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Irony today usually has it’s root in government actions

Because government is so completely involved in our lives.  A good example is the UK.

First, here’s a bit of a stunning statistic:

Winter weather has killed a million Brits since the 1980s and will kill a million more by 2050, experts have warned. Age support groups and doctors blame poor housing, high energy bills and pensioner poverty. Many killed by the cold are elderly but the ill, vulnerable and very young also die. A total of 973,000 people died due to winter weather from 1982/83 to 2011/12, Office of National Statistics data for England and Wales shows. ONS data shows another million Brits will be killed by winters by 2050, based on the average of 27,400 cold weather deaths per winter in the last five years.

The government, of course, is responsible for more of the problems listed than high energy bills but I wanted to highlight that and then turn to the irony part of this:

Migrating birds have halted Britain’s embryonic shale gas expansion in its tracks. The company backed by Lord Browne, the former BP boss, admitted yesterday that it must delay resuming fracking near Blackpool until next year because of rules protecting thousands of birds wintering in the surrounding picturesque Fylde peninsula.

Nice to know who or what has the priority over freezing Brits, no?


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26 Responses to Irony today usually has it’s root in government actions

  • Wonder if it occurred to anybody that the birds MIGHT just be able to accommodate the production activity?
    Critters always have, everywhere I’ve been.

    • I think most of us already knew that there had been no governing …

      “It’s not about 2014,” Obama told Organizing for Action this evening, per the pool report. “I actually wanna govern, at least for a couple of years.”

      … but it seems he wants to, at least.

      • I wonder who his governing model is?   Richard J Daley, Huey Long, Mao, Sauron?

  • ” picturesque”
    The picturesque Fylde peninsula.
    I wonder if the frozen dead are picturesque.

    • Not just picturesque but downright artistic, when suitably treated.
      Nowadays not only can you leave your body to science, you can leave it to art.

      • Yeah, these just creep me out, no matter how artistic it all is.
        Kinda barbaric really.   Preservation of bodies wasn’t done so they could be displayed in museums.
        This all got started by a bunch of those Pharaoh fellers, who are now sorely upset they’ve been whisked away from riding in high style on Amon Rs’s barque of ages to standing around in a glass museum case all day where they’re gawked at by nose picking 5th graders.

  • OT: During the podcast, there was a discussion of the Nork’s nuking Seoul. I always thought that they would not be willing to nuke their own Korean people, but would nuke Tokyo out of spite if they were losing. If they could hit the US, then it would be us.

    • Another Obama success!

    • “they would not be willing to nuke their own Korean people”
      They starve, murder, torture, and otherwise mistreat their own subjects. Why on earth would they have any qualms about murdering those traitorous US puppets?

  • OT for sure…  Talking with folks familiar with the people and culture in that part of the world, they won’t go quietly (like the old USSR).  It’s all about saving face – the grander the finale and the more souls they take with them, the better.  That being understood, if they decide on doing something really stupid (like nuking Seoul), portions of North Korea being transformed into a scorched parking lot in fairly short order.

    • If it was just one nuke, would we really nuke back?
      And in NK’s case, wouldn’t that kill a whole lot of innocents? Because I think almost everyone in that country is “innocent” in terms that they are not aware of what they are doing? Would you blame a brainwashed cult follower for the actions of their leadership?
      I think it would be a difficult decision to make, to nuke in retalliation. But I think you’d almost have to do it to keep your credibility. Afterwards, we would of course be villified.

      • Blame?  No.  Act against?  Certainly.  We do not blame wolves for attacking people and stock; we kill them.  In the same way, the truly brainwashed cultist — whether that cult be Scientology, Islam, Deep Ecology, or <em>juche</em>, must be judged to no longer be a moral agent, but to have become a mere wolf, to be dealt with as wolves are.

        • that’s what I was thinking too.   An ‘innocent’ (as defined above) with an AK-47 and a loop of grenades can ‘inadvertently’ kill a lot of genuinely innocent people.
          If they can’t weigh in with a moral judgement of their own and step back from slaughter and mayhem there’s not a lot of choice.

  • President Obama told a group of House Republicans at a closed-door meeting on Wednesday that the long-delayed Keystone XL pipeline won’t profit anyone but Canada.
    —Wash. Examiner

    Showing…yet again…Obama HATES the very idea of sound economics.
    He is either too ignorant to comprehend how that statement COULD NOT be true…or
    he simply cares more about his Collectivist fellow-crazies and their “green goo” religion.

    • “won’t profit anyone but Canada.”
      Smartest man in any room talkin there….smartest.
      My God,  again, I repeat,  I could do a better job of being President than this dolt.

      • But, looker, you would use entirely DIFFERENT predicates and values.
        He is not a dolt.  He is a Collectivist who HATES America as we know it and love it.

        • Yeah, he demonstrates that every time he opens his yap.   I keep trying to decide if it’s really active malice or genuine stupidity when he says things like the Canada quote.
          The only good day during his Presidency will be the day he stands next to the person who replaces him at the inauguration in 2016.

          • I have a real concern that could be MooOOchelle.  Who would be MORE dangerous.

          • I suspect we will get Hillary. Then we will have another 8 years of lapdog media. And that will mean anyone born recently will have grown up having never experienced a press that pushes the leaders in any way. Not a good thing.
            Though, absent Hillary, I don’t know who they could run that would be lock in

          • Ah Harun, you optimist!
            there won’t be anything for Hillary to be President of if we go another 8 years like this.    There is a breaking point, we’re just not there yet.   People will eventually grow sick of the constant lies and we certainly can’t keep running the phantom economy the White House/press is giving us.   It won’t be all of us, but I might point out the estimate for rebels in the American Colonies was about 1/3 of the population.

      • Hell, my cat could do a better job.

        • OK, let’s even assume he’s right. Why would you not want Canada, a neighbor and close ally to profit

          • Because he doesn’t want anyone to profit; profit is evil.

          • Well, unless he’s makin it of course.
            Tell me what they’re gonna do with all that cash OFA is collecting once Baracky leaves the White House – Obama Family Assets