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North Korea declares war on the US and South Korea

A little delusion on a grand and dangerous scale:

The government, political parties and organizations of the DPRK solemnly declare as follows reflecting the final decision made by Kim Jong Un at the operation meeting of the KPA Supreme Command and the unanimous will of all service personnel and people of the DPRK who are waiting for a final order from him.

1.From this moment, the north-south relations will be put at the state of war and all the issues arousing between the north and the south will be dealt with according to the wartime regulations.

The state of neither peace nor war has ended on the Korean Peninsula.

Now that the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK have entered into an actual military action, the inter-Korean relations have naturally entered the state of war. Accordingly, the DPRK will immediately punish any slightest provocation hurting its dignity and sovereignty with resolute and merciless physical actions without any prior notice.

You can read the whole thing here. Apparently Marshall Poppin Fresh, aka Kim Jong Un, is a little full of himself and feeling froggy. The mouse has roared. Unfortunately, this mouse had a nuke or two and is threatening to use them. Whether they’ll work or whether he can actually deliver them remain to be seen (and hopefully he’s just as delusional about that as he is actually going to war).

Another in a long line of attempts to use Nork threats to extort money from the West, or is this little fool serious?

Stay tuned.


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31 Responses to North Korea declares war on the US and South Korea

  • I’ll go with extortion.  I note that as of a few hours ago, the Kaesong Industrial Park was still open to South Koreans.

  • The Moral Equivalent Of War…or MEOW as Jonah Goldberg puts it…is a staple of oppressive, totalitarian regimes.
    This has the benefit of being a good lever to use against the SoftPower(tm) idiots at State and his own people.  Whatever trend toward a freer NORK might have existed just went by the wayside.

    • I thought about why NoKo would be doing this now.
      The only thing I could come up with is that Iran must be on a “hair trigger.”  Clearly NoKo and Iran want to test the “two war” scenario figuring that with the sequester hamstringing US defenses, they could play tag-team.

      • The Bosom Buddies, very astute point.
        While the sequester may hamstring one leg, it’s Bambi that hamstrings the other.

  • This allows him to make attacks upon S. Korea or the US without it being a war crime or considered a terrorist act.  He sidesteps some repercussions of the UN that way unless the UN decides to enter the war.
    He’s going to do something stupid like lob a missile at the West Coast.  More for a technical display but people could die as a consequence.
    I have no doubt he’s being encouraged by China.  The US would retaliate and either engage in another nation building / police action or decimate NK and leave it open to an entire China take over and we’d ironically welcome it.

    • Oh, I don’t think even China would encourage this. He’s that stupid things could get out of control. They know Obama’s natural inclination is to do nothing, even if a NoKo missle hits the West Coast or Seoul gets overrun but politics or fluke events could force his hand.

      • China controls what little resources trickle into NK.  Do you see it cause very many problems for China?  China is much more significant in NK world, yet NK screws around with the west.  China and NK have created a perception that China has little sway over NK.  I believe this is false.  China uses NK to cause problems for the West for multiple reasons.  To probe US and SK resolve and US and SK reactions to being challenged but also simply add another sore spot that makes the US either look weak or like tyrants depending on your perspective.

        • I get it but the Chinese are like the old USSR – I highly doubt that they like the idea of a loon running a nuclear state on their border.

    • The biggest fear the Chinese have is millions of NoKo-s streaming across the border into China.
      They know damn well that, by NoKo standards, China is a paradise.  They would never go home.

      • NK is destitute, that would already be a problem.  Except China has the resolve to secure its border.

  • Drudge Reported that DPRK will attack LA, DC and Austin.
    The Austin targeting had many folks confused, but I understand that Kim Jong Un uses a iMac.. and there is an Apple presence in Austin.

  • Of course this is serious. It’s not like N. Korea doesn’t  have a record of committing acts of war.
    Perhaps it’s time to finish the job that MacArthur screwed up in 1950. For over a half century now N.K. has been a festering sore, responsible for untold suffering and not a few deaths, not to mention the astronomical financial expense of putting up with their terrorism and bellicosity. This may be the last chance before they get a significant nuclear capability. What then?
    I think it is time to seriously consider provoking the hell out of them. At the very least we should insist that the S. Koreans close down their industrial complex at Kaesong and other aid to NK.
    Either the Norks are a menace to world peace or they aren’t. If this declaration of a state of war isn’t serious we should remove our forces from Korea since they are obviously unnecessary. If it is we should act accordingly.

    • I agree as to your conclusion, but Mac was cashiered by Truman (as I understand) for wanting to go all “Patton” in Korea.
      I think that for some years, China found NORKs to be useful pawns on the geopolitical chessboard.  I think even they are getting a little chary of the NORKs now.  There is toooooo strong a gradient between N. Korea and the new China.

      • even they are getting a little chary of the NORKs now.

        Like permissive parents who eventually find themselves with a kid in her/his 20s who is totally dysfunctional…

      • “Mac was cashiered by Truman (as I understand)”
        True, that was the immediate cause, but that does not mean he didn’t screw up.

      • I believe this is a purposeful myth.  I don’t NK declaring war on China.  I also don’t see China turning off the spigot.
        NK’s behavior serves useful purposes.  For example when threatening Japan, it is taken much more seriously.  So China gets a glimpse of Japan’s mobilization and I personally believe Japan has attempted to conceal the extend of its military (aka has nukes).
        For the US, it either makes the US look weak or ineffective in getting NK under control, or in the case we do what needs to be done, the US looks belligerent to the rest of the world.
        NK shares it weapons technology with Iran creating another sore spot for the US to deal with.
        So far I’m not seeing the downside for China.

  • They will do only exactly as the Chinese allow them. China controls most of their power and food.

  • If the Norks use a nuke, I would bet they attack Japan. Easier to hit, more dense population, historical enemy and imperialist, and of course, not way to shoot back.
    They will not nuke America or South Korea.

  • My guess is that since doughboy controls the media, he will suddenly declare that the West has backed down in the face of the superior NoKo forces.

    • And Obama will send Poppin’Fresh $500 billion and then say he knocked him back into place.

  • Un is waiting till he gets to a victory level on Call of Duty so they can snag the video.
    Once he gets the vig from Obama/the UN he’ll go back to whatever he does for a full time job.

  • So, we now have US planes flying around over South Korea that normally would not be there…I guess.
    Does this mean that we are taking the threats more seriously?

  • What does it take to be a whack job like this guy anyway?  Is it genetic or learned?   Someone should spend a couple cool million to do a study with unsequestered cash.