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Just think about it

When you hear all this nonsense coming out of DC about “spending cuts”, “savings”, sequestration or just about anything to do with budget, deficit or debt, who’s fault it is, etc. – even while they plan to kick it down the road, again – take it with a grain of … pie.


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22 Responses to Just think about it

  • No no!  Illegals immigrants are …suddenly going to be ILLEGAL!  And they’re going to Illegally FLOOD ACROSS THE BORDER!!!!!  And this will NOW be wrong!  Wrong!!!!!!!
    And we won’t be able to build more ships for our Navy!!!!! which is being reduced according to the Presidents plan for fewer ships, but NOW, NOWWWWWWWW it’s because of the Sequestration!!!!!!!
    Why aren’t you people taking this seriously!!!!!  We haven’t said it yet, but SENIORS WILL BE DYING WITHOUT BENEFIT OF DEATH PANEL REVIEW!!!!!!
    WHY AREN’T YOU UPSET!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, the sky is falling! The sky is falling! Time to put on your Aluminum Foil
      deflection beany (AFDB)!

      • The Sequester is coming !!
        The Sequester is coming !!

        One if by land, Two if by sea,
        Three if there’s just too much BS for thee !!

        some guy named Paul riding a horse
        Just in … “Mine goes to eleven”

  • During President Barack Obama’s meeting with U.S. governors at the White House Monday, the president dismissed members of the press to hold a private, hourlong discussion with the visiting state executives. Whatever was said after the cameras left the room especially incensed South Carolina Republican Gov. Nikki Haley. . . .
    “I could not be more frustrated than I am right now,” Haley told reporters after the meeting. She said that when she asked Obama if he would consider a last-minute plan to shave about 2 percent from the annual federal budget without increasing taxes, the answer was “no.”
    “My kids could go and find $83 billion out of a $4 trillion budget,” Haley said. “This is not rocket science.”–politics.html
    Right. Because it isn’t a matter of “can’t”; it is a matter of “won’t try”.
    AND…as we’ve noted with the Climate Thingy Crisis…the people talking ’bout a crisis are doing nothing one would rationally DO if they believed their own BS.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words. If our illustrious Rep. leadership would hire cartoonists instead of hack consultants and public relations/communication ‘experts’ they could actually communicate with the electorate.

    • The problem is that the Republican politicians love bringing home the pork as much as the other guys. 

    • As long as the Repub leadership has enough willing shills in the right-leaning media (National Review comes to mind) then they are communicating *exactly* the message they want. To the right, it’s basically “Where else you gonna go?” To the rest, it’s “We’re not as bad as the New York Times says, and let us prove it by pandering to you.”

      They believe that has the highest probability of accomplishing their prime goals, which are getting elected and then living the good life of the ruling class.

      As long as they can con even those on the right whoi should know better to vote for them because the other guy is worse, those votes plus the pandering votes have a decent chance of getting them elected. That’s why, every election, we hear the same dreary attempts to guilt us into voting for squishes like Romney, McCain, Bush, Dole, et. al. Sometimes (e.g. Bush) it works. Even when it doesn’t work completely at the national level, it’s enough to get Boehner, Cantor, Graham, etc. re-elected and allowed the live the life of pretending to be serious politicians and leaders in the ruling class.

      As 2010 showed, a serious appeal to liberty and economic sanity can win elections too, but that would mean they actually have to listen to those oafish people who believe in freedom, responsibility, and not giving money away to every pandering special interest group that walks in their congressional office door. Can’t have that. Besides, any other message (see Cruz, Ted) will get them demonized by the collectivist media, and very few of them have the inner strength to face that.

      In short, they communicate exactly the message they want, and it usually works. Why change?

  • I fully expect, if they haven’t started yet, for the media to go into 24/7 sob story mode. 

    And the chaser will be that all the taxes and defunding of Medicare in the Obamacare bill will be blamed on the republicans allowing sequestration. 

  • The GOP asks where I’m gonna go? Wrong question. It’s where is the GOP gonna go? Hint: sounds like wigs.

    • I’m with you. But as long as Kathryn Jean Lopez and her ilk are backing them up in the media with that message, they will ride that horse until it dies.

      Which is why I refused to even consider supporting Romney or McCain. I’ve concluded the establishment GOP cannot be reformed, and that the GOP itself can’t take away the establishment’s power. I see no other option than removing the GOP from the picture. That’s painful and risky, but a painful and risky option looks better to me than an option (reforming the GOP) that seems guaranteed not to work – ever.

      • I’ve concluded the establishment GOP cannot be reformed, and that the GOP itself can’t take away the establishment’s power. I see no other option than removing the GOP from the picture.

        If your first two predicates are true, you can’t reach your conclusion logically.

        • Fine, Rags, when I have a few hours to spare, I’ll write up a thesis to satisfy your lawyerly needs.

          Seriously, is it really necessary to recapitulate an entire logical chain in every comment about how badly the GOP is so far off the rails that it’s beyond reclamation?

          • My observation did not go to the merits of the GOP, Billy.  But it is irrational to make the argument the GOP establishment is too powerful to resist, so it has to be removed.

          • Since that’s not the argument I’m making, you can relax.

            And I’m not even sure how you got there from what I said. But to make it clear, using a paraphrase of your incorrect recapitulation: the GOP establishment can’t be overcome within the GOP, so it must be circumvented.

            Not that such an option has a great chance of succeeding – just that, in my opinion, it has some chance to work, whereas the establishment GOP will never allow the magnitude of change that’s necessary. They would rather destroy their own party than yield power.

            Face it – the GOP has so much baggage now, and the brand is so damaged throughout the political spectrum (much of which they deserve, by the way) that building a new brand will be easier and have a higher chance of success. I believe that’s true even with the resistance of the existing GOP establishment, which we’ve seen will fight competitors on the right with far more fire than it ever fought the left.

            That alone ought to tell you something.

        • That’s really short-sighted of you Rags.  The Establishment GOP has no influence without a substantial party behind it, they have to stay being the plurality of the minority to have the relevance they crave.  Were the Tea Party types to supplant the GOP, either within or outside the GOP–and I think inside is by far the better option, and in the sense of John Paul Jones quote hasn’t been begun.  Mr. Hollis thinks outside is better.

      • I guess for the “where am I gonna go” question – do I throw in with the Tea Party or throw in for the hardest-core leftist candidates I can find on the ballot (the Let It Burn party)?

    • I am concerned about this. We don’t have a viable party to fall back on. The LP can’t cut it, sorry.

      Part of the problem is that you can’t cut out the libertarian leaning, or the religious, or the moderates and have a viable party. We need to unite against those who will destroy this nation.

  • If my goal was to create the United States of Europe, I would just go golfing in Florida and send my wife and kids skiing in Colorado because, well, everything is going to My plan, and if everything keeps going my way, pretty soon they won’t even have the means of fighting back.

  • Does anyone really think this years deficit will fall below $1T?

  • Pretty clear the Won’s plan is targeted at the 2014 elections.  His purpose is accomplished by blaming GOP, falling into another recession just before the elections, then exercising the “haul lo-info voters to polls” and disgust everyone else just in time to get 2 years with a fully complaisant D congress.  So far it’s working.  Campign for Primary Accountability.