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Obama’s Orwellian budget claim in pictures

Orwellian, in that his claim is as follows:

President Obama is marketing his new budget by saying it has “more than $2 in spending cuts for every $1 of new revenue.” Is this true?

In a word, no.

In fact, his spending increases and advertised spending cuts cancel each other out—leaving only a massive tax increase.

Here’s a graphical representation of the point:

Yeah, I know … big surprise.

A politician lied again.



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32 Responses to Obama’s Orwellian budget claim in pictures

  • Not just any liar, truly, the Liar in Chief.
    Best Liar in Chief we’ve had in my life time.   I’m unlikely to ever see another President who’s as good a liar.
    Actually, he’s a bad liar, but he’s good at being a bad liar.
    And I thought he couldn’t do anything well….

    • Got to agree with looker. I have never seen a more prolific liar in my life time! I bet even Scott Erb thinks he fibs a little!

      • I disagree.  The media is completely in the tank.  They have outdone themselves.  With Clinton, there was at least some reservation.  The Clinton administration had to “work it” at times.  Obama doesn’t need to do anything hardly in comparison.  There is no challenge.  Especially from our pretend GOP. 

        • But he’s far more bold and brazen than Clinton was.  Clinton worked to make any lie he told far less obvious, he didn’t make wildly exaggerated claims, like the idea that Obamacare was going to reduce everyone’s health care insurance costs by 300% (or whatever ridiculous number it was).
          You can say a lot about Clinton, and I did at the time, but I didn’t feel like EVERYTHING he said was an outright lie.
          The joke is ‘how can you tell when he’s lying, his lips are moving”, and we say that semi seriously about a lot of politicians.
          But with Obama, it is REALLY TRUE.  He is the joke come to life.
          If the man told me I was a white 50+ year old male I’d demand documentation to prove he was telling the truth.
          He’s so bold and in your face about his lies, and of course the media never calls him on it, but that doesn’t mean he’s at least trying not to be obvious.  No!
          He just says whatever convenient shit comes into his head for whatever occasion.  He’s a crumb faced 5 year old telling you around a mouth full of chocolate chips, that he’s not taking cookies, he’s just counting to see how many are there (and that the Republican kid next store took all the cookies that have vanished).

          • I just think you’re overlooking the what he’s been allowed to get away with in the past contributing this level of behavior.  If he was put on the spot early when they tried this crap, he would be not as bad.  He’s like a child testing his limits and found there aren’t any. 

          • The other reason I bring up the media’s roll because of a relatively recent observation.

            They long ago moved form ‘biased’ to ‘in the tank’.

            They have now moved form ‘in the tank’ to ‘unabashed propaganda’. 

            Just about every issue they are flat out pretending the majority of the public agrees with them.  The did this in the past, but they’ve taken it to another level.  Peer pressure on the week minded which we have plenty of.  I guess they feel this is their moment and they are trying to seize it. 

        • He truly is the biggest “prevarication in the room”

    • Easy to lie when your every utterance is met with “amen”

  • That info graphic is misleading.  The sequester cuts are being replaced with other cuts.  Obama is lying when he counts them twice and the actual result is $1 of cuts for $1 of tax increases.  Of course it is already known that the so called ‘cuts’ are actually just slowing down the rate of increased spending.

  • I wonder if the NEW IMPROVED Obamic budget will attract ONE vote this time around.

    • Probably not.  It looks like nothing more than a political stunt.  As already pointed out on this blog, the budget is an ending point, and not up for negotiation.  That in itself will get it shown the door but a compliant media will sing along with the president about how the GOP won’t play ball.  Never mind the fact that the administration came right out and said they are the ones who won’t play ball.
      This isn’t a budget.  It’s a political stunt.

      • But, really, what ISN’T a political stunt with the Pres. Freakout administration???
        We’ve noted here their penchant for throwing out a new abomination daily, none of which can be ignored, but all of which are useful as distractions.
        OTOH, unless this mess attracts SOME Deemocrat votes, it has little juice for the “GOP obstructionist” meme.

      • The White House is claiming that the President has gone “more than half way”  stating that this was not an”opening position”

  • In other Orwellian news – firearm background checks for mental conditions that it’s illegal under HIPPA to reveal to third parties…..
    But the government isn’t a third party is it, it’s more like, a voice in your mind, telling you what’s best for you.

    • OK, NOW we can get excited about the gun control bill in the Senate.
      There are HUGE loopholes in this thing…very, very BAD loopholes.

      • Yes, but you’re not seriously surprised by that are you?  No way dude, you see the seemy underside of the law all the time.  Our friends in the Democratic party have learned that patience is a supreme virtue on their long march.
        These clowns are doing precisely what they have been doing for years.  They carefully mold feces into attractive perfumed gold painted law, which remains shit under the surface.

          Read that…still not sanguine.
          I have not read much deep analysis of the bill yet.
          IFFFF we could get the gun information OFF the BACKGROUND check form (I agree, it has no good purpose there) THAT would be a coup.

          • Yeah, sweet how they word those ain’t it?
            I’m really really beginning to hate these people.  If they want to spend their lives being the noble sheep at the edge of the flock who get eaten first (because they couldn’t worm their way into the center before the wolves got them) fine, personally I’d rather at least make the attempt to be an old sheep dog who understands huddling in the corner is certain death, I prefer to take the risk, snarl leap and maybe die if that’s the way it has to be.

          • 15 years for attempting to create a registry….uh huh….would the arrest and prosecution of such a felon be carried out by the same DOJ who’s Attorney General is currently in contempt of Congress?   The same DOJ that oversaw Fast and Furious?  The same DOJ that determined the Black Panther voter intimidation case wasn’t worthy of prosecuting?  The same DOJ that regularly selectively enforces national law?
            That DOJ?

        • Jackson Lee took the House floor on April 9 to argue in favor of increased gun control legislation, “Don’t condemn the gangbangers, they’ve got guns that are trafficked — that are not enforced, that are straw purchased and they come into places even that have strong gun laws.”
          “Why? Because we don’t have sensible gun legislation.”

          • “Don’t condemn the gangbangers”
            Right, course, them poor benighted kids, they just can’t help but be bad, they’re not to blame for shooting each other up.
            The law abiding citizens who don’t do drive bys, are setting a bad example!  Demanding to be able to defend themselves! Not getting government approval to own a gun!  Not getting proper background checks!
            The woman is a certified asshat.  To paraphrase an old Three Stooges line… Every time she speaks she weakens the nation.

    • It serves no purpose but to burden gun ownership and gun sales, gifts and other transfers.  The fact for the check to work you have to have the insane person buying a gun declare himself to be insane on the form is of little concern.

      • Someone still needs to explain why the make, model and serial number are part a YOUR background check.
        Frankly I think the registry has existed for as long as they’ve been background checking – there’s no reason for those numbers to be on the form to check YOU, and the only reason they have to be on the form is presumably to check them against ‘illegal’ weapons… which means there IS a registry of weapons and it lives longer than whatever they pretend is the time to delete your information after your check (what? we pretend it’s within 24 hours, don’t we….)
        You can claim the check with your name is destroyed, but heh….if there’s no law against tracking the weapon itself, and as a data element in that registry we just happen to keep who possesses that weapon, well, no law broken, right?   You see, we’re tracking the potentially illegal weapons, not who owns them (nudge nudge, wink wink, grin grin, say no more), so shut up you nasty little peon, pay your taxes and be quiet or we’ll audit your colon.

  • So are these spending cuts really in one year or are they backloaded for future years?

  • Q:  What does the Obama budget have in common with a cheap whore ?
    A:  They’re both useless when they are two months late.

  • Yeah, I know … big surprise.
    A politician lied again.

    But Mitt Romney is a bulls^%$ter; Irony of the first order coming from the deranged, psychotic, pathological liar.