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Is Benghazi all about "cover up"?

Well, there’s been a significant amount of silence from those who were "there" and a lot of smoke thrown by those who were in charge.   You have to wonder if this is about to break big or it will continue to be swept under the rug:


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23 Responses to Is Benghazi all about "cover up"?

  • Anyone with a working brain knew within a day or three what the deal was here, and that Pres. Sleeper was lying, along with his Obami, about virtually everything that came from them for weeks.
    When bullshit can’t be contained any longer, it won’t be.  And that time is coming soon.  There are different kinds of pressure-cooker bombs.  Heh!

  • Of course it’s about the cover up!  Obama had an election to win, and this was inconvenient to his narrative. And Hillary also has an election to win in 4 years, can’t have anything harming her chances.
    I mean yeah, 4 Americans were killed directly because of their lackadasical and half-azzed actions, and yeah they deliberately blamed a filmmaker for it (who is STILL in jail BTW) to mislead the public and yeah, they deliberately lied to Congress. But comon man, at this point, what difference does it make?

    • Obama will claim that he was kept in the dark  .. mostly because, being the smartest man in the room, he would have know it anyway .. gleaning it from the minds of his minions. /sarcasm
      He will, indirectly, claim incompetence (i.e. not having a fucking clue what those under him are doing, evah).

      • Hey, avoiding those daily intel briefs has SOME utility…

        • Not much point in attending them when you don’t REALLY understand them is there?
          Now golf?  Golf he sorta understands.

  • It’s fixing to hit the fan!!!!!!

  • Smells a little like the Benghazi-gate.  Bout the same thing too, scandal just before an election, covered.   Course no danger Harry Reid sees a problem here, so you can forget a Nixon replay.   Big Ears don’t do guilty.

  • I am not without personal experience with in extremis contingencies.  The day the hostages in Iran were released, I stepped off an aircraft in a country in the throes of civil war.  The military there were enforcing a dusk to dawn curfew, shooting anyone on the streets not in a military uniform. 

    The US Embassy, like the “junior high school” in Iran, was in an urban area.  Fortunately, our special ops forces were only two hours away and President Reagan took the security situation seriously.  While local guards patrolled the approaches to the compound, armed US marines guarded the buildings and  the grounds.   Inside the main building, US Mil Group members always carried small arms.  The plan was to call for help, try to evacuate staff via my UH-1H and hunker down until the cavalry arrived.
    I can’t understand the reluctance to grant an ambassador’s security request on 9/11 in a lawless place like Libya.  It’s impossible to believe that the commander-in-chief would not be in the situation room monitoring the events as they unfolded, ready to throw his support in behind his troops.
    What we have here is a failure on leadership at the highest possible level.

  • I’m enjoying the entire “red line” song and dance now.
    Especially liked when the Syrian oppo guy quickly figured out that Obama would dodge everything.

    • yeah, like how quickly the red line sorta faded to some other non-red color.
      “It might have been, but it wasn’t, the intelligence agencies think it was, but the White House, masters of all they survey and with all the intimate knowledge that can be had on the course at Andrews, says it wasn’t.
      Shut up you proles!  I, Big Ears! know what we meant, and that wasn’t what we meant, even if some people might have died in something that looks suspiciously like WMD.  They’re ignorant third worlders!  They probably mixed bleach and Drano, all of them at once, an entire town, it was just a cleaning accident….in the same way that Fort Hood was violence in the work place.
      I think it’s time for another White House party Moochelle, the little people need something to keep their mind off my, I mean their, troubles!”

  • Evidently our criminal thug-in-chief has been threatening some Benghazi whistle-blowers.
    Gun blogger Bob Owens has some news:

    At least four career officials at the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency have retained lawyers or are in the process of doing so, as they prepare to provide sensitive information about the Benghazi attacks to Congress, Fox News has learned.
    Victoria Toensing, a former Justice Department official and Republican counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee, is now representing one of the State Department employees. She told Fox News her client and some of the others, who consider themselves whistle-blowers, have been threatened by unnamed Obama administration officials.

    This, of course, will go about as far as Fast & Furious went, typical of what happens when the fox guards the hen-house.

    • Geeze, would you listen to yourselves!  You people act like Obama is some kind of old school Chicago Democratic political machine hack.

    • Guys…some patience!!!  These wheels grind slowly.  Neither F&F or Benghazi are behind Obama.  Quite the contrary.  And there’s PigAford now, too, back on the scene.

      • Are you telling me I should hold off on the “Dick Obama before he dicks you” bumper stickers”  🙂
        Somehow it doesn’t seem as catchy this time around does it?
        course any talking like this is just further proof we’re racists, because, the only reason we could possibly disagree with the man is due to his skin color, right?

  • Wasn’t FOX News, along with CNN, seen to be broadcasting false news about the Boston bombing?  How soon we forget.  How many times have those in the military seen the rank and file disagree with a command decision?  Sometimes they may be right, sometimes they may be wrong.  Who knows?

    • The list of false news purveyors is too long to detail here.
      False information from reliable government sources is another story entirely isn’t it.

      • Oh, did I say RELIABLE government sources?   What was I thinking.
        There are lies and administrations, and then there’s THIS administration, bold, in your face, every week, every month, for the last 5 years.

    • I know you are confused.  We have all seen the ample evidence of that.
      That doesn’t suggest that facts are not what they are.  And the facts are that the Obami lied up, down, and over the top on Benghazi.
      If you are too stupid to discern that, well…

      • What, you mean from the day one “The White House was in the loop”  and “spontaneous gathering caused by an inciting anti Islamic video” all the way to “what difference does it make”….no that didn’t sound right…it was “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!”
        And somehow Fox and CNN getting the Boston bombing facts ass sideways changes all the lies the White House told back in September of last year?
        Oh, wait, I know Tad, you’re using the patented tried and true liberal “everybody does it” standard.   Good work.

    • Grow up, snotball.

    • The false news they got from sources inside government.
      Just like they got false news about the video being the cause and how nothing could be done, yaddda yaaddda, yadda.