Free Markets, Free People

For your Saturday afternoon entertainment …

Every “ban” creates and “opportunity”. This is not as farfetched as one might imagine, given ObamaCare (or the desire to “ban” guns):


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4 Responses to For your Saturday afternoon entertainment …

  • THAT was excellent!
    Prohibition…an idea that NEVER works, no matter how hard or how many times you try…!!!

  • lol!  I read that story years ago.  Had no idea there was a video.

    • Thx for the post.  I did not know that the video is based on a short story by F. Paul Wilson.  I’ve been enjoying his Repairman Jack series in which Jack, a principled mercenary who lives off the grid, does not fix appliances, but fixes “situations” for individuals who have no where else to turn.  Wilson liberally sprinkles his libertarian philosophy through the series.  Granted, most of the series can be categorized in the supernatural/horror genre, though not as spooky as HP Lovecraft.