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Daily Archives: March 14, 2013

Economic Statistics for 14 Mar 13

Here are today’s statistics on the state of the economy:

Initial jobless claims fell 10,000 to 332,000. The 4-week average fell 2,750 to 346,750, while continuing claims fell 89,000 3.024 million. The 4-week average and continuing claims are now at a recovery low.

The Producer Price Index rose 0.7% in February, while the core PPI, ex-food and –energy, rose 0.2%. On a year-over-year basis the PPI is up 1.8%, while the core rate is up 1.7%.

The nation’s current account deficit for the fourth quarter was a less-than-expected $110.4 billion.

The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index rose 0.8 points to -31.6 in the latest week.

For the March 13 week, the Fed’s assets rose $56.6 billion, with the Fed’s balance sheet now totaling $3.167 trillion.

The Fed reports that M2 money supply rose by $6.6 billion in the latest week.

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Irony today usually has it’s root in government actions

Because government is so completely involved in our lives.  A good example is the UK.

First, here’s a bit of a stunning statistic:

Winter weather has killed a million Brits since the 1980s and will kill a million more by 2050, experts have warned. Age support groups and doctors blame poor housing, high energy bills and pensioner poverty. Many killed by the cold are elderly but the ill, vulnerable and very young also die. A total of 973,000 people died due to winter weather from 1982/83 to 2011/12, Office of National Statistics data for England and Wales shows. ONS data shows another million Brits will be killed by winters by 2050, based on the average of 27,400 cold weather deaths per winter in the last five years.

The government, of course, is responsible for more of the problems listed than high energy bills but I wanted to highlight that and then turn to the irony part of this:

Migrating birds have halted Britain’s embryonic shale gas expansion in its tracks. The company backed by Lord Browne, the former BP boss, admitted yesterday that it must delay resuming fracking near Blackpool until next year because of rules protecting thousands of birds wintering in the surrounding picturesque Fylde peninsula.

Nice to know who or what has the priority over freezing Brits, no?