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“Choice”– something the left champions, right?

Well, not really.  Not when it comes to things like union membership.  It would rather you not have a choice.  Because when you do, you do stuff like this:

More than two years after Scott Walker’s showdown with organized labor in Wisconsin, the official numbers for the state’s public sector union membership are in — and they are down. Way down.

According a Labor Department filing made last week, membership at Wisconsin’s American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 40 — one of AFSCME’s four branches in the state — has gone from the 31,730 it reported in 2011, to 29,777 in 2012, to just 20,488 now. That’s a drop of more than 11,000 — about a third — in just two years. The council represents city and county employees outside of Milwaukee County and child care workers across Wisconsin.

Labor Department filings also show that Wisconsin’s AFSCME Council 48, which represents city and county workers in Milwaukee County, went from 9,043 members in 2011, to 6,046 in 2012, to just 3,498 now.

For the left, “choice” is selective. I.e. they get to decide when you should have a choice.  For instance, you should have choice concerning “reproductive health” and the “right” to have someone else pay for it (those paying have no choice you see).

In the case of public service unions in Wisconsin, when finally given a real choice, about a third of those who had been forced to be members have opted out because the value they receive for the money taken isn’t worth it to them.   And, now, to keep the rest of their members and because they’re now answerable to them, union bosses are going to have to actually preform.

Oh, wait, that’s good right?



10 Responses to “Choice”– something the left champions, right?

  • Yes, someone commenting once referred to this as people voting against their own best interest.
    It turns out you’re stupid when you don’t vote the way they want you to vote, and so it’s necessary as much as possible to take those decisions to be stupid out of your hands.
    Again and again we see that theme in law and media.
    But you should have a choice ya know (so long as you’re not being ‘stupid’) and if you are, well, they’re prepared to step in and force you to do the right thing, for the children, or for you, whatever it takes.

  • “Choice”– something the left champions, right?

    Just look at their absolute, slobbering love of monopoly power.  They favor only two choices I can think of right now…
    1. abortion, at any age, at any stage of gestation, without limit; and,
    2. freedom to vote sans identification (i.e., the choice to commit vote fraud).

  • The left loves choice – as long as the game is rigged.

    • I’m reminded of a joke on the old Laugh-In show. Dan Rowan was doing a fake army recruitment spot, talking about the free clothing: “Available in your choice – of green.”

      It’s another post-modern redefinition. “Choice” now means “taking what we want you to take”. Just as “diversity” means “monoculture of leftist thought” and “compromise” means “giving in and doing what leftists think should be done”.

  • I don’t buy the idea they really support reproductive choice. I’ve had several lefty college profs who were supportive of China’s one child policy back in the 1980s.

    • Sure they do, just as long as women make the right choice, which is to abort the child.

  • Didn’t Henry Ford say of the Model T, “You can get it in any color you like as long as it’s black”?
    THAT’s the same kind of “choice” the Lefties (motto: “We get to run EVERYTHING, just because”) want us to have.