting a squad of armed people who have come to do violence in your home.  A thirty-round magazine is most assuredly “needed”.

  • Excellent.  Consider this passed on.

  • Assault rifle? Sounds more like a home defense rifle to me.

  • While rifles listed as assault weapons can be used for self defense and hunting (Ruger Mini-14 , not an assault weapon, fires the same round as the AR-15), their use is to protect citizens from the government or foreign attacks. That use, the real reason for the 2nd Amendment, is usually not discussed by anti-gun people or even defenders of the 2nd Amendment.
    One of the most influential early commentators on the U.S. Constitution was Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story. In his Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, vol. 3 at pp. 746-747 (1833), he has the following to say about the Second Amendment: Historians agree that Justice Joseph Story reshaped American law—as much or more than Marshall or anyone else—in a conservative direction that protected property rights. Story opposed Jacksonian democracy. In November 1811, at the age of thirty-two, Story became the youngest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. He was nominated by President James Madison on November 15, 1811, the author of our Constitution.

  • Damn Bruce – i don’t recall hearing anything about this one in our back yard either…