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Daily Archives: April 15, 2013

Economic Statistics for 15 Apr 13

Here are today’s statistics on the state of the economy:

The Housing Market Index fell 2 points in April to a worse-than-expected 42, the lowest since October.

The Empire State Mfg Survey shows an abruptly slowing rate of monthly growth in the district, falling over 6 points to 3.05.

Net foreign demand for long-term U.S. securities fell into negative territory, with a net outflow of -17.8 billion.

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It’s tax day … sorry, I’m not in the mood

After considering the check being written by me to the scumbags that run this joint, I’m not in a particularly good mood.  They’ll waste it as we all know.  There are millions, if not billions of items or programs or, well you name it, that government has no business even being near that they’re up to their rear ends in.  And, as we’ve said a million times, government’s have no money … they can only tax it or borrow it.  At this very moment, while they’re taking an obscene percentage of what I worked very hard to make last year, they’re planning on borrowing even more to spend on crap like this and tell us it’s “necessary.”

Anyway, this is as good as it gets today.

See you tomorrow.