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The left’s misfire on gun control legislation

Apparently Barack Obama threw a bit of a hissy fit when the gun control legislation went down in the Senate.   And, as James Taranto points out, Gabby Giffords managed, in a 900 word screed, to employ about every logical fallacy one can employ in here denunciation of the failure of the legislation to pass.

Finally, the NY Time’s Jennifer Steinhauer weighs in claiming that the vote went against the will of the people and that it was the gun lobby’s fault.

Gun lobby?  Oh, we all know about the NRA.  However here’s something I don’t think the left fully comprehends.  The real “gun lobby” is the majority of the American people.  In the US, there are 88.8 guns per 100 people.  The highest in the world.  Yet all the rhetoric about increased gun violence simply doesn’t pan out.  Certainly there have been some high profile sprees and shootings, but on the whole, there hasn’t been an increase in gun violence, and certainly nothing like being claimed.

The left’s problem may be that the people of the US know that.  And they’ve also sniffed out the ulterior motive for this incremental attack on the 2nd Amendment.

So while they throw their hissy fits and put forward their fallacious arguments, they continue to miss why there is so much resistance to gun control legislation.

Because, quite frankly, a large portion of the people simply don’t trust government.  And you can add to that a fundamental understanding that self-defense is a personal responsibility and right.

The left just can’t wrap it’s head around that concept.  If they pass laws and give the responsibility to government then we’ll all be safer, right?

Sarcasm aside, don’t even begin to think this is the end of the struggle.

They’ll be back again soon.

Just hide and watch.


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26 Responses to The left’s misfire on gun control legislation

  • “Just hide and watch.”
    Hey, isn’t that the orders the authorities are giving to the inhabitants of Watertown Mass right now?

    • Think any of them wishes they were armed today?
      Nice to know 1 guy can lock down a major metropolitan city.

      • I was thinking the same thing – 1 guy has the entire city of Boston and the suburbs closed for the day.   1 guy.  Is he an armed 19 year old kid or super man?
        Now imagine if this were 10 or 20 guys in different parts of the city.  Sounds like they’d have to airlift a couple of infantry battalions to Logan.
        Not that I want the citizens roaming the streets hunting the guy, but…hide in your own house because you can’t defend yourself and the cops are kinda busy right now.
        The air of panic is not at all impressive, and very instructional.

        • Even Michael Moore was whining about one teenager shutting down a city

        • You think AQ isn’t watching this and taking notes while they’re laughing. Spread the word there’s two or three armed and dangerous terrorists loose in Boston….and NYC…..and LA at the same time, get three major cities locked down.
          What a mess. I’m glad they caught/killed these scum, but there has to be a better way…

          • Interestingly or not, it wasn’t until the Boston police had (sort of) given up at 6PM that the homeowner went outside to notice the boat wrappings askew. If he had ignored the “lock-down”, perhaps this would have ended even sooner.

        • … but could you imagine the hue and cry if a Republican President sent the FBI to Boston and shutdown the city ?
          Michael Moore was about the only Democrat to stay in character yesterday, when he started whining about two teenagers shutting down the city of Boston.
          Welcome to the “police state”

          • Remember that Bush 43 had forewarning of 9/11 in August that year, but “he did nothing”. Can you imagine of he shut down the Eastern Seaboard airports…

          • We haven’t heard much about the detonators on these “pressure cookers” yet, but there was a report that the Boston police had the cell phone coverage shutdown in the area of the bombing within minutes.   I’m real curious about the timing of this,  it almost adds credence to the story that there was an unusual presence of bomb-sniffing dogs at the event, as first reported by a cross country coach that day in Boston.

        • Understand, it isn’t a crime unless defined as such. In a sense we could eliminate all murderers by redefining murder as applying only to one legged midgets as victims.

      • File this under … No shit Shakespeare

        CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts police official say the brothers suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon before having shootouts with authorities didn’t have gun permits.

        Yet another fine example of the “Joys of Gun Control”

  • Well, the authorities generally prefer that we stay out of their way while they are busy. So it isn’t really about the protection of civilians, but for the convienience of cops. After all, we saw what happened in CA with the recent manhunt for the cop killing cop; cops lit up several vehicles driven by people who didn’t even resemble the suspect.

  • Personally I think a “common sense” limit on the 1st Amendment banning the publication of mass killer’s names or photos would be effective in reducing the crazy people’s incentive to kill a bunch of people and get in the news.
    But that would strike close to home to these people’s livelihoods, so they won’t argue for that.

    • It’s funny to hear this holier-than-thou civil libertarians citing polls when there is a citation in the Bill of Rights that says they can’t do this.

  • Just to be clear, I am against that, just saying if the media wants to argue for limits on our rates based on “if it saves just one life” rhetoric, this is a great way to fight back.

  • It is not just gun control.  Look at the godawful Obamacare.   They’ll swear up an down that they know what is best for you and are willing to use force to prove it.  When it doesn’t work it then it will be your fault for not going along as they planned.  Yet they still wonder why people are disgusted with them.

  • Kilgore: Smell that? You smell that?
    Lance: What?
    Kilgore: Legislation, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that.
    Kilgore: I love the smell of defeated legislation in the afternoon. The smell, you know that legislative smell, the whole hill smelled like
    [sniffing, pondering]
    Kilgore: LAME DUCK. Someday this administration’s gonna end…

  • They vilify ‘the gun lobby’ because when you play to emotion, you need a villain.  Just like the insurance companies were the villains of health care.
    And its not necessarily meant for general consumption, but for the consumption of their troops.  To help them become more rabid and through integrity out the window for the greater good of defeating these ‘villains’.  And its easier for them to see the rest of us who support gun rights as dupes of the villains.  Makes it awkward if you start treating a friend or relative as a villain.  Makes for questioning of the propaganda.  Hence there’s now a cabal of gun makers that are the evil ones.

  • A man goes on a trip. When he comes home his brother tells him .. “your cat died
    The man says “gee, couldn’t you package that a little better by saying that the cat had wandered out onto the roof and after multiple efforts to save the cat, it fell and couldn’t be saved.”
    A few weeks later, the man goes on another trip. When he comes home his brother tells him .. “Mom wandered out onto the roof …

  • But 90% of Americans, 80% of Republicans, and 75% of NRA members agreed with universal background checks.  What does this say about the American people’s opinion.  If it wasn’t for the filibuster rule, the watered-down bill would  have passed—what does that say about what the American people want?   The responsibility for the passage of the bill was due to the votes of the least populous parts of the country.  What does that say about what the American people want?   As usual, the right-wing has skewed the voice of the American people.

    • No Tad, the didn’t poll us, they polled a group, which they, and YOU, like to think of as a representative sample.
      they asked questions that they built a certain way to get what they were after.  You’re talking about people who can phrase questions in such a way that 90% of their poll group would answer YES to a question that essentially asked if they’d let Geoffrey Dahmer babysit their kids.
      If the polls were always RIGHT Tad, we’d be wondering how President ROMNEY was going to deal with an Islamic bomber in Boston right now.

    • If 90% of Americans wanted to enslave Black people, I’d be happy to see that stopped as well.