Free Markets, Free People

There’s that word again …

Wall Street Journal headline:

U.S. Economy Unexpectedly Contracts in Fourth Quarter

With this administration’s fiscal policies?



Wonder where the hell they’ve been hiding?


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31 Responses to There’s that word again …

  • The other word – surprise.
    It’s a surprise ONLY to the administration and their sycophantic media followers.  In contravention of any wisdom they insist that what they’re doing is ‘working’ and then express surprise and claim it’s unexpected when what would reasonably occur as a result of their idiotic policies and views actually DOES occur.
    4 years of surprise!   4 years of ‘unexpected!’.    And no reason to think we’re not in for 4 more.
    But fear not, this decline is a ‘one off’ everything else looks just peachy!  peachy!

    • Wallstreet sycophants have been trying to cheerlead the stockmarket back up.  This is also a face saving of some wallstreet pundits and not just Obama. 

      The question, though, is why the cheerleading?  Was that Obama sycophantry or self-interest in jump starting the stock market.  I think both are true to a degree. 

      • It’s not so much the marketeers I fault, it’s the other collected liars, suckups and socialist progressives who think Kid Simple is an economic genius.

        • U.S. Economy Unexpectedly Contracts in Fourth Quarter
          ” Unexpectedly” oh please.
          Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.
          It’s getting hard to be someone but it all works out,
          What difference at this point does it make?

      • Fed policy has pretty much destroyed the bond market (and the dreams of millions of retirees), so it’s the stock market or nothing.  If the market doesn’t go up, they will come for Obama with those pitchforks.
        I think it’s interesting that AIG has paid back the money they got from the federal government .. and we still have a flat economy at best.  One more meme that is hollow.  I always said that the derivatives market was a secondary domino.
        Congress has done their best, while spending trillions of dollars, to cover-up the fact that they are mostly responsible for the market collapse, most especially the way the Democrats used Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as a “piggy-bank” to house out-of-cycle political sycophants, who bought off anybody who rocked the boat.

    • On the government side of this red ledger were defense firms seeing the hand writing on the wall and beginning layoffs ahead of sequestration.
      I particularly thought it interesting that the Progressives were blaming Republicans for a reduction in defense spending.
      I seem to recall that the 20% reduction in defense spending was Obama and Reid’s prize from the debt ceiling agreement.

  • My biggest single regret is the people who are foisting this destruction on the country will NOT be the first to suffer for it assuming they suffer at all.

  • The economy won’t get appreciably better because…under the Obamic Decline…it CAN’T get appreciably better.
    It’s that uncertainty thang…

    • The only uncertainty I suffer from at the moment is WHEN it will come tumbling down, not if.

  • “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means” lol

  • Expectedly, I laughed extremely hard at this news. Let the burning begin!

  • Other UNEXPECTED news found in the paper today:
    DMV lines unexpectedly long!
    Cat unexpectedly kills mouse!
    Athletes unexpectedly found to use PED’s!
    Wife unexpectedly angry when husband forgot her birthday!

  • Gov spending is a component of the GDP?  A BBA would result in -7% GDP growth?  Cons learn something new every year 😉

    • The word is “unexpectedly”, Tom … keep up.

    • Geeze Tommy, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that horrid economy George Bush left Big Ears has come ‘roaring back’.

    • god you are stupid

    • You should wait for the talking points Tom and not go half cocked.
      See, at the beginning of the day Woodhouse said it was the “Best looking contraction in US GDP you’ll ever see”
      by the end of the day, the White House was declaring “it’s the fault of the Republicans in Congress”.
      Fault, or fantastic?   Tommy, which is it?
      Guess you’re used to a party that always talks out of both sides of it’s mouth, so you probably think it’s the same thing.

    • That still puts cons ahead of libs in the learning department.

  • Damned head-winds, anyhow…
    Wasn’t there a big storm somewhere?  ‘Cuz according to Paul “Enron” Krugman, THAT would’ve boooooosted the economy…

    • It’s baked in, right?
      He understands…..The Constitution, Economics and Eco-friendly, AND…skeet shooting.   Honestly, he probably doesn’t shoot as many skeet as he’d like to, he shoots his limit every time though.

      • “his limit” … do you think that anybody near him who be allowed to shoot any ?

        • Well, no, not if they were better shots.   Which is why he quickly departed the Presidential shooting/Marine competition for predictable reasons.
          And WHAT moronic gun horrified leftwing suck up created that phony photo of him with a shotgun?  Left handed shooter is he?  And was that duck and twist body thing he looked like he was doing intended to guide the shot to the target like you might try on a bowling ball as you attempt to sympathetically turn in the direction you want after release?   Do you suppose they understand shot generally travels faster than most people can readily see, let alone ‘guide’ with body english.
          Speaking of bowling, he’d probably allow some of those special ed kids he mocked while bowling to take a shot, just to keep his self esteem level up and all that.  But not if they proved to be better shots, as I said.
          Now if it were me…I’d ask them to bring out the cool toys, you know the REAL assault weapons.  If the CinC can’t be adequately taught to provide grazing fire, what good is he :)?

  • And this morning unemployment being up is a good thing too.