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Is the GOP about to be co-opted by the Democrats … again

It all starts with what could be described as a very simple act – the acceptance of a premise.   As soon as one side accepts the premise of the other side, the other side has won.  It simply becomes a matter of how bad the damage is.

In this case, the premise that seems to have been accepted by the “old ladies” of the GOP leadership is that some sort of federal “gun control” legislation is necessary  because of “mass killings” and our “children”.  From Ammoland:

You might think that with Republicans in control of the US House of Representatives there would be no way ANY gun control legislation could reach the floor.

But sadly we are already beginning to see so-called “conservative champions” folding to pressure from the anti-gun media to sell-out gun owners.

Former Vice Presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, has stated that he would support legislation that bans private sales at gun shows.

In the House, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, along with the help of Rep. Scott Rigell (VA), Patrick Meehan (PA) and others, have stated openly that they will work together with anti-gun Democrats from Maryland and New York to tighten restrictions on private firearms sales and expand background checks.

Possibly even more upsetting has been Senator Tom Coburn’s willingness to work alongside anti-gunner Chuck Schumer (NY) to propose “bi-partisan” anti-gun legislation in the Senate.

Make no mistake, so-called “expansion” of background checks is little more than a blatant attempt by anti-gunners to register all firearms and gun owners in America.

That is why Representatives Steve Stockman (TX-36) and Paul Broun (GA-10) have drafted a letter to Speaker Boehner and the Republican leadership urging them to require the support of the majority of Republican members in the House before bringing any anti-gun bills to the floor.

This so-called “Hastert Rule” would mean that 117 Republicans would have to support a particular bill before it had any chance of getting a floor vote, not just the support of the anti-gun elitist in leadership.

So the premise seems to have been accepted by the GOP leadership if this report is accurate.  And, if it is accurate, then they’re going to try to fashion some sort of gun control legislation to address a problem that the type of gun control legislation they’ll propose won’t effect.  What it will do, however, is create a new law that will put legal gunowners in criminal jeopardy if they desire to sell their firearms and don’t follow the new rules to a ‘t’ (and, my guess is the new rules will likely be mostly unenforceable – they’d only be enforced retroactively if a gun involved in a private sale that wasn’t “background checked” was used in a crime).

The criminals?  Those who are likely to commit mass killings?  Yeah, they’ll comply.

Meanwhile, if you believe that Congress has no right to “infringe” on 2nd Amendment rights, prepare to be sold down the river by the GOP.  They’ve already accepted the need and the premise, it’s now just a matter of figuring out what the “compromise” will be.  What should be clear, however, is that if anti-gun legislation does get passed, it will be your 2nd Amendment rights that will be compromised and the GOP will be complicit.


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27 Responses to Is the GOP about to be co-opted by the Democrats … again

  • Uh…no, McQ
    First, let’s take some kind of look at your source…

    Former Vice Presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, has stated that he would support legislation that bans private sales at gun shows.

    Really…???  Where is the quote where Ryan says that?

    …prepare to be sold down the river by the GOP.  They’ve already accepted the need and the premise, it’s now just a matter of figuring out what the “compromise” will be.

    Nonsense.  Part of what is happening…which I’m surprised you don’t get…is the gun-grabbing Deemocrats are being set up for 2014.

    • “Nonsense.  Part of what is happening…which I’m surprised you don’t get…is the gun-grabbing Deemocrats are being set up for 2014.”
      The basis for the statement that Ryan would ban privates sales is probably this interview  – at the 2:10 mark the speaker says
      “It sounds like what you’re saying to the specific question can you close a loophole that requires at least any weapons sold at a gun show has to have a background check”
      Ryan sums up with “I think that’s a very reasonable problem, I think it’s obvious and we should look into how to do that”.
      Now that’s not necessarily statement of support for bans of privates sales at gun shows, but it implies that someone, other than private sellers, are going to be involved in the private sale.  There’s nothing private about a sale if the buyer went through a background check.    I’m not against background checks necessarily, but let’s face it, they’re tracking the weapon… the check is being made,  they’re tracking… on a 4473 form, Section D tracks the weapons for them.
      that’s registration – weapons, owners, and effectively a ban on ‘private’ sales at gun shows.
      Yes yes, I know, they don’t keep that data for more than….bwaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha,  they’re keeping it forever, because that’s what you do with data NOW,  the tech affords us the ability, even when the laws the proles think they live under say you don’t.
      Sorry man, I’ve been sold one too many packages of “Real Sea Monkeys!” by the GOP.

      • You sound confused, looker.  You are for background checks…unless you are not.
        VERY few firearms are transferred at a gun show WITHOUT a background check in reality.
        There is a loophole WRT “heritage transfers”, or pieces passed from family members and the like.  Not a big deal in either scale or risk.
        The HUGE barn-flucking-door loophole is in ENFORCEMENT of existing laws, and that will brunt a lot of new crap.

        • “VERY few firearms are transferred at a gun show WITHOUT a background check in reality.”
          No, what I meant, said unclearly, was I’m not opposed to them as they stand, but only because they’re the reality I’m stuck with, and there’s no way they’re going to be overturned.   So it’s a practical matter, not one I favor.
          Conversely, I’m not against private sales or transfer sans checking if that’s the choice a seller/owner wants to make.
          I’d be less concerned with checks if all they were checking is the buyer, but since they like to include the weapons being bought on their nice little forms I believe they’re keeping the information as well, regardless of what they say they’re doing.  If they say they’re using that to check for weapons used in crimes…then that implies they’re tracking, forever.  If they’re not using it for that, why are they on the forms at all?  What good can it possibly do if that’s not how it’s used, right?
          Check wise – I can either own ‘a’ weapon because my background is clean, or I can’t, what different does it make which specific serial numbered make and model?
          But right now it’s not illegal for you to transfer privately, whether it’s a heritage transfer or not, whether it’s at a gun show or not, at least not here.
          But how does my feeling change Ryan’s pseudo agreement that has the banners so enthralled, or how the GOP will eventually act?
          I think they HAVE accepted the premise, they’re not just sticking with statements that say “enforce the laws” from what I’m seeing, they’re negotiating and we know how that generally works with the left.

          • If your fears are founded, which assumes a violation of the law by the government, then we have stealth registration already.  Well, and we’re screwed…
            So, no big deal if we add a few more people to background checks.  Again, the people actually privately transferring firearms is a tiny number.  I’ve purchased several over the years, and all of the transfers required an FFL and background check.

          • I don’t mind so much them knowing, I mind the idea they might decide to DO something with that information without probable cause.

        • The barn door opens when the already existing (in most cases) background checks are then paired with the Democrats’ real objective, record keeping.

          • “Record keeping!” Say it in your best Maynard G. Krebs voice.
            You know who excelled at record keeping don’t you? It’s those guys that Godwin had to make a law about for blogs.

          • Efficiency uber alles?

    • Rags, the point is ( to use a Lord of the Rings comparison) too much of the GOP is content with playing Saruman to the Dems Sauron.

      • I understand the point, shark.
        I also understand it is not supported.
        Gun control is poison to Deemocrats in purple states, historically.  Letting them (flushing them out) vote is smart.

        • Yeah. If Al Gore hadn’t lost his “home state” of Tennessee because of his anti-gun stance, he would have won in 2000 without Florida.
          Currently, the best example is Joe Manchin of West Virginia. He jumped out early then walked it back over and over again.
          2nd Amendment rights aren’t a party thing, so sometimes you need a little proding to see which “pigs will go up the chute.”

        • Eh. If they avoid getting rolled on this issue, they’ll get rolled on immigration or taxes or something. Just because they can manage to be less stupid than the Dems on one single issue isn’t real cause for celebration

    • Senate Republicans are wary of the federal background check legislation, and Sen. Grassley reminded the committee during Tuesday’s debate that “Criminals do not comply with existing background check laws. Why would anyone think criminals will comply (with) broader background check requirements?”

  • Let It Burn also can easily apply to the current-state GOP if they’re not careful.

  • The current difference between the Democrats and the Republicans on this and many other issues is simply this:

    The Democrats want to drive the car off the cliff at 100mph while the Republicans believe they have somehow differentiated themselves by proposing to limit the speed to 50 mph.

    • Perhaps. But I’m not ready to bash the GOP on this yet.

      • Key word – yet.   2014 is a long way away when you consider the coal the dems are shoveling into the gun control firebox.
        When the Republicans vent all that steam, I’ll believe they’re not going anywhere after all, till then…not going to be fooled again.

        • I’ve concluded that the House Republican plan is to make Obama’s second term as BORING as possible.
          It is predicated on having Congress do their jobs .. a real shock for our Senators.

  • Here in CA there are no person to person transfers, except from father to son and such. Everything else must go through a dealer.

    Most states allow person to person sales, and that is what the “gun show loophole” is really about.

    Now, as far as Ryan’s quote, I think it is fine if he just wants to look at how to do it. Many gun owners are still pissed at W Bush for stating his support of an AW ban, yet he let the ’94 version lapse and he passed tort reform protection for firearms.

    I think that, had W Bush came out are hard core pro gun in 2000 he would have lost the election to Gore. That’s why the media asked him question on the subject, after all, to tip the balance towards Gore. And Bush really did a lot of good for gun owners, the only reason Obama isn’t running full steam ahead with gun lawsuit like Clinton did is due to Bush’s tort reform.

    Now with that out there, the current GOP has to give me a reason to vote for them. Defund Obamacare. Protect gun rights. Something.

  • Republicans are running for election.  They know giving the media what they want gives them airtime.  Some people are too busy and some people are too stupid to not rely on the glowy box to tell them what’s what.

  • Republicans are sheepish Liberals draped in conservative wool, the Demokrauts are Socialist Democrats without pretensions.

    • And, for the record, the GOPers ALLLLL voted against the Senate gun control bills.
      Didn’t they…????

    Lil’ Chuckie Schumer is helping set up the conservatives for their 2014 victory.