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Americans downbeat about America’s future

Ok, they’re downbeat according to Gallup:

So what?  I mean, this is what I don’t get.  The American public just re-elected possibly the worst and most incompetent president in my lifetime (what the hell do you have to do to get fired?), they refuse to make their leaders face up to the realities of the fiscal situation, they give away freedoms like some universities give away condoms and suddenly they’re “downbeat” about America’s future?


They should be downbeat – they as much as anyone have generated the culture that has produced these politicians that they continue to reward with reelection term after term.  If you don’t make those who represent you do what they should be doing, if you continue to reward their kicking the can down the road with re-election, why in the hell should they do anything?  Especially when those who try “die”, politically speaking.

And, of course, you have the compliant press who has no compunction anymore about pursuing an agenda that supports the premise that there is a free lunch and the rich should pay for it.

I’m fed up.

Can you tell?


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21 Responses to Americans downbeat about America’s future

  • So….  McQ…  Feeling a little downbeat…???

    A lil’ pick-me-up from Bill Whittle.

    • “What does it matter?”

      • She could have at least stuck with the meme her husband’s administration and defenders coined – “Move on!”
        It’s an identical thought process.

        • I finally see the logic of it all.

          The plan is to hand the Democrats “victory” after “victory” until the recession in Europe is here in the US.  At that point, it will be hard for the Democrats to blame the Republicans, when they have had all those “victories”.  Meanwhile, they will have forced Congress to do their job.

  • Gallup was the most erroneous of all the most popular polls in prediction of the recent Presidential election.  Their results seem to be designed to give certain sectors of the media the desired effects.

  • Steady on lads, damn me if the Obamas and Erbs will win this.
    It’s confusing to see this sort of thing come out so soon after the inauguration, yet we keep saying what cannot continue will not.
    Give it some time, no matter what they TELL us, they CANNOT make reality other than it is.  No matter how many Honey Boo Boo’s they talk about, outrageous behaviors they cover up or distractions they invent.
    When the tide really turns, this is the sort of thing that will presage it.
    I’m keep hoping, to paraphrase from our younger years, we don’t have to burn this village to save it.

    An important and telling comparison of two types of “collective” action.
    Markets innovate, provide choice, and raise the standard of living.

  • So what?  I mean, this is what I don’t get.  The American public just re-elected possibly the worst and most incompetent president in my lifetime (what the hell do you have to do to get fired?)

    Romney was going to trap women in binders, rape them, and force them to carry the baby to term. 

    In 5 months people will forget why they didn’t vote for the other guy. 

  • What do you expect. The party that says it’s someone else’s fault and we’ll make them pay for stuff you want and can’t afford wins. Where afford means “Would have to give up something you want”Repeat.And an in power up card where any idiot statement by anyone you share an affiliation with is used to smear you. Good luck.

  • Ah….. “What does it matter?”

  • I too am fed up.  I am done.  My house sold and I’m taking the liquidity (God bless Texas!) and moving it to safe, or at least safer, havens that are largely outside of the USA.  With the house gone, I will no longer pay property taxes and will buy whatever I can online to avoid sales taxes – I’d much rather pay shipping.  I know, I know, even if I rent I will still be paying some property taxes but I can tell you where I’m taking up residence that the entire nut on it (including utilities) is less than my current property tax so while a few bucks may be leaking into state coffers it will be a bare fraction of my previous payment.  I still have enough deductions to duplicate my federal effective tax rate last year of under 11%.  If I get laid off (given the economy, that more likely a *when*), I’m going on unemployment for a couple of years and taking food stamps and anything else I can get.  Where I would have been embarrassed about that before, I now feel a righteous anger.  I paid a ton of money over the years only to watch it squandered by fools and thieves so I’m taking it back.

  • After this last election I have become a Dimocrat. I am convinced that the only fix for this system is complete collapse, and a reboot. The D’s will bring about the collapse in a much more timely manner, so lets hear it for the D”s. The R’s will help where they can, and stay out of the way the rest of the time. Why vote for the least awful politician when you can help the most awful pol win? Good luck you guys.

    • I don’t think you know what collapse means.  Its definitely not a couple years of the Great Depression.  There is no Phoenix from the ashes scenario.  Its decades of poverty (if we’re lucky its not worse than poverty) for most.  I’m guessing about 30-40 years.
      Collapsing slowly meant we might get a few canaries that may wake people up before it irrecoverable.  Collapsing fast means we done before the canaries hit the floor.

      • I do understand what collapse means, and I am firmly against it. However, I have been watching this slow motion trainwreck for 30 years and fewer people seem to have a clue than when I first noticed the the decline. If I entertained any hope of the populace waking up, I would think the struggle was worth the effort. I don’t, so I am passing the baton of giving a damn to you. As I said before, I sincerely wish you good luck. You are going to need a bigger boat.

  • In the vain of the administration’s daily distractions –
    Subway deaths!
    This is horrendous! The government must do something!  What is Bloomberg going to do!  We demand action!