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Boston’s aftermath

Obviously my heart and condolences go out to those who were killed and injured in the cowardly bombings in Boston yesterday, and, as with everyone, I stand with the people of Boston.  However, that all said, I have to tell you that when I heard what had happened yesterday, I had a sinking feeling that hasn’t dissipated yet.

I know, as usual, we’re going to over react. Well, perhaps not “us” as in you and I, but our betters in positions of elective power will. It is as sure a bet as the sun rising in the east.

Prepare yourself for more restrictions on you liberty and freedom.  That’s a given.  The only answer government has, in reality, is to clamp down even further on our ability to interact freely without it monitoring those interactions.  How else, it will tell us, can it work toward ensuring another Boston doesn’t happen?

And, of course, this will manifest itself in the form of even more laws and restrictions all in the name of safety and security. Prepare for more justifications to intrude on your privacy.   More laws that will restrict you from purchasing certain items.  More scrutiny when you travel.  In sum, less freedom and more government.

I’d love to believe that won’t happen.  But it will.  It’s not even in doubt.  Just as we have seen government over-reaction in the aftermath of Newtown, CT, you can count on the same thing happening when the carnage is so much more.

Part of that will be driven by the usual media overload, the result of the 24 hour news cycle combined with “if it bleeds it leads” and the partisan talking heads who simply don’t know when to shut up.  Chris Matthews, among many others, is an example of that ilk. And, of course, it will all boil down to opposing political agendas with the freedom and liberty lobby taking the usual beating.

We’ll also see a substantial portion of the population laud these new restrictions and laws, still not understanding who it is that pays no attention to (or figures out ways to circumvent) them.  Instead the law abiding will live with the loss of liberty, while the terrorists and criminals will ignore the government’s “solution”.

We’re a nation without the ability to put events like this in context (thanks in part to the saturation coverage by the media and the alarmism by politicians).  We’re a nation that has run scared for years.

It’s time to suck it up and stand up.  These things are going to happen.  None of us like that or find it acceptable. But what should be equally unacceptable and unliked is the continuous bleeding away of our liberties.

Free nations should understand that with that freedom comes risk.  And, as we have seen, no matter how many laws and restrictions we put in place, these things still happen.  I’m not saying we should be vigilant and take precautions.  I’m saying we shouldn’t over-react like we constantly do.

Boston is a terrible tragedy.  We don’t need to compound it by taking away more of the freedoms we have apparently taken for granted in the past.


39 Responses to Boston’s aftermath

  • Aw man, you know the sheep want protecting – stand by for more intrusive security to protect us from, well, everything.

    • I think this just about sums it all up …

      “It’s sad you have to hope it’s a completely random thing, because I think our political system can’t handle it if it’s someone with a political agenda,” said a longtime Obama adviser.

  • MA already has strict gun control.  They need to get the TSA in there to make all the runners and spectators take their shoes off.

    • Pressure cooker registry.

      • In the 90s Clinton / gore propose anti-terror legislation that would add tagets to gunpowder. If blackpowder was used in this attack, I fully expect another attack on gun powder. As it stands, it is hard to find powder for reloading in any gun store or online. I backordered some powder for loading light target practice loads for rounds like .38, 9mm and .45 ACP, not sure ‘ll get it.

        • After Oklahoma City, they talked about adding tags to virtually everything, including fertilizer.
          The problem then, and now, is that introducing more and more tags to more and more items would polute the environment so nothing would be unique.

  • And this won’t stop till we squash someone FLAT.  And no rebuild after we bounce their rubble, leaving them sitting to contemplate how the 12th century will look advanced by comparison.

  • How else, it will tell us, can it work toward ensuring another Boston doesn’t happen?
    Current talk (unverified, natch) is that the bombs were built in pressure cookers.
    This means we need a national pressure cooker registry.
    (And a “national conversation” about bombs, no doubt. At least we’ve had a bomb registry since 1934.)

    • Ruh–rowh…
      I bought a bunch of ball bearings a few years ago for a project.
      Let me come out right now against any notion of ball-control.  That is just wrong…

  • Once again, I demand the Republicans and the conservative tea party types allow their representatives to engage in serious and sincere negotiations to pass laws against murder and even go so far as to include laws against attempted murder.  Perhaps laws against explosives?  I can see no other method of stopping these acts of terror.
    No more stone walling, no more filibusters, no more preventing our leaders from doing what needs to be done to protect us.  Laws against murder and harming others NOW!

    • Yesterday was the 148th anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln.
      I’m surprised that somebody wasn’t blamed the Republicans for attacking a ” blue state”

  • So far the evidence leans towards multiple, coordinated, fragmentation bombs, triggered by cell phones. Déjà vu, anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Say the inevitable surfaces… will we profile? Not. And you know why? It isn’t about crime prevention, or we would be actually preventing crime.
    Hint: Money, Power, Control. Theirs, not yours.

    • Just a curious lil’ thought…
      How many OWS types have been convicted/pled guilty, or are in custody for bomb plots?
      How’s come THEY are not being speculated about by the Mushroom Media?

      • Because terrorists on the left grow up to become good friends with the POTUS.
        Anyone know Bill Ayer’s whereabouts yesterday?

  • and, as with everyone, I stand with the people of Boston

    >>>> I don’t quite know that I do. After being demonized as racist sexist homophobic plutocrat drooling homicidal gun nut who needs to have his earnings and constitutional rights stripped, and especially now that the speculation has begun about the Tea Party being responsible, or about how the GOP is to blame for not holding a hearing on the ATF chief, or about how it’s sequesters fault……no, I can’t say that I’m ready to stand with blue citizens of a blue city in a deep blue state.

    I won’t ever condone the terrorist scum – may whoever did this rot it hell, murdering an 8 yr old child is as low as you get – I don’t think I’ll throw in with Boston today.
    As Kos said once, “Screw ’em”

    • they’ll give away my rights in a heart beat so they can feel safe, it’s hard for me to get on board for that, because their answer is unlikely to fix the problem.   The other side is winning, they’re nipping us into our own mine field where we’ll destroy what we are, what comes out on the other side won’t be America.

    • Question though – when Steny Hoyer (elected asshat) blames the sequester for the bombing, is that considered standing with the people of Boston?

    • ……no, I can’t say that I’m ready to stand with blue citizens of a blue city in a deep blue state.
      Too bad you didn’t feel that way about the 9/11 attacks on NY, NY.  Otherwise, you, and the authors of QandO, and most of their commentariat, would not have overreacted by supporting an invasion of a country that had nothing to do with the attacks.
      By the way, in what way did the victims of the attack yesterday demonize you as a “racist sexist homophobic plutocrat drooling homicidal gun nut”?  That 8 yr old boy did that somehow?  Did the runners and spectators from all over the world demonize you in any way, shape, or form?  Imagine if a similar statement was made about the bombing at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.  Imagine if I said that I do not stand with the red citizens of a red city in a deep red state.  Imagine your response.
      Your statement is crass and tasteless.
      But hey, it’s all about the blue and red for you.

      • The problem is that Team Blue keeps saying its a Tea-Partier. I don’t know about you, but when you start accusing one party without any evidence, and painting them as bombers, you won’t get much sympathy from such people. But you keep thinking that its cool for the Left to throw around insults and its really the Red Staters who have the problem.

      • Your statement is crass and tasteless.
        >>>> So what? Being tactful and tasteful have never been virtues I’ve been accused of having. And your response reveals a lot about you as well – notice YOUR first instinct is to go to attacking not just myself, but others who did not say what I said over Iraq. You effing hypocrite. At least I own what I said. That’s more than can be said for you. You’re just as bad, but you sort of hide it better. Congrats Pogue. Have another drink.

        But hey, it’s all about the blue and red for you
        >>>  It’s not the world I made. I just live in it.  My heart rends and bleeds for that 8 yr old like I said. If I could’ve waved my hand and wiped those murdering monsters off the face of the earth and spared Boston, I would’ve – because getting rid of monsters is always a good thing no matter who they target. If I was on the scene, I’d have donated blood, because it would’ve been my duty as a bystander.   And that’s it.

      • Otherwise, you, and the authors of QandO, and most of their commentariat, would not have overreacted by supporting an invasion of a country that had nothing to do with the attacks.

        Classic Poque stupid.  CONGRESS, on 23 predicates, voted to invade Iraq, and a good thing, too.  NOT ONE of those predicates was connected to the 911 attack.

        • But he wants me to believe that he’d stand shoulder to shoulder with me. Rubbish.

  • Oh good, we need more cameras.   Thank you Republican Peter King, more cameras, that’s a great answer.

  • This is just going to be an excuse for more intrusion by the TSA, more meaningless drone strikes, and more gun grabbing. I expect nothing good to come from either this administration or this congress.

  • Gasoline.
    Another good reason for “Green Energy” (hide and watch).
    Or “…it might have been someone upset about ObamaCare..”, to quote the illustrious psycho Michael Bloomberg.

  • Yet another “marathon related death”
    I suggest that the make the punishment match the crime.
    Perhaps, put the perp in a pressure cooker.

  • Here is Salon taking a racist slant on the bombing.
    So lets say the bomber turns out to be a white male catholic then what would be the point behind bombing the Vatican if the Vatican had nothing to do with it?  How does something this stupid make it to print?
    This is nothing short of outright racism.

    • Well, along with crazed hatred and several forms of bigotry.
      The guy is really in need of some help…and Thorazine.

      • To be improved on only by his previous observation (linked to in his droolertation) that White Males need profiling.

  • I doubt, given the make-up of the Congress, that there will not be any meaningful restriction on these idiots.  That’s the problem with conservative libertarians, they have plenty of complaints but no realistic solutions.  How much further out-of-hand does this situation have to get?  Perhaps a conservative libertarian dictatorship is what we need.  Perhaps headed by a benevolent dictator who knows what’s best for the people.

    • Well, THAT was totally detached from reality.  You might want to seek help, dude.

    • Out of hand – and what’s your proposal to deal with it Tad?  What do YOU think the answer is?   Early morning roll calls?  Bunk checks, locker checks?  How DO we keep a free society ‘free’?  Come on Tad, are you suggesting if they propose we all live in nice barracks, work in squads and have benevolent leaders appointed over us that we should do that to be safe?  Does safety trump Freedom?
      I mean, it’s OUT OF HAND, right?    What are you suggesting?    Perhaps a liberal progressive dictatorship is what we need!  Perhaps headed by a benevolent dictator who knows that’s best for the people.  Michael Bloomberg comes instantly to mind for the job, I wouldn’t want to burden Dear Golfer with it because he’s just not up to the task of actually doing anything, but he can provide a host of advisers for Bloomie.

  • …and the anti-gun bill dies.
    Break out the champagne!

    • But one of our hollywood betters just today told us that Boston was caused my the 2nd Ammendment and it needed to be repealed! Obama stomped his foot and called the NRA liars! NEWTOWN! NEWTOWN! NEWTOWN!

      • and “the NRA helps mass murderers and terrorists like the Boston bombers”.
        How about we grow up and acknowledge evil and don’t pretend we can always be protected from it.

  • If Bill Ayers had a son, he would have been in Boston on Monday.