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Don’t drink “the employment picture is much better” Kool-aid

Why?  Because it isn’t really better.  Oh, it may be marginally better than it was a year ago but that’s not saying much at all.  In terms of real progress?  Yeah, not so much.  The National Journal says:

The U.S. jobs picture is bleaker than the most recent jobs reports may make you think. The economy added 175,000 jobs last month, but at the rate things are going, it would take almost a decade to get back to prerecession employment levels. A Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey report released Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics digs in on the bad news: The number of job openings in the U.S. actually fell by 118,000 in April to 3.8 million.

How bad can 3.8 million job openings be? The Economic Policy Institute looks at the number and sees that “the main problem in the labor market is a broad-based lack of demand for workers—and not, as is often claimed, available workers lacking the skills needed for the sectors with job openings.”

Here’s a chart they put together to visually make the point:

An economy on the mend is generating jobs at such a pace that it is competing for workers.  As is obvious, that’s not the case in this economy, nor has it been the case for quite some time.

In a word, the employment picture sucks.  Anyone pretending otherwise is doing exactly that – pretending.  And they can toss around all the numbers they like, the bar charts above tell the real picture – business is not hiring and the reasons are multiple, most having to do with government intrusion (see ObamaCare for one example).


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  • And let’s make those jobs part time….
    And then lets toss about 6 million or so ‘new citizens’ into the mix because things are going so well already.
    And let’s spy on as many as possible, squash their western religions, oppress them with government agencies, while we destroy their health care system.

  • “What we also know is, is that we’ve got a lot more work to do.  Because all across the country, we still have people who are looking for work and can’t find it.

    Yes, because Obamacare is a job killer, and this regime is the enemy of free enterprise.

    We still have young people in schools that aren’t learning what they need to compete in the 21st century.  We still have young people who are burdened by massive college costs.

    Yes.  They are learning counter-productive BS that makes them compliant subjects.

    We still have infrastructure that needs to be rebuilt.  We’ve got research projects that could help to revolutionize our economy, but are not being adequately funded

    Funny!  Markets fund promising projects.

    We have folks whose homes are still underwater and they’re still struggling

    And Pres. Snoop-Dog is doing his best to re-inflate the housing bubble.

    And people are concerned about the possibilities of retiring with dignity and respect,” Obama continued.

    More now than ever, too!

    “So we’ve got a lot more work to do.  And the reason I’m here today is to ask for your help.  I’m very proud of the record that we’ve been able to put together over the last four and half years, making sure that every American in this country gets health care, and we are implementing health care reform so that every single American– (applause) — is able to get health care and won’t go bankrupt when they get sick.
    But we know that cannot be.  We know that Obamacare will leave millions of Americans uninsured, and they may not face bankruptcy, but they WILL face the IRS.
    What a liar.


    • ” will leave millions of Americans uninsured”
      Yes, but NOW we’ll be able to legally CHARGE them for being uninsured!  Isn’t that cool!

      • Only a very modest fine…IF they catch them.
        Like me, millions of us will stay out of the system.  Completely.

        • Then there’s the employer penalties to count on.
          Any hint on how to ‘stay out’ because at this point I’m ready to summon up the spirits that I was never even party to back in the early 70’s.
          Kinda funny how the radicals are now the establishment too.

          • Results will vary.  I am self-employed.  I will not sign up.  “Enroll”.  Whatever.  If they catch me, I’ll fight them.  But eventually, I’ll pay the fine if necessary.  I’m a vet, so I have that for catastrophic back-up.

          • Considering that the fine will be cheaper than the coverage…that’s the way a whole lot of people will go I’m sure.
            I’m covered right now, but of course that is without doubt going to change once the financials contact the whirling corporate blades.
            I once wondered “how much damage can he do” – well, surprise surprise, my country isn’t as durable, or as smart, as I anticipated.

    • Come on now … “Obama isn’t trying to put ALL businesses out of business”

      • au contraire, Mon frere.  He LOVES him some BIG, compliant businesses.
        That is how fascist economics works.
        He needs a source of funding for the STATE.  He will assure they do VERY well.

  • Markets rescue us…again…

    The Energy Information Administration (EIA) just released its report, Sales of Fossil Fuels Produced on Federal and Indian Lands, FY 2003 Through FY 2012.[i] This report shows that total fossil fuel production on federal lands is at a ten year low, natural gas production on federal lands is also at a ten year low, and oil production on federal land fell in fiscal years 2011 and 2012 ending two years of increase in fiscal years 2009 and 2010.

  • Don’t worry! Amnesty will be a boon to the economy and jobs market!
    1- Amnesty for millions of illegals
    2- ??????
    3- Full employment!

    • Depending on Obamacare mandates, the amne-legals could be fully employed since they would be WAY cheaper.

  • The fear: Government-subsidized premiums will disappear at the end of the year under a provision in the health care law that nudges aides and lawmakers onto the government health care exchanges, which could make their benefits exorbitantly expensive.
    Democratic and Republican leaders are taking the issue seriously, but first they need more specifics from the Office of Personnel Management on how the new rule should take effect — a decision that Capitol Hill sources expect by fall, at the latest. The administration has clammed up in advance of a ruling, sources on both sides of the aisle said.
    If the issue isn’t resolved, and massive numbers of lawmakers and aides bolt, many on Capitol Hill fear it could lead to a brain drain just as Congress tackles a slew of weighty issues — like fights over the Tax Code and immigration reform.

    Or The Onion…???
    You decide.

    • Rep. John Larson, a Connecticut Democrat in leadership when the law passed, said he thinks the problem will be resolved.
      “If not, I think we should begin an immediate amicus brief to say, ‘Listen this is simply not fair to these employees,’” Larson told POLITICO. “They are federal employees.”

      Yeah, these are federal employees(…BFD…).  As for the tax payers, screw them, screw whether or not what was done was ‘fair’, WE’RE TALKING ABOUT FEDERAL EMPLOYEES HERE MAN!!!!!!
      I’m so sick of this and these…gentlemen…that have legislated themselves from public servants into our masters.

      • “We have to PASS it, to find out WHAT’S in it…”
        THEN we can piddle with it to make sure we are the unscrewed
        They are the screwERs.  We are the screwEEs.

  • And let’s replace the $20+/hr jobs with $11/hr jobs and make them part-time, and let’s hire old folks to do them, just as in the late 90s they replaced the old hands with 20-somethings at 1/3 the payrate.

  • Distraction time! We are now in Syria and isn’t the timing awfully convenient

    • Yes, and isn’t it sweet – the Syrian Rebels pledge their loyalty to Al Queda, and we pledge to arm the Syrian Rebels.
      I’ll let the reader construct a syllogism about Americans being killed by Al Queda with weapons we paid for.
      When are these assholes going to realize there’s no George Washingtons in Syria, they’re all various degrees of Saddam Hussein.
      Oh, wait that can’t happen – Obie said Al Queda was decimated (which he thinks means completely destroyed, cause he’s genius, and our savior).

  • I’m in SoCal. I keep noticing all the “For Lease” signs on retail properties.

  • Like being hit in the head over and over with a hammer, just think how good it will feel when it stops.

    If it ever stops.

  • Some Utah Republican who was touted as a Tea Party guy who owns his own automotive company wants to increase H1B visas because he can’t find Americans to do the jobs like CNC machinist. Why, he had to resort to hiring a Physics major and training them!
    1) Companies are supposed to train people. Its normal, doofus.
    2) Wonder why you lack CNC machinists? Maybe outsourcing everything for 20-30 years to China means no one in their right mind would study that field. “unemployed Ohio machinist” is a very common term.
    3) Price signals are useful. If you paid more, you’d get your worker for sure. Instead you are lazy and just want to import cheap foreigners.
    Personally, I am for increased immigration, though maybe not amnesty, but some of these business people sound like they want a candidate to walk into their office with 10 years experience using their exact machines, etc. No wonder they can’t fill positions.
    You don’t even want to see the government jobs that demand qualified applicants to have experience in a mish mash of obscure government programs.
    I say all of this as an employer myself, though not in the US. I’d consider hiring in the US except the rules and regulation scare me silly. That’s another major problem, and perhaps the main problem.

  • “Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon.”
    Guess what the Democrats view business as?

    • Dude, I’ve never heard of a tiger cow…..

    • Most Democrats agree with Churchill.   Most Republicans do as well.   Republicans tend to see Democrats as wanting government to control everything, while Democrats often see Republicans supporting anti-market policies that allow the super wealthy and powerful to rig the game in their favor (or else think they ignorantly believe that markets magically prevent that).   A few on the extremes of each party fit the caricatured image the other side has of them, but very few.   I tell students that if people take an “the other side is evil, idiotic and horrible” view to politics that’s a sign that their view is emotion-driven, not logical.  If people try to solve problems and achieve compromise – respecting diverse views – then they are behaving in the way the founders hoped.   There is far more common ground than most people realize, though the internet and blogosphere tends to bring out the emotion and caricatured images.

      • ” Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon.”
        “Agree with Churchill”
        Eh?  Churchill makes the point himself that not enough people ‘agree’ with him.    See if you can find the line where he does it, it’s pretty complicated, I know, so take your time.

      • I tell students that if people take an “the other side is evil, idiotic and horrible” view to politics that’s a sign that their view is emotion-driven, not logical.

        …at which point the clever student would seek out the Gobbelesque teacher’s comments and articles and discover exactly what he decries–in spades.  Weak arguments, cheap propaganda are the bulk of his text.  There’s a healthy sprinkling of childish insults and pathetic deceptions and evasions.  The deeply personal and vicious barbs that occasionally slip through the public mask.
        Illogical and emotional?  Indeed!