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Daily Archives: January 28, 2013

Economic Statistics for 28 Jan 13

The following US economic statistics were announced today:

Durable goods orders jumped a better-than-expected 4.6% in December on a spike in aircraft orders. Ex-transportation orders rose 1.3%.

The Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey slipped to 5.5 in January from the prior reading of 6.8, but the production index jumped 10 points to 12.9.

The Pending Home Sales Index fell 4.3% to 101.7 in December, as tight supplies are drying  up the availability of homes.

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Tax on the rich? Boy it didn’t take long to spend that, did it?

Remember, this “tax fairness” was something which was going to solve our fiscal problems, if you listened to the left’s claim that is.  However, reality is fairly brutal and usually doesn’t much pay attention to rhetoric based in lies and stupidity.  Case in point:

Congress is poised to clear the final $50 billion chunk of emergency aid for Superstorm Sandy relief Monday — and in one vote, it will have used up all the new tax money President Obama won by raising rates on the wealthy in the “fiscal cliff” deal.

The “cliff” … well they’re busily engaged in trying to see if they can kick the can nearer the edge and, by the way, make the “cliff” a little higher while they do that by raising the debt limit … again.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about immigration, gun bans and whatever else our “leaders” can think of to distract us from this pending disaster.