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Jobless numbers “unexpectedly” rise to 4 month high

Because, you know, we’re in a (perpetual) recovery and stuff like this isn’t supposed to happen:

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits hit a four-month high last week, the latest suggestion the labor market recovery lost some momentum in March.

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits increased 28,000 to a seasonally adjusted 385,000, the highest level since November, the Labor Department said on Thursday.

Economists, who had expected claims to drop to 350,000, said while part of the rise reflected difficulties adjusting the data during the Easter and spring breaks, there was no doubt the pace of job growth had eased.

“What we do know is that the growth momentum has slowed, employment has slowed. The question is how much?” said Millan Mulraine, a senior economist at TD Securities in New York.

How much?  Well let’s consider something shall we?  What has recently and finally gone into full effect to the point that employers can now finally make some plans with reference to it as to how many they plan to employ (or continue to employ)?

Oh, yeah, ObamaCare.  The taxes and penalties kick in this year and – not saying this is the only reason – companies and corporations are finally put in the position of executing their plan to avoid the prohibitive costs and penalties imposed.

That’s right – “avoid”. Again, as is usually the case, the left has ignored Human Nature 101 as they usually do. You have to remember, the purpose of their utopia is to change human nature once and for all from a self-interested and independent being to a hive worker enslaved to the state, er, an enlightened being who thinks of others first … yeah, that’s the ticket.

And when their utopian plans meet human nature, well they call the result “unintended consequences”. We who study human nature call them “entirely predictable outcomes”. They seem surprised by these “unexpected” developments. We simply shake our head at their studied stupidity.

The problem, of course, is they presently have the power of the state in their hands. What that means is they will continue to try to drive the square peg of their utopia into the round hole of human nature and use the power of government to do so.

What that means is at some point, when they’re finally out of power, we’re going to have to pick up their pieces of what they’ve destroyed and try to piece it together in some form or fashion, if that’s possible.

And all the while that’s being attempted, we’ll have to listen to them whining and complaining that what is being done isn’t “fair” or “equitable”.

Well, what you’re suffering now is a result of “fair and equitable” nonsense that ignored Human Nature 101. Maybe it’s time to figure that out if you’re on the left.


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23 Responses to Jobless numbers “unexpectedly” rise to 4 month high

  • Maybe it’s time to figure that out if you’re on the left.

    This presumes they care.  Actually, some few DO care, and can see some of their chickens coming home to roost.
    But MOST do not see, or care.  Erp is a sterling example.  Billy posted a wonderfully typical comment the other day, reflecting the epistemic closure of the Collectivist “mind”.

    • Reagan fiscal guru, David Stockman, has a new book out and he is painting a very ugly picture.
      He makes the case that the tax cuts and spending increases (AKA the stimulus) have made the country “fiscally ungovernable” and the best part is that his main conclusion sounds like it comes from #Occupy … it all trickles up to the 1% thru Wall Street while actually having created no real recovery
      It seems the real “Emperor Has No Clothes” moment will be when somebody finally says that there really is not recovery.
      I’m still waiting for Joe Biden to start talking about “Recovery Summer IV” but it all get drown out by the SSM and gun control stuff.

  • Oh, and the reporting on this, manufacturing decline, from the Mushroom Media suggested this was attributable to the “sequester”.
    Riiiiiight…  A 2-3 percent decrease in the INCREASE in spending over last year caused this.  Nope, it simply could not be connected to a Federal take-over of one-seventh of the US economy, spinning off uncertainty like a haunted cotton-candy machine in a Steven King carnival.

  • Hell, Big Brother understood, you’re never ‘unexpectedly at War with East Asia”.
    If they’re going to control the language, they have to stop using ‘Unexpectedly’ and start wising up – the proper way to report this is “Jobless numbers increased by 28,000 claims for benefits to a seasonally adjust 385,000,  which is the best increase in claims since November of last year”.
    Unexpectedly keeps reminding us they had different plans, their intentions were good and all, but thing didn’t work out, next month will be better!

  • This story makes me smile. Schadenfreude in full effect!

  • OT unless you consider it as lying to us on a daily basis, which would always be the topic with this jerk.
    The smartest man in the room, President Moron, is saying the dickhead in Connecticut used a fully automatic weapon for his massacre.
    Clueless liar.

    • This may seem a lil’ grim, but…
      The killer got off some 150 rounds in 5 minutes, or 30 per minute.  That is bang…one chimpanzee…two chimpanzee…bang.  So, pretty slow, deliberate slaughter.  A bolt, pump, or lever action would be quite capable of the same rate of fire.  (And, yes, I understand he likely fired faster than that at times.)

      • 30 rounds a minute with a semi auto is a piece of cake.  The range I go shooting at requires a 1 second count between rounds.
        Course, I’m sure Mr. Shoots all the Time understands all that thar technical gun jargon.   I’ll bet he’s nearly as conversant as the asswipe from Colorado who doesn’t even understand what she’s banning .

        • Yeah, along with her typical Collectivist concern for the safety and security of her own elderly constituents.  Chilling

        • This is the ‘moral equivalent’ of DeGette (-AW, CO) taking over controls of the 474 we’re riding in, on landing approach to Boston’s Logan. (old, congested, busy, no room for error)
          Clueless, out-of-her-league and our lives are in her skill-less hands.

        • “Once these old cars run out of gas, they won’t be on the road any more, because they’ll have used up the gas and people will have to buy more fuel efficient cars, either electric or hybrids, so this law will be very helpful to the environment…”

      • “That is bang…one chimpanzee…two chimpanzee…bang.” If I was a lefty or a PETA member I would say that this is “Politically Incorrect” and further twist your stament by saying that you endorse the shooting of primates! You need to use somthing no one minds like One California…two California…………

  • What Obama should do is drive up the housing market, by forcing banks to lower their loan requirements.

  • What gets deformed when the square peg is pounded into the round hole?
    Sure, their utopia is distorted into a collectivist nightmare by the round hole of human nature, but also their is a lot of pain on the individual as the square peg of their nature is pounded into the constrained role allowed by the inevitable distopia.
    Either way, the hammer is the force of government.
    I keep getting the feeling that the current set of leaders read 1984 as a guidebook.

  • I would expect a lot more inflation, considering the amount of money printing going on. Are the excess dollars inflating an asset class? <br>
    Why is the stock market so high, when there is so little actual economic growth?

    • Find a graph comparing gold to the DJIA.  Last one I saw showed the Dow down about 50% against gold.
      And, remember, the Dow is reported in NOMINAL…not REAL…dollars.

    • Because the stock market long ago stopped being an indicator of reality about businesses, it is now, and has been for a while  an indicator of ‘how people feel’ about them.  Right now some people with money to throw around ‘feel’ good and they’re leading a charge of other people who feel good about those feelings (who probably shouldn’t be risking their money…)
      This market is based on the unicorn farts of the administration and a complaint media (and Wall Street Greed ).  It won’t take much to create a rout.

      • Remember, too, that the DJIA is made up of BIG businesses, who are also COMPLIANT businesses.
        They are EXACTLY the kind of business one expects to thrive under a fascist economic system.  La.

  • Unexpectedly! Heck, there’s a chestnut that hasn’t been dragged out in awhile.
    I wasn’t expecting ‘Unexpectedly’; given a second Bambi term even the Dhimmicrat media are expecting the worst.

    • “I wasn’t expecting ‘Unexpectedly’”
      Noooooooooooooooooooooooobody expects the Obama administration to be wrong!
      Our chief weapon is lies….lies, and deceit….deceit and lies.
      Our two weapons are lies, and deceit……and ignoring the laws…
      Our Three weapons are lies, and deceit and ignoring the laws….and fanatical devotion from the media …
      Our four…no….amongst our weapons….amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as fear, surprise….
      Where’s my damned teleprompter!?????
      I’ll come in again…..