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Where’s the hue and cry?

Walter Russell Mead points to something that is a good indicator of our “favored victim” form of politics.  If you’re not among the favored victims, well, no one really gives a crap:

Since 1979, inflation-adjusted hourly wages fell 20 percent for men ages 25–39 with only a high school diploma, while wages for their female counterparts rose by one percent. In the same timeframe, the number of male high school graduates with jobs fell by nine percent and rose for women by nine percent.

Part of this is due to the evaporation of jobs in industries that were previously filled by less educated men, like manufacturing and construction. But women have adapted much more quickly to a world in which a bachelor’s degree is increasingly important for landing a job. In 2010, among 35 year olds, women were 17 percent more likely than men to have attended college. Lower- and middle-class men lag behind women in their social class in education, employment, and wages.

If the gender roles were reversed here and a generation of women has suffered huge setbacks, we would have a great hue and cry with blue-ribbon panels, academic roundtables, and a lot of national soul-searching. But men’s problems don’t seem to interest anyone much, not even men.

Because, you know, men are brutes and white men, well they’re the worst kind (you see they “enjoy” white privilege – never heard of it?  It’s on all the liberal websites).

The point, of course, is the media nor the left (but I repeat myself) has any real interest in the struggles of men, because it is a article of faith among the left that all the ills of the world can be traced to a single source.  Men.

A caveat – if you are a “less educated” man, that’s your freaking fault.  And if that lack of education has you in this situation, unless the problem of getting such an education was beyond your control, I have no sympathy for you.

That said, while I agree with Mead’s point, I’m thankful that we aren’t involved with costly “blue-ribbon” panels, etc.  We’ve seen how effective government has been in the economy for the last 5 years.  Lord knows we don’t need to give them any excuses to meddle even more.  That could actually cause women’s job rates to drop and there we’d be, knee deep in “blue-ribbon panels, academic roundtables, and a lot of national soul-searching.”

And we know who’d be paying for it, don’t we?


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4 Responses to Where’s the hue and cry?

  • Here’s a radical, revolutionary notion…
    equal treatment under law.
    Eschewing a culture of victims seeking retribution, and building a culture based on TRUE merit.  Period.
    Letting people BE people (i.e., men OR women, recognizing they are WAY different, and appreciating/exploiting those differences).

  • The whole white privilege thing is bunk.  It is based on collectivism and treating people as statistics instead of individuals.  According to the census bureau (2009 numbers) Black poverty rate was 25.8% and white poverty was 12.3%.  So the left will tell you there are twice as many poor blacks as whites.  This is wrong because it is a percentage.  Poor whites outnumber poor blacks by 29,830,000 to 9,944,000.
    So I dare any lefty to go to a predominantly white trailer park and tell the residents there that they are privileged for being white.  Let’s see if they don’t get introduced to the pointy boot dental plan in the parking lot.
    In short, white privilege is nothing more than a left wing excuse to engage in collectivism based on race.  There is a word for this.  Racism.
    Census source:

  • In 2010, among 35 year olds, women were 17 percent more likely than men to have attended college.

    You might want to check what degree field those babes are in! 🙂
    Given the pop-psychology/PoliSci atmosphere in the vast majority of corporate HR departments the last 20-25 years, it might not be surprising. 🙁