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Another reason we’re in the mess we’re in: The media has failed in its job

Here, we’ve all wondered  – for years – why journalists are so willing to toss their credibility in the waste bin and go “all in” for this guy Obama.  It doesn’t take a particularly bright individual to note how totally nonresponsive they are to stories that, had the perpertrator been on the right or, God forbid, George Bush, how differently they would have responded.  To say they’ve sold their collective “journalistic ethical” souls is, frankly, a huge understatement.  They are, or have become, a propaganda arm of this administration (well, all except the hated FOX, which keeps pointing out the emperor has no clothes).

Nick Gillespie at Reason explores all of this in his recent article.  A snippet:

It’s sad, though never unexpected, when leaders such as Obama flip flop like a fish on the sand once they ascend power. Cromwell did it, the French revolutionaries did it, Castro did it, the Sandanistas did it, and on and on. It’s one of the oldest plots in history and infinitely adaptable to new conditions. How else to explain, as Jacob Sullumn notes, that candidate Obama rejected the Bush adminstration’s position that it could detain U.S. citizens as enemy combatants without pressing charges while President Obama claims the right to kill U.S. citizens without laying charges? The guy may not be able to pass a budget but christ, give him credit for ingenuity and brass balls.

But Obama is a politician – what do you expect? Politicians are not just the bottom of the barrel – they’re what’s under the bottom of the barrel, right?

So what then explains the contortions that journalists fold themselves into like so many carnival sideshow rubber-men in defending their hero? Mike Riggs points to comments by rising liberal MSNBC pundit Toure that suggest just how far explicitly pro-Obama liberals are willing to go in excusing the president’s declaring himself and his crew judge, jury, and executioner. As Riggs explains, it seems pretty clear that Toure isn’t up to speed on specifics, especially when it comes to the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old son:

When his co-hosts continue to press him on the consequences of a small group of individuals determing who deserves to die without a shred of oversight, Touré dismisses them by saying, “Al Qaeda attacked this nation. We are attacking al Qaeda back.” On Twitter Touré simply said, “He’s the Commander in Chief.”

Al Qaeda is the new Communism, dig?

Or something.  Yesterday we had Chris Rock claim that we should all obey Obama because, he’s “our boss”. Un, no Chris, he’s not our boss.

He’s our freakin’ employee.  He works for us.  He was hired by the people (much to my chagrin) and he has to follow the law just like everyone else.  He’s not the “boss” or our “Dad”.

But Rock’s BS points to the difference between the left (and their apparent desire for strong authoritarianism) and the right who still, at least in small pockets, see government as a dangerous but necessary evil to be controlled by the people.  It also shows why to them, politics isn’t just a system, but it is a cult, a religion, their way of transforming a nation and the world in an image they imagine will be better.

Yet history shows us that no matter how wonderful the fantasy that drives groups like this to collectively use force to social engineer a population toward their utopia, it never, ever ends well.

And now we have journalists engaged in precisely the work that propaganda arms of totalitarian governments have always done.  If once, their job was to question government, keep it accountable and investigate anything that smelled at all fishy, they’ve abdicated that in favor of selective blindness, cheerleading, advocacy and pure unadulterated fantasy.

It is the usual path a nation takes towards it’s demise.

And we’re well down that path, folks.


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29 Responses to Another reason we’re in the mess we’re in: The media has failed in its job

  • “He’s not the “boss” or our “Dad”.”
    Yeah, I’ve been the ‘dad’ for a while.  I don’t pretend that means I’m always right.
    What it does mean is I don’t need a guy who I wouldn’t trust to tell me if it’s night or day outside to tell me how to live.
    If Chris Rock needs a dad that’s his business, I have more respect for the one I had to than to make any kind of association between him and Obama (even if my dad was one of those crazy Massachusetts Democrats)

  • A sample though, right?
    What are we to believe when we’re told that with the plethora of ills (It isn’t like the country is in GREAT shape, even the only mildly rabid Obama supporters acknowledge that) he had an approval rating of 50% just the other day.
    Someone.  Is.  Lying.

  • I have to admit a growing crush on Kirsten Powers.  And not just for the obvious reasons…

    You know, I mean, they’re clearly hypocrites. They clearly don’t really care about human rights. They only care if it helps them politically. That’s all I can say. There are a couple of people who are great on this issue. Glenn Greenwald at the Guardian, Conor Friedersdorf out at the Atlantic. There are, you know, a couple of people that are very consistent on this, but for the most part, yeah, it’s completely despicable.
    The idea that, you know, you think that George Bush is a war criminal for water boarding three planners of 9/11 attacks, but you don’t have a problem with the President having a kill list. Again, we knew he had a kill list before the election, this is not new information. We, it’s just gotten worse because now we’ve seen that they’re doing exactly what President Obama criticized Bush for which is basically making up, making the law fit around his already preconceived notions.
    And what Obama is doing an un-Constitutional and it’s illegal. There’s no question. There is no way you can argue that you can kill an American without due process, and that he’s not being held accountable by the media, I mean, he has not even addressed this memo. Could you imagine if this was Bush?

    Who was it that said, “Scratch a Progressive…find an authoritarian”?  Or, as I’ve said often, “That ol’ totalitarian urge jus’ keepsa bubblin’ to the surface”.
    What I am ALSO scratching my head over is the “Meh” over Obama and his national security Obami just letting our people be murdered and our assets in Libya be taken.  And then lying about it.

  • Come on McQ! Quit sugar coating everything and tell it like it is!

  • Meanwhile, they test out their ‘Marshal law’ abilities in Massachusetts before they’ve even been totally whacked.
    Travel ban?  For a snow storm….in Massachusetts?   on ALL roads?  State wide?   mwaaahahahahahahahaha.
    Ah, the days of my youth.   Snow storms were awesome.   Course they can get ugly on the roads, RT 495 and the storm in ’78 comes to mind.

    • This “snow storm” is a figment of your imagination.
      Global Warming was made snow storms a thing of the past.  /snark

    • Its partly has to due with what Neo said.  It isn’t Global Warming, its climate change.  And they want to make the public afraid of the weather.

      • Sensationalism.   I recall how we mocked Weatherman Don Kent when he got spectacularly wrong.   I guess we don’t do that any more.
        Course poor old Don, he had to look at charts and graphs and historical data and try to extrapolate what might happen.  No computer models, no weather sats, no NEXRAD.
        No, I don’t GUESS we don’t do that.  Now we have an entire cult dedicated to the idea that our SUV’s are warming the entire planet.  I’m surprised they don’t try and pass laws to make sure we drive as often spinward as we do anti-spinward to make sure we’re not slowing down the rotation too.

      • Hey, when you are denied political stories, then the weather is all that’s left.

      • It isn’t Climate Change, it’s Global Climate Disruption

        • Up until a few years ago it seemed the Discovery Channels were spared the bulk of progressive propaganda.  But now they try to sell climate change too.  Even old shows have been re-edited to have comments injected.  Much of this aimed at children.  The takeaway is not that climate change in the past is something that is occurs naturally without our intervention and ultimately inevitable.  But that it killed the dinosaur and is the source of world strife.

          • O’Sullivan’s Law at work.  The Collective will co-opt anything not expressly conservative.

  • Journalists are employees of the media businesses.

    Media businesses seem to be losing market share and even profits, based in part on the bias that their employees display.

    So why are the owners of the various lefty media allowing their employees to lose money for them?

    I can think of two reasons – rent-seeking and extortion.  The owners want something from the government and hope playing palsies will help them get it.  The latter has a clear history – the government can ruin a media company via anti-trust actions, broadcast license denial, etc, etc.
    It used to be that freedom of the press belonged to anyone who owned a press.  That’s no longer true.

    • “So why are the owners of the various lefty media allowing their employees to lose money for them?”

      I’ve thought about that one a while as well. Any time a counter-intuitive human behavior continues long enough, one must assume there are incentives driving the behavior that we don’t understand.

      However, not all incentives are economic or financial. The incentive of being a part of a collective mindset is powerful.

      I’ve been pondering the possibility that understanding the media is more easily done with public choice economics than with standard market economics. In public choice economics, factors such as power, influence, and status take the place of money as the “currency”. Since the behavior doesn’t make sense from a purely market economy perspective, perhaps we just need to shift our viewpoint and consider the media a quasi-governmental entity and apply public choice theory.

      • Perhaps because I think in more global terms (“big”, not world-wide), I have never considered “market economics” to be restricted to money.
        Indeed, I think you’ll find that Smith held that same view, and wrote about it as a moral philosopher.  “Self-interest” was never restricted to pure monetary reward.  Smith expressly said it should not be.
        Nor have I ever thought that people were limited to money as an incentive, while still making “market” choices.  I know of many people who forgo LOTS of money to serve in government, church, charity, etc.  We find value and utility in LOTS of things besides money, including leisure.

    • “Media businesses seem to be losing market share and even profits”
      What do journalists care about corporate profits? As long as they continue to make six or seven figure salaries and bask in the glow of self-righteousness everything is just fine.

      • Correct-a-mundo.  PLUS, there are a lot of PhDs who will come a LOT cheaper dollar-wise, if they have the basky thingy.  Well…and tenure…

  • Or something.  Yesterday we had Chris Rock claim that we should all obey Obama because, he’s “our boss”. Un, no Chris, he’s not our boss.
    He’s our freakin’ employee.  He works for us.  He was hired by the people (much to my chagrin) and he has to follow the law just like everyone else.  He’s not the “boss” or our “Dad”.

    Typical DFN.

  • We don’t hold the media accountable. This is going to be a very inflammatory statement, but in a just world a guy like Steve Capus would be ruined – if not running for his life – for the absolute malpractice the news division engaged in under him in regards to doctored videos. Now im not advocating anything bad happen to this guy. But pushback will happen in some form. And I don’t say this lightly- these pieces of trash are doing irreparable damage to our nation. Remember when the media was very concerned with drone strikes etc? Now Obama comes out with a policy worse than anything Bush had – silence. We now find out both Hillary and Baracky were AWOL the night 4 Americans got killed in Benghazi. But “what does it matter” – you go Hillary!!! – was the coverage.

    • In the Collective, the narrative is what passes for reality.
      In Realityville, we LIKE truth.  We think it exists.  We think it is essential.  When Dan Rather-lie published what was an obvious fake on the eve of a presidential election, it was an effort to manipulate our entire political system.  This should be criminal.
      But Rather-lie has been awarded various honors by journalist group and schools since then.  He has a TV show on cable.  Within just the past few hours, he stated that nobody ever proved the Bush smear documents were fake.
      Monica’s serial abuser boyfriend, who would have destroyed her but for the blue dress, was named “Father Of The Year”.
      Ball-less Bill’s submissive facilitator Hill-Larry was listed as the most popular pol in a Quinnipac poll.  She was complicit in murder, and the loss of our property and interests in the worst terror attack since the PREVIOUS 9/11.  That is objectively true, but the narrative is that the event was “not optimal”.  And NOBODY has yet been accountable AT ALL.

      • I agree that Rather should’ve been jailed for what he did in a proper society. Failing that he should’ve been hounded out and made a pariah. What this post reminds me of is that what we really miss is Breitbart. And if the watchmen keep this up, they’ll miss him too, because the next guy will show up and pushback will be brutal. It will happen – it is inevitable

    • There is no mechanism of accountability.  It use to be losing credibility among your peers.  But the liberal media tells the public not to trust anyone but them.  Its sounds ridiculous, but it works.

  • Let us pause for a moment….
    Anyone want to speculate what it would be like if the ‘right’ had hailed Jared Loughner as a kind of hero, or the media had even hinted that THAT was okay?
    Hero Chris Dorner (weren’t these the same people who protest the idea that the 2nd Amendment is meant to protect us from government?)
    Read some of the comments on most stories linked to him.   Pretty screwed up.   I guess ‘guilty’ children of policemen are fair game for heros.
    Every stupid Hollywood “they done him wrong” movie brought to life.   Maybe they’ll corner him in a cabin where he’s saved a pregnant unmarried mother and the kindly hostage negotiator will stop the crazy FBI agents from killing him and the mother and child who are ‘acceptable’ losses.
    and maybe real life police will ‘mistakenly’ shoot up another fairly arbitrary person driving something that remotely looks like a pickup truck driven by the suspect.   Funny, I could be wrong, but if a white guy steps out of the shot up truck, or two women, it strikes me that maybe someone(s) should have their gun(s) taken away since clearly THEY DIDN’T REALLY SEE THEIR TARGET.
    “Geeze bob, that was a kid on a bike…..”,
    “Uh, I know, but….I saw it out of the corner of my eye…and I thought it might have been Dorner coming to get me!”
    “It’s okay bob, you only shot the tire off.  I mean, the fact that you were TRYING to kill the kid we’ll over look that, and so will the current media.”
    Yeah, but ONLY the police, only the servants of the state, should have the guns.  Cuz they’re trained dontcha know.
    Dorner, trained, scared cops with guns, trained.
    I feel SOoooooooo much safer.

  • It didn’t stick out consciously to be before, but I disagree with the title for this piece.  The way the media reports is quite deliberate.  I’m not sure ‘fail’ is applicable.  ‘Neglect’ seem more appropriate.  Without some adjectives, ‘fail’ implies trying.