Free Markets, Free People

The law? Something for thee, not me

Or so says the executive branch in many, many cases.

In this particular case, the National Labor Relations Board, NLRB, has simply decided to ignore a ruling of a US Court of Appeals:

Only a few hours after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued a decision that the National Labor Relations Board does not have a legal quorum to act, the board’s chairman, Mark Pearce, issued a press release announcing the board’s intent to ignore it.

The timing and content of Pearce’s statement show a board so fixated on serving the interests of organized labor it no longer knows its place nor weighs the consequences of its actions on the public interest. Although Pearce may believe that the president has the authority to make recess appointments over a three-day break in ongoing Senate sessions — or over lunch, for that matter — it is not the place of the NLRB chairman to disagree with a circuit court on a constitutional question that goes to the heart of the political appointment process and one in which he has a partisan interest.

The answer to that is to ignore the NLRB and anything it says, does or declares.

If they can play that game, so can we.


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22 Responses to The law? Something for thee, not me

  • This is merely another example of the outlaw Obamabanana Republic.
    How many contempt citations are we up to now?
    And…really…why is there a NLRB any longer?  And what does this do to our gauzy civic fabric?

    • This is another example of a society so paralyzed by even the slightest risk of the appearance of racism, no one will challenge this President no matter the reason.  Especially Republican Leadership. 

  • “If they can play that game, so can we.”
    For their choice to ignore the court’s ruling, no one is going to show up with guns at the NLRB office, knock out windows and doors with rams, throw in flash bangs and yell “down! down!  Police!  Down!!!! NOW!!!!!!”

    • “…throw in flash bangs and yell “down! down!  Police!  Down!!!! NOW!!!!!!”
      You forgot “Stop resisting! Stop Resisting” as they throw you into a wall.

      • Well…. I did originally write “Bang Bang Bang (you didn’t read ‘DOWN!’ fast enough and failed to comply with a lawful order). ”
        I like your addition though, gives it the added realism, mine was just snarky.

        • Yeah, didn’t mean to indicate you were lacking in your comments. I just watch too many youtube videos of cops and read too many Radley Balko articles not to chime in and add to such excellently targeted snark.

    • And the DHS will serve that warrant in style after running the neighborhood gauntlet of IEDs and RPGs in their brand new MRAP armored vehicles! Obviously the interior is much more dangerous than the border, so ICE will just have to wait. I am sure the KGB had the same problem prioritizing the Border Guards Directorate and the internally oriented directorates.

  • OT: I suspected that we would start seeing the tell all books after Obama’s re-election:
    Will there be more?

    • Perhaps, in foreign countries , where they will go unheeded by the followers of Thulsa Doom unknown to the American voter.
      I doubt the juice box mafia will let that book go UN-reviewed for very long.
      Soon we’ll know all the dirt on Vali Nasr.   How he skipped school as a child, his 4 speeding tickets, his bout of measles that might have fried his brain, his racist tendencies, how he was nearly fired for poor job performance at State and how he was paid to write the book by the Koch brothers.   Now, I don’t know that a single one of those things might even be remotely true, and neither will the Journolist NAZIs when they find ways of implying Nasr is a scumbag who shouldn’t be given the time of day without saying anything actionable.

  • Speaking of lawless s-bags, Hugo Chavez is officially roasting in hell.
    Tonight I have a glass of champagne.

    • And in other lawless news drone strikes on US soil are now considered legal.  Nothing like applying some heavy artillery in law enforcement eh?
      I suppose a possible next step is to issue RPG’s to police in case someone tries to flee from a traffic stop, maybe let SWAT teams purchase M119 howitzers, reduce the dangers of no-knock warrant service.

      • If you can’t do the time you’re not willing to be blown up by howitzers, don’t do the crime disrespect the authorities

      • If <strike>you can’t do the time<strike> you’re not willing to be blown up by howitzers, don’t <strike>do the crime<strike> disrespect the authorities

        • Ok, i suck at proper use of HTML strikethrough tags from my iphone. So much for being witty and clever while on the go!

          • Well, at least Ericlein wasn’t proposing that Abteilung der Staatssicherheit would use the drones, he could envision that it would STILL be the Wehrmacht doing it.    I suppose if you can envision our new GESTAPO needing to be protected by MRAPS, you can imagine a non-war scenario where the military is picking off people with drones inside the borders of the 57 50 states when we haven’t been physically invaded.

          • I didn’t have much luck with it either.

          • “…our new GESTAPO…”
            I think it has more in common with the KGB, having both internal and external security responsibilities, including police, intelligence, and military responsibilities.

          • Yeah, you’re right, the Ge in Gestapo (Geheime) is ‘Secret’.
            Not much secret about DHS, well, except for why they need so much ammo, or why they need MRAPS, or how many actual terrorists they’ve stopped without the help of Dutch airline passengers.
            So I’ll go with KGBs.   Maybe DHS can buy some used black Volgas to whip around the neighborhood in.

      • Does anyone else recall when the Philadelphia Police department successfully executed a strategic bombing campaign on US soil?
        I seem to recall that worked out really well.

        • Yes, actually. Quite a coincidence that law enforcement sieges seem to have an incendiary effect on the besieged, e.g. Waco, that police officer in CA.

    • Cheers!