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Calling all Nannies

A new study that is sure to make Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other health nannies wet their britches in thanks is out:

New research finds that the consumption of sugary drinks and sodas contributes to about 180,000 obesity-related deaths around the world — including the deaths of about 25,000 adult Americans — each year.

According to a new study presented on Tuesday at a meeting of the American Heart Association, one out of every 100 obesity-related deaths around the world can be tied to sugary drinks, which directly exacerbate health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. Specifically, the over-consumption of those beverages increased global deaths from diabetes by 133,000, from cardiovascular disease by 44,000 and from cancer by 6,000.

So, 180,000 out of what, 6 billion?  And 25,000 in the US in a population of 300 million.

Can you say “statistically irrelevant”?  I knew you could.

But the “if our draconian measures can save even one life” crowd will see this as the means to more control, just watch.  It’s just predictable (your health is now a “growth area” for control freaks and nannies).

Don’t believe me?

The experts who contributed to the study explained that’s a big issue because those calories don’t provide any nutritional value, and policymakers should focus on helping encourage Americans to cut back:

“One of the problems of sugar-sweetened beverages is that we don’t seem to compensate as well for the calories as we do for solid foods,” [Rachel K. Johnson, a professor of medicine and nutrition at the University of Vermont] said. “In other words, when we consume sugar-sweetened beverages we don’t reduce the amount of food we consume.

Johnson cautioned the study didn’t prove cause and effect, just that there was an association between sugared-drink intake and death rates.

Singh, the study’s co-author, said that taxing sugary drinks in the same way as cigarettes, or limiting advertising or access, may help reduce usage.

“Our study shows that tens of thousands of deaths worldwide are caused by drinking sugary beverages and this should impel policy makers to make strong policies to reduce consumption of sugary beverages,” Singh said.


21 Responses to Calling all Nannies

  • I’m waiting for the study that says high-fructose corn syrup causes diabetes.
    Somebody will call HFCS “Ecstasy for the liver.”

  • Any chance they’ll use this info to end the sugar subsidies?

  • They never. Effing. Stop.

  • The New York Daily News claims this morning that, by banning large sodas and prohibiting stores from displaying cigarettes, the city’s interminable Mayor Bloomberg would be rendering it “easier, not harder, for people to exercise the choices they really desire.” Note the “really” part of that sentence: It might look to you simpletons as if the city is preventing free people from making their own choices with all the force of the law. But that’s because your mind isn’t sufficiently subtle to grasp that it’s quite the opposite. “Actually,” New York is “cleverly combatting some of the more aggressive effects of addiction and corporate marketing run amok.” Thank goodness! For a moment, I thought that we were contending with yet another instance of government overreach.
    —Charles C.W. Cooke @ TheCorner

    Big Brother would be so proud of the DoubleSpeakers at The Daily News
    And, remember…most of this crap is based on pure junk science, such as the findings McQ quotes.

    • but….it feeeeeeeeels right!

    • Had it not occurred to these dopes that if you ban a 64 oz cup, they will buy two 32 oz cups or four 16 oz cups.
      Of course, this will create more litter and/or “mountain-building” fill.
      I guess you could “really” say that Bloomberg is following the George Carlin “Screw the Planet, Save Us” strategy.

    • Reminds me of the clowns who said that prohibiting the sale of standard and cheap incandescent light bulbs did not mean the consumer had fewer choices, since there were (government approved) substitutes available.   They might be hideously expensive, contain toxic substances, and provide crappy lighting, but what the hey, they are on the store shelves, so quit your bitchin’.

  • “Researchers calculated the quantities of sugar-sweetened beverage intake around the world by age and sex; the effects of this consumption on obesity and diabetes; and the impact of obesity and diabetes-related deaths…”
    All done without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Someone should do a study on the ill effects of BS studies like this one.

    • I just completed mine…
      BS studies like this cause precisely 1,987,423 deaths per hour, world-wide.  I have the math…but you can’t see it.

  • I’m waiting for some academic/media/gub’mint (sorry, that’s redundant) entity to acknowledge that statist government causes millions of deaths each year and hundreds of millions each century. <crickets chirping>.

  • These “oh, we have to help you make better choices” statists are the living definition of concern-trolls, aren’t they?  They pretend “I really just want to HELP you” when the true intention is “I want to dominate you! control you! and deny you any hope of doing something about it! bwa-ha-ha!”
    In the perfect world of my imagination, it would be a health-hazard for these petty little tyrants to go out in the open, lest some great “manmade disaster” should fall upon them.  (Can they come and get me for eeeevill thoughts?  In my own defense, let me say I go all medieval-minded when I consider what these useless meddlers have done / are doing to the USofA our forefathers died for…)
    It’s no wonder they want to grab our guns – as somebody said recently, “the only reason anybody wants to take away your gun is that they plan to do something you’d shoot them for”.

    • Truly medieval?  Because when you said medieval, I instantly thought TREBUCHETS!!!!!!!!
      my second thought was Onager!!!!
      Apparently we don’t want to put me in charge of long term punishments, I’m obviously a hasty wild fling kinda person.

      • I’m obviously a hasty wild fling kinda person.

        If you provide the Scotch, I’ll bring the pipers…!!!

        • Well played!  and if they’re half decent it’ll be well worth the price of the Scotch!!!!