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Welcome to your Orwellian future

Anyone who doesn’t think that this is the future of government run healthcare just hasn’t been paying attention. The UK is our future. Once Obamacare fails and the liberals and Democrats convince the American people that government run single-payer is the way to go, here’s what you can expect:

Up to 60,000 patients die on the Liverpool Care Pathway each year without giving their consent, shocking figures revealed yesterday.

A third of families are also kept in the dark when doctors withdraw lifesaving treatment from loved ones.

Despite the revelations, Jeremy Hunt last night claimed the pathway was a ‘fantastic step forward’.

A “fantastic step forward”. If that isn’t Orwellian we need to redefine the term. If you’re not familiar with the Liverpool care pathway, it is ” extreme rationing”.

By that I mean “caregivers” make unilateral decisions about when your life ends, because you cost too much. You may not be particularly ill, but you are a burden. If you are ill, that’s all the more reason to withdraw lifesaving treatment in their estimation. “First do no harm?”  Forget about it …

Records from 178 hospitals also show that thousands of people on the pathway are left to die in pain because nurses do not do enough to keep them comfortable while drugs are administered.

An estimated 130,000 patients are put on the pathway each year.

Concerns have been raised that clinical judgments are being skewed by incentives for hospitals to use the pathway.

We say here often that incentives drive performance. That holds true for bureaucracies as well.  As you can see here, this isn’t some isolated instance of a few hospitals or region or two doing this on their own. This is government policy. And as you can imagine you really have no recourse.

You are looking at our future.


9 Responses to Welcome to your Orwellian future

  • And as you can imagine you really have no recourse.

    Of course you do, McQ…!!!
    There will be civil disobedience around all this, and a black market in health care.  There will be medical vacations.
    Of course, as usual, the prols will be hardest hit.  But, if you or I have enough money, we can get what we need…somewhere…
    And for the elite…no issues, mate…  Their care will be excellent.

    • I actually was alluding to leaving (having no other choice, like “enough money”) yourself to their tender mercies.

      • And many, many of us will be in that very position.  Especially as we lose more and more of the value of our money.
        There is an immutable law of economics (at least one) that says that allocation of resources MUST occur.  It can happen by OUR choices, or it can occur by SOME bureaucrat’s choice…which is rationing.  But it WILL occur.

  • How about the 68 year old who went in for constipation, and now after various F ups the NHS is proposing he be let, effectively, die because it’s too costly to keep him going after they’re mistakes.
    We’re headed for the Brave New Orwellian world.   Even Ollie Stone thinks so.

  • Liverpool Care Pathway – is that the right hand path through the abattoir or the left?

  • Don’t worry! Our leaders, their cronies, and the well-connected will always be able to get the top of the line care. The rich will be able to get whatever care we need either via payoffs or private services. So the important people will always be able to look forward to the top standard of care. And that’s what really counts, isn’t it? Sasha and Maila will get the heroic measures, your kids will be left to die on the table….or the gurney, or in the hallway, or the waiting room. And that’s what it is all about – making sure our betters are taken care of.

  • ‘fantastic step forward’. Hmm, this sounds familiar..oh yes, The Dear Golfer’s campaign slogan “Forward”. I am a bit unclear on how the LCP works so perhaps Jeremy Hunt can show me by taking that ‘fantastic step forward’.