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Economic Statistics for 15 Mar 13

Here are today’s statistics on the state of the economy:

The CPI jumped 0.7% in February, while the core rate, ex-food and -energy, rose 0.2%. On a year-over-year basis, the CPI is up 2.0% at both the headline and core rates.

Industrial production rose a sharp 0.7% in February, while capacity utilization in the nation’s factories rose 0.5% to 79.6%.

The Consumer Sentiment Index plunged to 71.8 for March from last month’s 77.6.

Foreign investment in US securities slowed to a net $25.7 billion in January, down from $64.2 billion in December.

The Empire State Manufacturing Survey fell 0.8 points to 9.24 in March. Readings above 0 are generally positive.

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2 Responses to Economic Statistics for 15 Mar 13

  • MOSCOW (AP) — Cyprus has for decades been a favorite place for Russian businessmen to place their savings and for corrupt Russian officials to stash ill-gotten gains. Like all deposits in Cyprus, that money is expected to be taxed as part of a bailout deal that Cyprus is receiving from its fellow members in the eurozone.
    Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday criticized the decision as “unjust, unprofessional and dangerous,” according to his spokesman. Here’s a glance at why Russians keep so much money in Cypriot banks and how Russia can be affected by the island nation’s crisis.
    Russians keep about $19 billion in deposits in Cyprus, mainly through companies they set up there, according to the Moody’s ratings agency. Russian banks also had around $12 billion placed with Cypriot banks at the end of last year and have loaned about $40 billion to Cypriot companies of Russian origin.