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Feinstein’s attempt to grab your guns

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is laid out the guts of her bill to ban certain weapons. In it she plans to “grandfather” in those weapons that would be in violation of her new requirements. Among those requirements are certain characteristics that would make a gun an “assault” weapon.  She has narrowed it down to a one characteristic test, and would ban magazines that hold over 10 rounds. But where she makes the greatest attempt at tightening gun control is found in the “grandfathering” of weapons which would violate the new law.

Here’s the summary of that portion:

Protects legitimate hunters and the rights of existing gun owners by:

 Grandfathering weapons legally possessed on the date of enactment
 Exempting over 900 specifically-named weapons used for hunting or
sporting purposes and
 Exempting antique, manually-operated, and permanently disabled weapons

However, it also:

Requires that grandfathered weapons be registered under the National Firearms
Act, to include:

o Background check of owner and any transferee;
o Type and serial number of the firearm;
o Positive identification, including photograph and fingerprint;
o Certification from local law enforcement of identity and that
possession would not violate State or local law; and
o Dedicated funding for ATF to implement registration

That’s right, it will require any owner of such a weapon to undergo a background check, register the weapon with authorities, and then undergo a certification requirement.  Same would apply if you sell it to anyone.

Note too the attempt to ignore the self-defense function of owning a weapon by contending the law protects “legitimate hunters” and “sporting activities”. As we all know, the Second Amendment says nothing about either of those pursuits.

Liberals, as Rahm Emmanuel once said, never like to let a crisis go to waste. They view the Newtown massacre as an opportunity to further limit the freedoms of Americans. My guess is that any attempt to require federal registration and certification will be met by massive civil disobedience. And deservedly so.


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48 Responses to Feinstein’s attempt to grab your guns

  • “massive civil disobedience”
    Pity…I just sold all my weapons, for cash, to “some guy”.  What a shame.
    Is it too early in the season to dig a potato bed in the yard?

    • Some how they managed to miss all the stories of gun shops going empty as folks storm the stores to “stock up.”
      Obama, and his ilk, have done more to put more guns into the hands of the citizenry than anybody before them.
      Fifty years of a “War on Poverty” has us back where we began.  Just as it seems more and more like the “War on Drugs” may come to an end, we get idiots like Feinstein who want a “War on Guns.”

      • Fifty years of a “War on Poverty” has us back where we began.

        Jeepers, if ONLY that were true…
        When the Wa-ah On Pov-ety began, the black family was intact, and on the ascendency in becoming firmly middle-class.
        We have gone RADICALLY backwards since.

        • Yeah, now we have shows about “my baby-mama” about the difficult life of a single man and his 5 baby mamas, making ends meet.
          Just the idea that the term ‘baby mama’ is in common usage disgusts me.

      • Hah. The San Marcos Turner’s was empty. The Kearny Mesa Turner’s was full of customers a week or so ago.

        Southern California Guns closed down, claiming harrasment from CA DOJ and ATF.

  • I suspect that this is classic horse-trading by DiFi.  She knows this has literally no change of passage.  It would be radioactive to a LOT of Deemocrat Senators up for 2014, and they know it.
    It is noteworthy that she…in really ghoulish, cynical fashion…has had this in the can, waiting for a Sandy Hook.  This is how these people roll.
    She hopes SOME element of this might pass.  But it is the stupidest kind of bad drafting, really.  Banning guns by name means you change the name.  Duh.
    IF I owned a Bushmaster, I would rename it Dianne.  I would think appropriate thoughts as I stuffed rounds up it, too….

    • “I would rename it Dianne.  I would think appropriate thoughts as I stuffed rounds up it, too….”
      thanks – tea, on the screen, your fault, again.

    • Attach an amendment to the “gun control” measure to reduce expenditures for security at federal facilities, since we will be safer then.
      … and watch them explode

      • Say that, “Sure, we’ll go along with this, but first disarm all Federal personnel outside the FBI and US Marshall’s field units. Dissolve all local SWAT units, end all “Gun Free Zones”, then we’ll agree to it.

  • But Feinstein is running against the current, even with Newtown as a backdrop …

    Gallup: What is your overall opinion of the National Rifle Association, also known as the NRA ?
    Favorable: 54% Unfavorable: 38%
    What I find more interesting is watching the Senators from gun-totting states come out of the closet.
    Sen Warner in Virginia and Sen Manchin in West Virginia leapt out, then Manchin walked it back in the WaPo.

    • Yeah, I believe Warner was the clueless jackass that thought we had 30,000+ deaths attributed to firearms every year.
      Still, Gallup and Rasmussen are reflecting that those answering the polls are somewhat on the same page as Feinstein – semi auto banning at 55% in Rasmussen, 44% at Gallup.
      Those aren’t numbers to be ignored considering who’s in charge.

      • “semi auto banning at 55%”
        … but when they find out that includes most handguns, I doubt it will hold.

        • Dunn forget shotguns, too.  They are there, as well…

        • Hell, why would they get that info – I’ve watched idiots from the national media repeatedly claim that it’s easy to turn a semi-auto weapon into a fully auto weapon, when they BOTHER to make the distinction between the two at all.
          The only ones who will know are the ones who own guns…and they’re all bat shit crazy tea party people who are just one bad hair day from launching a bazooka attack on a day care bus carrying blind orphans to Sunday School.

        • Well, let’s face it.  It women.  On average, they have little interest in machines and even less interest in guns.  You mention the word ‘assault’ or ‘auto’ and they have visions of military conflict resulting.  As if the essence of war or impulse for violence exudes from the guns themselves.  The more dramatic or ‘serious’ (they are all serious really) the firearm, the stronger its essence.  So we should start there.

          • gun designers need to start making them look friendly and non threatening.

          • I’m telling you, people…pink, and rainbow.  None of that black stuff…or (gawd hep us) camo…
            And maybe a bud vase…

          • The pink and black cammo gun in my local gun store seems to have sold.

          • Well, it’s true I have little interest in machine guns (unless it’s mounted on a jeep and being manned by Christopher George, but I digress), and I’m not intensely interested in guns in general, I’m still a firm believer in their value and utility.  I may be atypical of my gender in even that much, I don’t know.  But if you want to bring more women over to the pro-gun side, here are a few suggestions.
            Emphasize/illustrate how they can be useful to women.  Not hunting, most of us don’t have any need to hunt and, cliche as it sounds, get squeamish about killing Bambi.  Not target shooting, which really doesn’t accomplish much and frankly is extremely boring.  Some women may take to the range like ducks to water, but I suspect most will, like me, not share the male fascination with putting holes in perfectly good pieces of paper.  A gun’s primary utility to a woman is going to be in defending herself and (perhaps even more importantly) her children, so focus on cases like Sarah McKinley.
            Simplify the technical aspects.  For example, quit falling to the ground and thrashing around in a fit when someone confuses ‘clip’ and ‘magazine.’  I know the difference, but most women don’t, and practically none of us really care.  It’s irrelevant to actually using the gun, so focusing on minutia like that just makes guns a ‘guy thing’ and turns women off.  We’re also not going to memorize makes and models any more than we do cars, and we have about as much interest in their innards as we do a car’s engine.  My favorite among my guns is a revolver, simply because I don’t have to take the dang thing apart to clean it every time I get dragged to the range to put holes in perfectly good pieces of paper.  Stick with the bare minimum to start.  If a particular woman wants to know more, great, fill her in, but don’t expect it.
            And Rags and Looker, may be joking, but they’re right.  A more feminine look would help.  (My bluetooth is a pretty thing with swirls and curlicues, how hard can it be?)

          • I ain’t kiddin about that – first time I started to see the plethora of modern arms at a gun show with the various Picatinny rail add ons my first thought was “ah, star wars…these weapons are intended to kill you by appearing to be frightening”.
            I didn’t take a serious look at anything from the time the M16 was made until oh, about 15 years ago when I first encountered evil black semi auto assault rifles at a gun show.   I liked the lines of the M14…what the hell do I know anyway?
            I don’t give a rats ass how it looks as long as it’s light, durable, fairly easy to maintain and packs a wallop.   I feel like I’m reading a chick magazine when I see posts about how awesome the weapons look with added rails, COGs, suppressors, lasers and bipods.    Please.

          • Looker,

            I prefer flat top ARs (with a rail replacing the carry handle/rear sight) since it provides for better optical sight mounting.

            Also, the handguards with rails make a great location for mounting a light, vertical fore grip (VFG), and a forward mounted optic. Also, the free floating type enhance accuracy.

            For a home defense M4gery a light and Eotech or Aimpoint sight are a big advantage. The VFG can help you “drive” the muzzle towards a target, and control recoil, good for short distance tactical shooting.

            As far as what types of firearms look best, well I like EBRs as well as old school stuff. I’ve seen girls in Highpower competition with match ARs all painted in American flag motiff, etc.

          • I went with an SA58 FAL because I could get one cheap(er) and prefer the .308.   And yes, I’m planning, now, on turning it into a beast with several of the aforementioned add ons.

          • Well, it isn’t so much the lack of pink guns or the lack of making guns interesting to women was the point.
            The point, and I found women the most guilty of this, is that if you listen to them speak of guns and why gun control would work is that they are beyond mere tools.  If you keep in mind they believe consciously or unconsciously that guns have a magical essence to cause people to commit violence, it explains the logic behind their comments.  They will say its the easy availability.  But that’s a watered down rationalization of what they are really thinking.
            The only way to address that kind of thinking is ridicule that a gun is anymore than a tool and counter examples of where guns have done good.

          • Ironic – it’s certainly one thing that makes a woman ‘equal’ to her potential attacker is she gets chance to use it.

          • There are plenty of pink and bedazzled guns marketed to women but if you make it look less threatening then they will claim they look like toys and are being marketed to kids.

      • Likely voter, registered voter, or just plain people?

        • I admittedly didn’t get into the details on the polls, just the overview.
          And recall how the ‘likely voter’, ‘registered voter’ and ‘plain people’ factor turned out for Mitt Romney.   I ain’t goin down that road again to demonstrate my faith in the sanity of the American voter.

  • Gonna be a booming market for black market guns soon enough

  • I’m beginning to believe this round is a probing attempt.
    They want to know who they can reach and how.  They want to know who they can vilify and how.  They want to know what works with the public and what doesn’t.

  • Gee, Ms. Feinstein, I’d love to turn in all my guns, but sadly I lost them all in a tragic boating accident.

  • Georgia’s gun laws were designed to disarm slaves, freedmen, and black Georgians. Whenever blacks used arms to fight against racism and discrimination, the General Assembly responded with laws criminalizing their actions. Georgia’s gun laws were not a crime prevention measure; they were Georgia’s way to perpetuate racism, oppression and white supremacy. These racist laws still apply in Georgia.

    I hate California racists, like Feinstein.

  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein was asked about using the registrastion to grap guns that we once legal.  She denied it could happen.  Well it did happen and in her state of CA as well as NYC.
    American gun owners may have good reason to be skeptical of common assurances
    that registration records won’t ever be used for anything more than tracking
    lost and stolen weapons. In New York City, the center of agitation for tighter
    U.S. gun laws, the registration system for long guns such as rifles and
    shotguns, established in 1967, was used in the 1990s to confiscate previously lawful
    semiautomatic rifles
    California state officials pulled a similar stunt, though with a shorter
    grace period. After the registration of so-called “assault weapons” subsequent
    to the passage of the Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989, Attorney
    General Dan Lungren reversed
    official position
    in 1997 to declare one of the rifles considered legal and
    subject to registration just a few years earlier—the SKS Sporter—to be illegal.
    Owners who had complied with the law were forced to surrender their weapons or
    transfer them out of state. 

  • F*ck Em”

  • Fuck em’

  • We all knew this was coming …
    MERIDEN, Connecticut (Reuters) – A $100 million claim on behalf of a 6-year-old survivor is the first legal action to come out of the Connecticut school shooting that left 26 children and adults dead two weeks ago.
    The unidentified client, referred to as Jill Doe, heard “cursing, screaming, and shooting” over the school intercom when the gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, opened fire, according to the claim filed by New Haven-based attorney Irv Pinsky.
    … “cursing, screaming, and shooting” …
    Sounds like a normal showing of “Django Unchained”

  • INDIA’S leader has called for calm and parts of New Delhi have been sealed off after the death this morning of a woman whose gang rape sparked protests over violence against women.

    India has been rocked by mass protests since the woman was assaulted on a bus in New Delhi by a group of six men.

    … I suppose that Sen Dianne Feinstein will be seeking legislation to cut off all penises as a safeguard against such an attack in the US

    • And let’s not forget New York’s second rail platform shoving death.
      I’m torn….ban platforms?  Shoving?   Homeless people?  Subways?
      If we’re doing this for the childrens,  shouldn’t we be banning swimming pools?  AND consistently incarcerating parents who’s kids drown?
      There were more than 3300 unintentional drownings in the United States, an average of 9 per day.(CDC 2006)
      U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • A suitable response to Feinstein – this guy sums up why and how we should be politely telling these people to go F* themselves.

  • I have read that Feinstein once had a concealed carry permit.  Later she gave it up but made herself a Marshal so she could still pack.
    I’d like to see some of these libs live in my part of town where violent crime against defenseless citizens is an everyday occurence.  Only one thing keeps these ruthless bastards at bay……the possibility that their next victim may be armed!

    • She had a .357 magnum revolver (and who knows what else). As I understand it she turned in a cheap .38 in one of her gun turn in programs, while keeping her .357.

      Back in the 80s it was common for antis to use England as an example of sane gun laws. But even then, a detailerd look at the stats did not support their conculsion. I recall homicide numbers from the 80s (not sure the year): English homicide rates were about 4 per 100,000. US white (non hispanic) was about 6. US hispanic was 26. US black was 34. Clearly the major difference between US and UK rates was due to demographics, not gun laws. Also, in the UK Wales was higher then England, the UK also doesn’t have unifrom rates.

      In 2011 the US white rate was 2.5 and the black rate was 17, a significant improvement since the 80s.

      It is clear that culture is the key, not gun control.

  • Recently read an article written by a Russian who had researched and lived in the “Worker’s Paradise” after the guns had been confiscated from the people.
    The Russian people pre-and-circa-Tsars were usually quite well-armed.  During the revolution, the Reds convinced vast numbers of Whites to stay home and not get involved, that they would be treated fairly later on.  After the Reds won they asked the Whites to turn in their weapons in good faith.
    As they showed up at the designated places, the Whites’ guns were confiscated and they were then summarily executed.
    The Russian who wrote the article expressed grave concerns for Americans who might surrender their 2nd Amendment rights and, like sheep to the slaughter, bleat their way down a one-way path from which there might be no return.
    It was quite an insightful warning.