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Just in cased you missed it, our problem STILL isn’t revenue

I continue to be stunned by the apparent willingness of all involved on the left to whistle past the graveyard when it comes to understanding what our fiscal governmental problem is and how to fix it.  Here … let’s try a picture:

Oh, look … it’s spending.  Specifically, spending on entitlements and interest on the money we’ve borrowed to do so.  And what are we talking about cutting?  The military, of course.  Because, you know, it is in the blue slice of the pie.  Make sense?

Pac Man’s revenge.  By 2050, he will have swallowed all of the blue.

But, hey, it’s “absurd” to argue about raising the debt limit. By the way, does anyone remember when Sen. Obama declared that raising the debt limit signaled a failure in leadership?

Ahem …


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  • By 2050, he will have swallowed all of the blue
    >>>> Boy, that comment is spot-on in more ways than you realize. Though as of now it’s a race to see if the Reds swallow the blue first.  They have quite the head start.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot……Bush’s fault, two wars on the credit card, blah blah blahdy blah

  • …our problem STILL isn’t revenue

    Nope.  And it never was.
    But “class warfare” has come out of the closet.

  • I don’t think it will take to 2050.  I bet that model is based on extrapolating existing trends. 

    The positive feedback of extra borrowing to make the ever larger debt payment hasn’t been felt yet.  That is coming soon.  And once that positive feedback starts being felt, its game over in probably a decade.  And we’re on the cusp of it being felt as we speak.  Its only downplayed by the recent increase in excesses. 

  • “”This is our first task as a society, keeping our children safe,” Obama said. “This is how we will be judged.””

    Can anyone tell me if children locked into future indebtedness by government spending sprees are ‘safe’?   Oh, right, he said safe, not free.

    • And “safe” apparently doesn’t include being safe from America’s deranged enemies!
      Oh, that’s right; they all love us now. /sarc
      Well, hell; surrender is cheap, especially if those enemies will leave the Exalted One in charge, with unlimited powers, unanswerable to Congress.

  • “the apparent willingness of all involved on the left to whistle past the graveyard”
    Sadly, it isn’t just the left.

    • I think its more correct to say it isn’t just Democrats.  A large section of the Republicans are really either Democrats or refugees from a changed Democrat Party.  This goes for the Republican leadership more than anyone else.
      Its like groups like AARP getting turned into a shill organization for Democrats.  Democrats love infiltrating and subverting.  The more left you go the greater that trait.  So its no surprise the left end of the Republicans control the party.
      That and Wallstreet seems to like the status quo.  Stimulus and Quantitative Easing are essentially catapulted mostly in Wallstreet’s direction.   They don’t want to give that up and those that have republican ties put pressure on the Republicans to not interfere. 

    • Sadly, that’s true … but, they’ve got the ball right now.

  • This would be a great infographic to post on FB because its easy to see that even if you support the entitlements, that the borrowing to do so at current rates means those entitlements will shrink.
    Unfortunately, since this didn’t come from an MSM source, they will simply claim its fake,

    • “that the borrowing to do so at current rates means those entitlements will shrink.”
      And don’t forget, interest rates are quite low right now.

  • The graph would be even more depressing as a stacked column.  The pie graphs of equal size tend to dilute the dramatic increase in the total size of governement over the time frame of the chart. nearly a four-fold increase in the last 40 years, and another almost four-fold increase in the next 28 years.  Pie 3 would be nearly 14 times the size of pie 1.  And this does not

    • And this does not include the state spending.  Consider the debt loads of California, Illinois, and New York.  The blue states are borrowing their way further into poverty.

  • If the maximum marginal tax rate was still 90%, we’d easily pay down the debt, pay all our outstanding commitments, andl have enough money left over to pay for infrastructure.  What does that say about say about out about debt ‘not being a revenue problem’?