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Texas terrifies the left

If ever there was a load of crap on toast, it can be found today in Michael Lind’s atrocious piece in Salon.

He calls it “Southern Poverty Pimps”.  I see a more apt name to be “Southern Cliches R Us”.

It is probably one of the more absurd attempts to make the economic success in Texas look bad that I’ve seen in quite some time.  You would almost feel it was something Paul Krugman would hack out.  One of my bets, concerning all the negative stereotypes Lind uses, is he’s rarely if ever been in the South.

For instance:

Needless to say, private sector unions that pool worker bargaining power are anathema to today’s suave metropolitan successors to the slave-owning plantocracy.  The whole point of the Southern model of economic development is to create a non-union region from Virginia to Texas, to which companies can be induced to move from states with unionized workforces.  Besides, unions engage in collective bargaining, in violation of the Southern ideal of employer-worker relations, in which the master gives orders and the fearful worker obeys without question.

Of course the fact that in the great North unions are losing members like water through a sieve would never see the light of day in a Lind expose, one assumes.  That would run contradictory to his whole premise that the South has just shifted from racial slavery to economic slavery.  No mention of the thousands upon thousands fleeing the horrible economic conditions of Blue states, no mention of Detroit, no mention of the rust belt.  No mention of the urban blight found in Blue states or their failing economies.

You see, if the “Southern model”, aka the Red State Model” is allowed to exist, if it isn’t demonized and condemned, if all stops aren’t pulled out to include the usual racial and ethnic accusations the left loves to fling around, well, it might make people think that the Red States are on to something.

Of course, we already know they are, don’t we?

And so does Texas.  You see, Texas’ success terrifies them.

Thus Lind’s pitiful attempt to use the divisive language of which the left is so fond.  It couldn’t be that people actually are fine with their wages and tired of unions who take their money and really don’t produce much of anything but fat-cat union officials could it?

Heavens no.

It’s all about “economic slavery”.


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  • The lack of understnding the South is more than an economic one.  I was once at a dinner party and was introduced to a couple from NYC.  They asked where I was from and when I told them I was originally from Arkansas, their first reaction was to look down at my feet – they wanted to see if I was wearing shoes (they both admitted it to me later).  I originally took this as a lack of understanding of someone from that state but I have encountered other such reactions because I was from the South, even questioning my universtiy-level education.  And to watch people like this’s reaction when I mention I have a Masters Degree is priceless.

    • Back in the olden days…when I announced I was headed to Texas to live and work, I had a friend, MIT graduate, old enough to KNOW better…what I was going to do if I had to go to the hospital.
      Fortunately I liked the guy, so I spared him the story of biting on a hunk of leather wrapped stick while they took me into town in the buggy,  where I’d be treated by the (drunk) saw-bones with the office above the mule stable.

  • Candidly, I LOVE this bullshit…!!!
    Let these bigoted pukes wallow in self-righteous, delusional BS such as this.
    We will keep drubbing them in the marketplace, in the arts and sciences (including cuisine), and in culture (I mean the kind that raises good people).

    • I think, maybe, this guy pissed me off   🙂

    • And you’ll really love all the non-hating stereotypical comments about the evil south spewed thoughtfully written in by the elite readers of Salon…..
      Now if you’ll excuse me, I must head out from my leisure here to “Tara on the Trinity North-Fork” to oversee my slaves, I uh…mean…happy workers.

    • I find it odd that the Left has spent so much time and effort on culture wars, only the to doubt the success of their own efforts.
      Twenty-five years ago, my first journey to the “solid South” showed me that early efforts of cultural probing showed that MTV and the like had closed the breech with their Northern cousins.  While their elders may have clung to their old “racial” culture and it’s trappings, the youngin’s had moved on.
      Twenty-five years later, the Left still seems unable to handle success.

  • Well Twit Boy can rant all he likes, as Lynyrd Skynrd observed about Neil Young, and in line with what Lind thinks we all are….”Southern man don’t need him around anyhow…”
    He probably wonders how we actually get anything done, what with having to fight off the Indians as we deliver our rustic goods to town on the buckboard once a week.
    I wasn’t born here, but I got here as quick as I could manage.

  • You know, Lind is probably a racist – he doesn’t like Texicans you see.

  • “Northernomics is the high-road strategy of building a flourishing national economy by means of government-business cooperation and government investment in R&D, infrastructure and education. ”
    Like, um…..Detroit.

  • I’m not forced to work for anyone in Texas yet I am forced to pay taxes to the Federal government.  So remind me again who is the slave driver here?

  • “Needless to say, private sector unions that pool worker bargaining power are anathema to today’s suave metropolitan successors to the slave-owning plantocracy.”
    I’d bet my left knut Mr. Lind has no idea what that even means.

    • Sure do sound righteous, though, don’t it?

    • private sector unions that pool worker bargaining power…
      are stinking worthless when there are no jobs!
      As always, workers are best served by a vigorous, competitive market for their contributions.

      • private sector unions that pool worker bargaining power…” 

        and on the starboard tack….
        Private sector?  Like, the um…. Postal workers union?   Or, Policemans union?  Firemen?   Teachers?   Do I misunderstand what those ‘private sector companies’ do?
        how about the UAW, are they still private sector after the gubmint bought out GM and Chrysler?
        Can they be unionized over there at the new Jeep plant in China?

  • I read as much of Lind’s article as I could stomach. His grasp of history and economics lacks a little something. Perhaps he might ask what those victimized northern states are doing to keep those industries. Other than piling on regulations, taxation, and other incidentals.

    Plus, if Lind were to take off that white collar and put on a blue one for a while I think he would find that life as a northern prole is no bed of roses. At least in non-union states you only have a work boss mistreating you, instead of both a work boss and a union boss. And at least you can change your work boss.

  • “You see, if the “Southern model”, aka the Red State Model” is allowed to exist, if it isn’t demonized and condemned, if all stops aren’t pulled out to include the usual racial and ethnic accusations the left loves to fling around, well, it might make people think that the Red States are on to something.”

    Clearly they understand the key.  If you want to create a socialist paradise, you already KNOW you can’t compete.  That’s why the walls aren’t to keep people out, they’re to keep people in.  And at least within the US, you can’t keep the people in one state, so you have to outlaw competitors that don’t fit your worldview.

  • Jesus Christ this is the dumbest thing you have written lately.
    You do know that on average red states are more poverty stricken than blue states, right?  And that they take more in federal revenue than they give, right?  Of course you do.. But that doesn’t fit your narrative.
    You are Lind’s mirror image.
    “Red state strategy”… Hah!

    • Not this again. Explain to me how Ft. Hood TX only serves to defend Texas. Oh, it doesn’t? It defends all of America. How about Los Alamos…do those nuclear scientists discover secrets that are jealously kept in New Mexico? California has 30% of America’s welfare cases. Most of new jobs created are in Texas. Also, poverty level income goes a lot farther in Arkansas then it does inn Marin County.

      • Never be surprised at any confluence of shit and Poque, looker.  Some things just go together…

    • Shouts one of the guys taking full advantage of living in the heart of an evil ‘taker’ state.
      I’m surprised you fall for that line of shit Pogue.

    • Too funny – care to tell us who ruled the South for years?   Care to discuss who ‘massah’ was and how he voted and what party he was a member of?
      I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t Republican.
      Let’s narrow the focus to Texas shall we?
      A little actual history might be helpful.  Since you’ve lived here, you should know personally, but hell, you’re obviously being a good little parrot today, and not using the brain I know you have.
      39 Democratic administrations in Texas, 6 Republicans.  Sounds kinda like Detroit, except for the change in controlling party administration.
      6 Republicans since the State entered the Union (and left, and returned) , 4 within the last 30+ years.   The rest have been Democrats except for a ‘Unionist’ and a military governer.
      You don’t suppose that affected the state over the years I guess.  Sort of a prolonged version of the miracle idea that Democrats can rule for a 100+ years, take you to hell, and if Republicans can’t get you out in 4 then you get to shout something like “It’s Bush’s fault!”
      Good thinking.  Proud of ya.

    • Oh, yeah. Much better to live in a rich state like CA., where a two bedroom house sells for a million dollars, rather than a poor suthrun state where the same house sells for a fraction of that.

  • So…1) Federal spending in Red States is not just subsidizing red states. (I’d also like to see how FL retiree SS spending is classified…and isn’t it a Blue state now?)
    2) Blue states are basket cases too full of poor people.
    3) The “poverty” level in some states has a far higher quality of life than in other states. The South is cheaper than the North, thus more poverty level wages there should not scare people…

  • Within a decade NYC will only house the wealthy and the poor and illegals who minister to their restaurant outings, dry cleaning, and sweep the aisle at their favorite theater. I’ve run the numbers and I’m leaving before I get trapped like all too many unfortunate proles. And once I leave it can fall into a hole in the earth for all I care about it.

    • Not to worry. NYC, like Baltimore and other northrun metropoli, can always spend billions on economic development such as building new stadiums, convention centers, hotels, etc. to generate good middle-class jobs like peanut vendor, room clerk, maid, valet parking attendant, etc. Maybe even a few full time jobs, as well.

    • Yes, I recall that California is very high in inequality while Texas was much lower. Thus, PogueMahone has yet another stat working against his thesis…because isn’t a lower gini score the end all be all?

  • Forbes has some interesting notes – funny….none of these places look like they’re in the South.

    Must be me.

    • Well, Atlan’Tuh, but their woes are strictly RE market values, which are factors of the Federal fu#**#ups.

  • Pogue: the same tired “red states take more than blue” garbage arises yet again.
    Remove military expenditures from the equation. Re-tally that “per-capita” score again.
    What happens to that beloved meme?
    Yeah, it falls to shit.
    go play in the freeway.