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Economic Statistics for 22 Jan 13

Here are today’s statistics on the state of the economy:

Existing home sales fell 1.0% in December to a worse-than-expected annual rate of 4.94 million.

Chicago Fed National Activity Index fell to 0.02 in December, as growth fell to just marginally above trend.

The Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index plunged to –12 in January, in a decidedly negative report.

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3 Responses to Economic Statistics for 22 Jan 13

  • What is different this year than it was when the fiscal cliff sequester was codified by a Republican House and a Democratic President ?
    This year Europe has fallen into recession .. again.
    Nobody wants to be blamed to a recession.

  • The House on Wednesday passed the “No Budget, No Pay Act,” a Republican bill that would effectively defuse the debt ceiling threat for several months.
    The bill would let the Treasury Department borrow new money until mid-May. In exchange, the legislation would require lawmakers in both chambers of Congress to pass a budget resolution or have their pay withheld until they do.
    The vote was 285 to 144, largely on the back of Republican support (with 109 Democrats voting against).