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Quote of the Day: BOHICA edition

Grab your wallets, this is going to cost you plenty … for zero gain against a made up problem:

“A principal challenge to all of us of life and death proportions is the challenge of climate change…I regret that my own country – and President Obama knows this and is committed to changing it – needs to do more and we are committed to doing more.”–Secretary Kerry

And the apology tour continues.


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51 Responses to Quote of the Day: BOHICA edition

  • You mean honesty tour.  Apologies are good, we teach our children that.  Only a vain, egotistical and arrogant person sees apology as a weakness.  Those who criticize any apology by the US are project an image of America as vain, egotistical and arrogant — even in our decline.  Perhaps we should honor the values we teach our children.   Climate change is not an issue in most of the industrialized world.  Conservative and leftist alike look at the science.  Only in the US where you have a cottage industry of pseudo-scientists cherry picking little points and ignoring the mass of data could a well funded propaganda industry drown out truth.   The EU met the Kyoto accords and it’s helped their economy and put them ahead of the US on green technology – which is the future.

    • I never taught my children, “Apologies are good” as an unmodified rule.  Because vacant apologies are essentially lies.
      I taught my children not to do things for which they needed to apologize, or be ashamed.
      Pity your parents failed so badly with you, Erp.  Or are you a liar in spite of your rearing?

      • He’s worse than a liar. He’s a collaborator

        • He’s not lying, his “reality” is different.
          That used to be called ‘schizophrenia’, now it’s a professorship.

    • Only a vain, egotistical and arrogant person sees apology as a weakness.

      But let’s leave Pres. Side Show out of this for the moment…
      You ready to apologize for lying about the “fabricated emails” that were neither?
      Or just sucking up whatever the moonbattery shot in your mouth without a moment’s critical thought?
      That would be a start.

    • With,  just yesterday the announcement that the ice pack in Alaska is recording the latest spring seasonal break up on record you can actually sit at your keyboard and type that drivel.
      How are the Sarah Palin caterpillars?

      • My credibility is great in the real world.  Right wing ideologues on this blog may not think so, but their opinion of me is irrelevant.  They’re meaningless.
        They don’t matter in my world.—Erp

        Now THAT is too juicy for Ott Scerb to just leave hanging…!!!
        I think that one is the quote of the week!

      • Also, who is this posting are Erp???
        He told us yesterday he was going to Italy.  And we know we can put total credence in his word…right…???

    • “The EU met the Kyoto accords and it’s helped their economy and put them ahead of the US on green technology – which is the future.”
      Well, since you’ve just gone into doing the usual wholesale lying about already dis-proven talking points, why bother.
      Would you care to talk about Scooter Libby revealing Valerie Plame’s name to the press while you’re at it?
      How about Barack Obama calling the Benghazi terrorist attack a terrorist attack in the Rose Garden the day after it occurred?
      Any other already proven lies you want to repeat while you’re on a roll Herr Doktor Goebbels?

    • Useful tool. Yes, I mean you professor.

      • Course I should mention, the report is generated by other useful tools trying desperately to explain why their warming God hasn’t show up on schedule.

    • You mean honesty tour. Because Kerry is a smart, pragmatic, post-modern, moderate leftist like me, and he realizes that if you just THINK something hard enough, it becomes true.

      So it’s completely beside the point that Kerry and I don’t have a tenth of the math and science background to decide about climate change. Intuitively, it feels right, and the it’s totally coincidental that our preferred result is more government power to deal with it. Because that’s always a good idea, no matter what the issue.

      So shut up about global temps falling outside the models’ 95% confidence intervals, and charts and numbers and so-called facts. We have indoctrinated communicated the true truth to your children, and they’re all climate change converts now. Which is really great, because they will continue to give we wise leftists more and more power to run society, and they won’t mind a bit that we’ll have to tax about 80% of what they make to finance government. Nope, they won’t mind, even though after paying their student loans off, they will barely have enough for the new xbox thingie. They won’t mind, and they will never ever question government taking all most of their money or running most of their lives. They’ll be happy to pay for those expensive insurance policies required by ObamaCare too.

      Because your philosophy is falling apart. I decree it. The tea party can’t do anything. Why, they couldn’t even stop Obama of the christlike visage from being re-elected, and the fact that 500 tea party organizations were denied the right to operate by the IRS had absolutely nothing to do with their waning power. Nothing at all. They’ll fall apart before 2014, you’ll see. And if they don’t, I’ll be back to explain exactly why I was right all along anyway. Shut up about 2010, just shut up about that.

      I don’t understand why you guys don’t just accept everything I say. I have a PhD from a place with “advanced” in its name, and you guys are just grunt engineer types. Well, except for Rags, who is a lawyer, which is like the worst. And we PhD types are just able to intuitively understand every issue so much better than you, even it is the sciency stuff that you have a lot more training in.

      Besides, I have lots of credibility in the real world. Stop laughing. I do. Up here in our bucolic college, surrounded by majestic moose, everyone thinks I’m smart and capable. When I talk in the faculty lounge about politics, climate change, and how much the GOP sucks, everyone constantly smiles and nods their heads.

      Yes, I have a PhD and credibility, so shut up about how I am so mediocre and talentless that I work at a moose college that doesn’t even grant PhDs. I like it here! And I don’t either try to assuage my fears about inferiority by coming here and finding people to talk down to. Stop saying that. I come here out of the goodness of my heart to educate you sterile, inbred climate deniers.

      Apologies are good, we teach our children that. They’re even better when it is America prostrating itself before the world and admitting what imperialist nasties we are.

      Only a vain, egotistical and arrogant person sees apology as a weakness. Or sees America as anything but a vain, egotistical, arrogant, imperialist, redneck, sterile, inbred nest of war-mongers who invade countries for absolutely no reason except to get their oil. So shut up about how we didn’t take the Iraqis’ oil and instead developed a bunch of new tech to get more of our own. That’s irrelevant, as the White House guys say. Iraq was the biggest foreign policy disaster in American history, and the fact that it’s one of the most peaceful and vibrant places in the Middle East is just a coincidence.

      Perhaps we should honor the values we teach our children. Yes, we should ask everyone who purchases an ipad if they brought enough so that everyone can have one. Because that kind of sharing is the only way we’ll become the kind of wonderful utopia we wise leftists have long dreamed about.

      Climate change is not an issue in most of the industrialized world. And that’s not because their citizens are ignorant peons dominated by their political elites and kept in the dark about climate change skepticism, so stop saying that.

      Only in the US where you have a cottage industry of pseudo-scientists cherry picking little points and ignoring the mass of data could a well funded propaganda industry drown out truth. Shut up about the flat temps and 95% confidence interval stuff, I said. It’s a cottage industry of denialism by sterile inbred conservatives. The EU met the Kyoto accords and it’s helped their economy and put them ahead of the US on green technology – which is the future. And I don’t have to give you any links to support that, and shut up about how the US had reduced carbon emissions by a higher percentage than any of them. Just shut up about that. We should have accepted Kyoto, crafted by the great climate deity Gore. If we had, by now we wise pragmatic moderate leftists would have enough power to shut down those inbred climate deniers, and everything would be just fine.

      And don’t forget, the scandals are falling apart, and Republicans doctored emails that were not even released by Democrats yet. Benghazi is just a witch hunt, and four dead people are just sacrifices for the greater good. And don’t you dare bring up how I told you how wonderful the Arab Spring would be, and how it was the anti tea party. Don’t even start. It will just take time for it all to shake out, good and necessary although violent time, and it will be wonderful over there, and all these scandals will break down, and who really cares about the IRS harassing those sterile inbred tea party people anyway because they should not be even involved in politics and they are dying off. And I’m sure the AP thing was just a misunderstanding. All hail Obamacare, which is going to work out great just as I predicted.

      I have to go on a trip to Italy now, and shut up about I how I said that two days ago and I’m still here gently educating you ex-military basket cases. It was just that I get so tired of your climate change denialism. So I’m going on the trip, really, and it’s not either a chance for me to pontificate to students during two eight hour flights plus innumerable bus tours. I mostly stay quiet and listen to their laughter and joy. And they’re not either laughing at me. Stop saying that.

      Must go now and refill my blue pill prescription before I go. When those giant magenta caterpillars with Sarah Palin’s face, naughty librarian glasses, and ample bosom start coming out from between the airplane seats, the flight attendants are downright stern about me trying to clean them out.

      • Ott-o-licious…!!!
        My morning is complete.

      • Both barrels…point blank!!! 🙂

      • Masterful, indeed.  The authentic shrillness really comes through.

        • I agree I enjoy the maniacal feeling, but it’s still not quite as authentic as the seemingly drug haze induced statements we occasionally get from the maestro himself.

          • Well, I think it’s true of any form of mockery that a certain level of fidelity just constitutes meanness.  Ott Scerb continually hits the sweet spot.

          • The original is clearly undergoing tremendous psychological stresses and the happy-go-lucky façade is showing major cracks.
            The satirist is likely a rational, well-balanced person who is merely attempting to emulate the original for purposes of comedy, thus the cognitive dissonance is not actually present in the author’s mind.  It’s hard to simulate crazy.
            Considering how Scott has been so ruthless, even mocking a guy over his father’s suicide (in the days of Usenet), and generally displaying a disregard for the victims of government abuse of power, I have to fight my natural inclination to feel sympathy for his evident mental suffering. I do, however, have some sympathy for his wife and kids, neighbors, coworkers, etc. who might unfairly be the victims of an unhinged mind.

    • Yet again oh so wrong Erb. So wrong that you must be lying.
      Most Western European countries failed to meet their Kyoto targets. In fact most non-European signatories failed as well. The only reason “Europe” and the notable exception of Germany fulfilled their targets was because the target was based on 1990 levels and the absorption of the DDR into Germany and the other socialist states into Europe meant that dismantling the noxious and bloated communist industries gave them automatic wins without doing anything to their own economies. This was also the obvious reason even Clinton refused to sign the USA on to the charade.
      But you are right that “climate change” is not an issue in most of the industrialzed world… every industralized citizen is so tired of it and the clear bullshit that it is that they just ignore it. Ergo, no issue.

      • Declaring that there are no skeptics of the catastrophic anthropogenic warming predictions (which have already failed to match predictions for the past 10-15 years) outside of the US is an abject lie.  He’s not a climatologist.  He’s not involved in any kind of geoscience.  He has no background in math, physics, chemistry, or any of the basic sciences on which climatology is built.
        He’s a propagandist in the area of politics.  So, his making an absolute declaration (which I know to be false by reading articles by skeptics from other countries) is obviously just propaganda to suppress any political opposition, to pretend that all scientists are in lock-step on this issue.
        It’s like declaring that “[his] credibility is great in the real world.”  Nobody buys it.

    • The EU met the Kyoto accords and it’s helped their economy and put them ahead of the US on green technology – which is the future.

      All of Erp’s post was a hoot, but this last part comes from an alternate universe. The EU economy is doing SOOOOO well.  And green IS the future, unlike shale oil, NG and fracking.

    • I can see why you need to know how to apologize.
      As we come to middle of the coldest Spring in 60 years, we still have these know-it-alls who have bought into the narrative.

    • The EU has never met the Kyoto accords.

  • “You mean honesty tour.”  What a hoot!!!  Honesty?!?  From a man whose Cambodian fable (LIE) was “seared” into his memory?  And now good ole Erb is here to, once again, defend the indefensible.  The “EU met the Kyoto accords and it’s helped their economy . . ”  What a load of crap that is.  If it has helped their economy, then why is Germany dumping their Carbon credit tax system?  Once again Erb is here for the sole purpose of furthering his master’s Democratic talking points – so now you can go and get your 30 pieces of silver, Erb.  But be careful, Erb, silver is down 26% this year.

    • The delusional “green goo” of the Collective HAS helped rid parts of Europe of old people, and put more of them in poverty.
      It has also served to rid parts of places like Germany of “excess” trees, that people have been forced to harvest to try to keep warm.
      In England, they are importing trees from the Pacific NW to generate electricity.  Smart.

    • Heh. Erp argued in support of Kerry when we were discussing the Swift Boat vets, etc.

      The funny thing about Erp is how in the tank he is. He likes to play the concern troll, and can sometimes present a good “moderate” argument, but sooner or later the mask comes off and the true Erp appears.

    Well, THAT appears to be a crack in the stone wall…
    How ’bout it, Erp.  No scandals workin’ fer ya…???

  • <a href=>”The unremarkable finding of the Marcott et al. paper was that the Earth’s climate history since the end of the last ice age looks roughly like an upside down-U shape, starting cold, warming up for a few thousand years, staying warm through the mid-Holocene (6,000 to 9,000 years ago), then cooling steadily over the past five millennia to the present.”</a>

    Previously, when warmists lied and got caught doing so, every scientific institution, every science journal, every prestigious academy, and every organized group of scientists would piously swear holy fealty to the lie. Now instead, they quietly twist the liar’s arms behind closed doors.

    The status of warmists has dropped to that of Communists.  The  orthodox believers in official truth are anti-anti-communist but not pro-communist, and the orthodox believers in official truth are anti-skeptic, but not pro-warmist.  Before 2012 October, official truth was warmist.  Now warmists are, like Communists, merely another Leftist faction.

  • Also, since we are having so much fun punking Erp around the internet this morning…
    I want to nominate Dan Pfeiffer for the Indigo Montoya prize for the month of May for his use of the word “irrelevant”.

    • He meant relevant, but he’s one of those people who says irregardless when he means regardless.
      Heh, no, not really, he’s a tool too.

  • The Obamabanana Republic seems intent on earning its own PHD (piling higher & deeper) WRT scandals and abuses of power…

    The Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General published a new report Monday that confirms former U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke leaked a document intended to smear Operation Fast and Furious scandal whistleblower John Dodson.

  • Off topic, but close to home …..
    My wife did some e-mail with FoxNews’ James Rosen, then noticed that her LinkedIn was visited by DHS

  • Nice.  From the GatewayPundit

    Liberal/Writer/Producer/Comedian Lizz Winstead the co-creator of The Daily Show tweeted this out following the news that Moore, Oklahoma was destroyed by a tornado.

    This tornado is in Oklahoma so clearly it has been ordered to only target conservatives.
    — Lizz Winstead (@lizzwinstead) May 20, 2013

    • That’s because their kind and generous at heart, not because they’re actually statist bigoted closet racist monsters….well, maybe it IS because of that after all.
      In two recent incidents of ill befalling what I classify as Liberal states, I don’t recall chortling that a bunch of little future liberals just died in Connecticut, nor do I recall thinking the progressive liberals in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts deserved to be killed or have their legs blown off after the Marathon bombing.
      You’re a pretty sucky person down in your core when you see this kind of disastrous shit happen to people and you can’t find the part of you that doesn’t instantly view it through the lens of politics.

    • Just a joke you see.  Just poor timing; cause tornado’s are almost always funny… ya know?