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Is Michael Bloomberg the most dangerous man in America?

At least in terms of your freedoms?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Sunday: Sometimes government does know best. And in those cases, Americans should just cede their rights.

“I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom,” Mr. Bloomberg said, during an appearance on NBC.

Well, he may not be THE most dangerous, but he’s right up there with them.   He’s just more blunt and obvious about it than most of the others.

I’m sorry folks, but this is an attitude that has pervaded our politics for quite some time and it is unacceptable.  Totally unacceptable and should be stomped on like you would stomp a cockroach.

Government rarely “knows best” and has a dismal track record in that area.  More importantly, this was a country founded on the principle of individual freedom (liberty) and heavy restraints on government power.  As someone said, the Constitution doesn’t grant rights – they’re natural.  What the Constitution is is a restraining order on government.  Or was.   It is government via people like Michael Bloomberg who’ve turned that upside down and feel comfortable enough to blurt what can only be considered authoritarian drivel (pick your brand) because he thinks he has the “right” to infringe on yours.  His statement is anathema to all this country once believed in.

Yet, there are a good number of people today who will back his play and agree that he his job entails being big daddy and using the force of government to save you from yourself.


Yeah, not really.


12 Responses to Is Michael Bloomberg the most dangerous man in America?

  • Right up there with George Soros, who really is Dr. Evil.

    • MIKE BARNICLE: Let’s get down to it: Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City.  I mean, there’s a level of anti-Semitism in this thing, directed toward Bloomberg —

      AL SHARPTON: No doubt about it.

      BARNICLE: I mean, it’s out there.

      DAN SENOR: I don’t think it’s anti-Semitism.  I think it’s the perception of big-city urban elites, wealthy elites, telling the rest of the little people how to live their lives.

      SHARPTON: But if he were not a big-city Jewish man, in some parts I think it would be different.

      It’s pretty darn scary that Bloomberg can transform average people into anti-Semites.

      • It’s also scary/hilarious to see Sharpton switch-hitting on the whole “anti-Semite” thing.  That man has no shame whatsoever, and all the cards in his deck are race cards.

  • But an honest little tyrant, one must admit!

  • Come on Q-Tip! He has a good heart and is just doing what the elitist think is best for the lower class!

  • Obama is the most dangerous madman on this planet.By comparison, Mikey Bloomberg is a little pipsqueak.

  • The NRA says the guy in the Bloomberg video violates 3 rules of handling a gun.
    The first rule is to always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
    The second rule is always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
    The third safety rule is always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

    “What the extremists do is spread fear and unrealistic theories of conspiracies and the citizenry that needs to be armed because the government is possibly tyrannical, and they need their arms to defend themselves against the tyrannical government,” Cuomo continued. This is true: at gun rallies, I’ve heard this “slippery slope” line of argument from multiple attendees. They view the right to bear arms as a kind of check against government power.

    Coming form a “kind of” a-hole.

  • We are witnessing the Banality of Evil.

  • Life is full of nasty irritants: Stinging nettles, deer ticks, potholes, bamboo vipers, broken septic system, rap music, busted timing belt, TSA, etc. Bloomy is just the most visible.

  • This shouldn’t be a surprise its happening in NY.  There’s a reason we’ve had the immigration policy we’ve had.  Anti-assimilation seeking people only here for the money.  People in other countries go along with their governments happily.  And although on one hand like good little Democrats they are jealous of Bloomberg’s wealth. the welcome elite rule.  And Bloomberg’s billions plus his arrogance makes him appealing.  Much like Putin’s bravado does work for him in Russia.