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Daily Archives: May 9, 2013

More Quickscript Stuff

If you are interested in some more geeky constructed language/font stuff, I have a new article up at Medium on a revision I made to the Quickscript alphabet. Frankly, the Quickscript alphabet is a bit of a mess, despite Kingsley read working on it for years. In just a few short weeks, however, I have created a revision of it that is vastly superior to the alphabet that Kingsley Read made his life’s work.

Because I am a genius in things that don’t matter.

Anyway, read it if you like, and please don’t forget to hit the "recommend" button at the bottom.

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Economic Statistics for 9 May 13

Here are today’s statistics on the state of the economy:

Chain stores are reporting April sales that are at the high end of guidance, and with stronger year-on-year sales growth rates than in March.

The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index fell slightly to -29.5, but remains at the highest level since early 2008.

Wholesale inventories rose 0.4% in March, while a 1.6% plunge in sales drove the stock-to-sales ratio to a recovery high of 1.21.

Jobless claims fell 4,000 to 323,000, and the 4-week average fell 6,250 to 336,750. Continuing claims fell 27,000 to 3.005 million.

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Contradictions? See the US Government

Well apparently the ultimate RINO is restless and looking for a nail on which he can use his legislative hammer.

John McCain is going to release a bill that would dismantle cable as it’s currently constructed, Brenden Sasso at The Hill reports.

The legislation would force cable companies and satellite TV providers to give consumers an option to pick and choose which channels they get. This is called “à la carte programming,” and it’s long been a dream of consumers who only want a handful of channels.

While I’d certainly be fine with a la carte programming, it is none of the government’s business.  When someone finds a way to offer that, consumers will reward them.

Speaking of the government, you’d think another thing that they and McCain would be for would be a la carte health insurance.  You know, a dream of health care consumers.  Instead we get bundled health care with 300 things we don’t want but have to pay for because the government says so.

You’d think people like McCain, et al, would want to do something abou that wouldn’t you … instead of worrying about TV channels.