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How bad do you have to be NOT to be hired?

I wondered, when Barack Obama was re-elected, how bad you had to be to be fired.  Apparently worse than Obama, if that’s possible.

Now, with the confirmation of Chuck Hagel – another politician who has never run a large or complex organization and who was abysmal in his confirmation hearings – I have to wonder how bad you have to be NOT to be hired.

Apparently, worse than Chuck Hagel, if that’s possible:

Republicans siding with Democrats, the U.S. Senate voted Tuesday to confirm Chuck Hagel as President Obama’s secretary of defense, a nomination that drew strong opposition within the Republican former senator’s own party, with some troubled by past statements on Israel and Iran.

GOP Sens. Rand Paul (Ky.), Thad Cochran (Miss.), Mike Johanns, (Nebr.) and Richard Shelby (Ala.) supported Hagel in the 58-41 vote. No Democrats opposed him.

Again, let down by the GOP (the ‘good old boy club’ just couldn’t say no to a former member).

Anyone seeing a pattern here?


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14 Responses to How bad do you have to be NOT to be hired?

  • Paul supported him. Swell.   Why do I think that’s gonna look bad for young Rand before a couple years have passed.
    Still, recurring patterns in this administration come as no surprise.

    • Rand had held out against cloture.  In the floor vote, I think he was saving face with the Ronulins.  His crazy daddy and daddy’s crazy followers will haunt young Rand.

    • Did any body believe that Hagel confirmation was … wait for it … “UNEXPECTEDLY” ?

      • No, but I admit I didn’t expect to see Paul jump out of the “Confirm Hagel!” clown car with a bucket of confetti.
        The rest of the circus had pretty much the outcome I anticipated when they dragged me in to watch the show.

  • Just for arguments sake: Say you were an idiot president, would you surround yourself with people smarter than you? …Just sayin’…

    • Thing is, Obama is not an idiot.  Hagel is dangerous in that position, which is why Obama chose him out of a vast pool of qualified people.  Just like a lot of his cabinet picks.

      • And given Hagel’s party affiliation…who do you think will ultimately bear the blame?
        More patterns.

        • Fallguy.  Obama conceded victory in Afghanistan and we’ve been there almost 4 years so Obama didn’t have the ‘last helicopter leaving Afghanistan’ moment before the election.  But staying there and Iraq another 4 years will be too much for the Talking heads to sweep under the rug.  It will become a huge liability to the Democrats.  They need a patsy to be the guy who takes the lumps for the withdrawal.
          The other thing I’ve noticed among ‘leaders’ is who put unqualified people in key positions.  Its based on this sentiment.  “If you don’t know what you’re doing, you do what you’re told.”  Basically a middle manager can avoid repercussions for their lack of qualification by doing what they are told to do without question.  So if you give direction a qualified person will balk at, you put an unqualified person there and they will do it.  Not just because they don’t know better but they want to hide behind the security of following orders.

    • That’s how he made his reputation as ‘the smartest person in the room’, and he is obviously working on enhancing it. Of course, being the the smartest person in a room full of political hacks is setting the bar rather low.

  • the ‘good old by [sic] club’ just couldn’t say no to a former member
    Nonsense.  Presidents get their nominees, by-in-large.  Unless they are particularly talented judicial appointments of conservative minorities.

    • Not long ago, the Senate had (on occasion) enough integrity to actually exercise their responsibilities under Advise and Consent to reject Presidential nominees that both sides of the aisle decided were not up to the task.  Nixon’s nominee for a Supreme Court vacancy was so limited in capabilities and performed so badly during the hearings that one of his defenders, a Nebraska Senator (what is it with Nebraska Senators?), agreed that yes he was mediocre, but that there are a lot of mediocre people and they are entitled to a little representation.  Eventually he was not confirmed by a sizable number of no votes by both Democrats and Republicans.   Sadly these days, not one Democrat voted against Hagel’s nomination to fill an extraordinarily complex and challenging position.  Apparently a nominee who is 5 cans shy a 6-pack and stated he knew little about the job responsibilities (but is a quick learner) is fit to lead our military, and that says volumes about both the Administration and the Congress.  My guess…he is gone within 2 years.

  • I’ve noted before, “let it burn” applies to all areas possible. If this idiot does some real damage, oh well.

  • Anyone notice the vaunted and invincible Obamacannon is running kinda loose on the deck these days?
    Picking a fight with Bob Woodward was a pretty sizeable mistake.  Not like he’s picking a fight with a right wing blogger (no offense).
    And I’m trying to decide who was more dangerous on a personal level, Obama or Nixon.
    Let it burn indeed  🙂