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You don’t say: “New IRS head says taxpayers no longer trust agency”

Acting Commissioner Danny Werfel  says the taxpayers don’t trust the IRS, and he intends to conduct “a thorough review of what went wrong and how to fix it.”

Just a suggestion, Danny, but why don’t you start by telling these folks to either tell us the full story or hit the road? Treasury IG: No IRS employee interviewed by us would acknowledge who ordered the targeting of conservatives

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25 Responses to You don’t say: “New IRS head says taxpayers no longer trust agency”

  • Who were the dipsh*ts who trusted it in the first place?

  • This is the point where a free press starts ridiculing those testifying that have convenient memory loss.
    That’s the whole problem at the root of all the nonsense.  We have a public that’s put their trust in the Media as to when to be outraged and when not to be.  And the MSM is abusing that to the fullest.  And they don’t have to lie too often because they can get caught in them.  They just have to imply, ignore, or roll their eyes to change the complexion of a story completely.

    • Agree. The social compact that is America is wearing thin thanks to these idiots. If we are not going to have a semi-fair press, or semi-neutral bureaucracy, then why would I want to remain a citizen?
      Also, if went back to the Spoils System right now, it would actually be FAIRER, because at least some of the time the agencies would be pro-Republican.

  • ….why don’t you start by telling these folks to either tell us the full story or hit the road?

    Partly because that would be a vacant threat in the case of most of these people, who are protected by iron-clad civil service policy and procedure.
    The contemptuous b!tch Lerner is sitting at home, drawing her pay, and planning her retirement.

    • Rags, are you telling me that civil service policy and procedure allows government employees to withhold information from the government’s own auditors, and pay no penalty for it? I bow to your superior legal chops and all, but that seems unlikely to me, even in our current irretrievably broken monolithic government.

      • No, not exactly, Billy.
        First, and this is significant, ALLLL we have has come from the results of an audit.  This is fundamentally different than an investigation.
        That gives a good, very brief inside look at the difference in process.
        Second, I am not an expert (thank gawd) on Federal civil service law.  I am merely reading some of the stuff that’s out there, and watching the heads NOT rolling.  See Lerner, Loise.
        Finally, I think we will see some people given some form of immunity here soon, which will strip them of their ability to hide behind the log, so to speak.

    • Those policies were put in place to protect employees from vindictive politicians!!!!!!
      Is that ironic or what!

  • Course I trust the IRS!
    I trust that if I try and pull the same shit they’re pulling right now, I will end up losing a lot of money, possibly my house, and certainly a great deal of mental peace while at the same time elevating my blood pressure to previously unreached levels.
    I don’t know why these assholes think we ‘trust’ them, either before OR now, or why they think I’ll trust them no matter what they do in the future.
    I tolerate them in the same way your average slave tolerates his master, because I have no real freaking choice if I want to avoid living my life in the shadows of society.   You don’t fear people you trust, and more people fear these bastards with their high handed above the law activities than will ever trust them.

  • Congress must immediately strip IRS of its autonomy, its law enforcement role and its immunity to oversight.  More importantly, they must prohibit IRS from assuming any role in ObamaCare.  Until they can prove themselves capable of doing their current job, adding to their responsibilities would be unwise.
    In the long term, we need to privatize their tax collection function.  If a contractor did the job, it would be better and cheaper.  Release a Request for proposal on providing tax advice, processing tax tax returns and recommending audits.  Does anyone believe that Delliotte Touche or H&R Block could not do a better job than the current crew at IRS?  Any hint of political corruption would be cause for termination and disbarment.

  • The IRS has gone a long way toward destroying my calm.

  • Did the new IRS guy mention whether or not he was going to make sure he abolishes the use of IRS Sock Puppet email accounts?

  • Omerta” is the Mafia/IRS code of silence — all they’re missing now is the Cadillacs and pinkie rings.

    • And cool mafia names like “Dougie the Visitor” Schulman or Lois “The Fifth” Lerner.

  • Well, hell…
    Red Jim McDermott puts it all in focus.
    These Teahadists would never have had any trouble if they hadn’t applied for a government subsidy (i.e., being treated equally with other groups in getting a tax break).

    It’s their fault.

    • Yes, note at present the is no description available for that video – which is proper, it’s simple indescribable that anyone could be that stupid.

    • Makes me think McDermott might as well put on a green dress and yell “What difference does it make!”.

    • I appreciate the fact that he’s old enough, stupid enough, and evil enough to take the mask off and just lay it out there honestly.

    • Hmm, the “b!tches were asking for it” defense.

      The left is at the bottom of the barrel here for fallacious justifications. Tu quoque is out unless they want to go back to Nixon, and I have a feeling the left doesn’t want to bring Nixon into this. Hard to make the “so-called scandal” line stick when the evidence is hip deep and the perp is universally hated.

      Next up is probably “I’m rubber and you’re glue”. Oh, wait, they haven’t pulled out the race card yet. We might see the “bunch of old, privileged  white people” narrative next.

      • Nixon and Kennedy were bad…but they were not targeting average citizens.
        They were not going after the grass roots.  Here, they most certainly were.  One thing that helps the atmospherics here is that so many of the TEA Party leaders are women.

      • It’s getting harder and harder to say I don’t condone political violence.

        • I still don’t but its a far closer thing than it uses to be. And I know for a fact others are the same…

  • IRS = Gestapo = Stasi = KGB…

  • Did Americans EVER trust them? Were our parents and grandparents THAT gullible?

  • I love how there was a determination of “no politics” involved based on nobody saying anything.
    Now there is a report that one of those “rogue” employees kept copies of all the emails and memos involved, and has turned them over to Congressional investigators.