Free Markets, Free People

What our political class has wrought

Thought these two graphs illustrated part of it very well:


But remember — they want you to believe it is a revenue problem.


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10 Responses to What our political class has wrought

  • when they say there isn’t a spending problem…what they mean is they have no problem spending.
    The problem is that we think excessive spending is bad.

    • Yes. Of course there’s a revenue problem. There will always be a revenue problem. As long as deluded leftists see real life, and hallucinate that it could be somehow made perfect and flawless, they will find more things to spend money on.

      The reason I loathe establishment Republicans is because they have implicitly bought into that worldview. They too believe that government spending does wonderful things, instead of thinking that it breeds deprivation, dependency, instability, unethical behavior, and eventual financial Armageddon.

      They just think the growth of spending needs to be managed better. I.e., by them instead of by Democrats. Even when establishment Republicans support tax cuts, they claim it will actually increase revenues.

      The idea that both spending and revenue need to go down is flat out rejected by both parties. They both want government bigger and spending more – they just differ on who signs the checks and a bit on precisely where the money goes.

      • They all, more or less, buy into the Bloomberg theory that we have an infinite supply or money.
        I don’t know if it’s because not a stinking one of them equates value with the sweat of someone’s brow (or the end of evening burnout from ‘thinking’ for those of the actually productive idea class…).  When was the time (not the last time, any time) Bloomberg took a break from working with a flat shovel or a pick and stopped to appreciate NOT having to do that for a living.   No, they have no idea that wealth has to be created by labor.  They all know, it flows from….somewhere…over there….in a place they can’t see….and into their bank account or government vault.
        Probably from those farms and factories and mines in flyover country that grow, make or mine cash or maybe from the ships that dredge it up off the bottom of the sea (all of whom, for some reason, need Congress generated subsidy to stay in business, odd, isn’t it?)

      • Which reminds me of the time Newt Gingrich called Bob Dole the ‘tax collector for the welfare state’. True, but it was Gingrich who caught hell for saying it.

    • Except when …

      “We have negotiated with terrorists,” an angry Doyle said, according to sources in the room. “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”

  • It isn’t just the “political class”.  It is also on the people.
    Look at Justice Scalia’s comments on the Voting Rights Act.  The inability to do away with Title 5 is NOT on the politicos.  It is on us.

    • It isn’t just the “political class”.  It is also on the people

      >>>. Yup.  For however sad an excuse they are for human beings, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid keep being returned to office to damage our country. I hold the people of San Francisco and Nevada equally responsible.

  • We elected em. I blame the freeloading and ignorant cretins who put the other freeloading ignorant cretins in office to be honest

  • The problem with the sequestration cuts is that they are not caps.  They could pass some ‘unprojected’ $10 billion dollar increase next week.  Another the weak after and so on.  Then the cuts are erased from all the above projections.
    We need a deficit cap mechanism.  We need it more than we need a debt ceiling.