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We can’t have ObamaCare effect these folks – they’re “federal employees” for heaven sake!

When I read articles like this they infuriate me.

Dozens of lawmakers and aides are so afraid that their health insurance premiums will skyrocket next year thanks to Obamacare that they are thinking about retiring early or just quitting.

The fear: Government-subsidized premiums will disappear at the end of the year under a provision in the health care law that nudges aides and lawmakers onto the government health care exchanges, which could make their benefits exorbitantly expensive.

Why?  Because there doesn’t seem to be any ability to relate their problem with the problems they’ve imposed on business through their ramming through this horrific legislation we call “ObamaCare”.  Even with the effects beginning to be understood, like that above, they don’t get it:

Rep. John Larson, a Connecticut Democrat in leadership when the law passed, said he thinks the problem will be resolved.

“If not, I think we should begin an immediate amicus brief to say, ‘Listen this is simply not fair to these employees,’” Larson told POLITICO. “They are federal employees.”

But apparently it is “fair” to the employees of business who, in some cases, will see 100% plus increases in their premiums.  It only becomes a problem when it effects who?  Why, ‘federal employees’, of course.  You know, our so-called “public servants”.  And then, apparently, only that subset of federal employees that work for Congress.  They seem oblivious to the fact that the same thing is happening in thousands of places and effecting multi-thousands of businesses.  Freakin’ clueless.

Even as mad as this made me, I got a chuckle out of this:

If the issue isn’t resolved, and massive numbers of lawmakers and aides bolt, many on Capitol Hill fear it could lead to a brain drain just as Congress tackles a slew of weighty issues — like fights over the Tax Code and immigration reform.

Talk about silver linings to storm clouds.


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26 Responses to We can’t have ObamaCare effect these folks – they’re “federal employees” for heaven sake!

  • Just another example of the principle that the left fouls every nest it ever manages to occupy.

    One could only hope that federal service would become so oppressive and expensive that no one would want to do it, but I don’t think we’ll ever reach that point. Too many people like Lois Lerner crave the power of the bully.

    • Quite, Billy – the Hegelian all-powerful state…

    • This all leads back to … “we’re from the government and we’re here to help”
      … I suggest .. do nothing to change anything .. let it stew

  • The inspector general overseeing SIF, AmeriCorps and other SERVE Act programs agreed with critics that the Social Innovation Fund grant application process lacked transparency, lacked a policy on handling staff conflicts of interest and failed to fully document grant award decisions. Another IG audit released just last week revealed that a prominent SIF grantee, the progressive Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, “fail(ed) to remove two of its employees, who were known by CEO management to have criminal histories that made them ineligible, from working on the SIF grant.”
    As Paul Light, a public policy professor at New York University who served on a review panel for the fund, told National Public Radio: “It’s not clear yet what taxpayers have gotten for the money.” The phony-baloney statistics that SIF bureaucrats tout to show how many have been “served” simply demonstrate the Nanny State “entrepreneurs’” real agenda: maximizing the number of government dependents and rewarding social welfare operatives.

    It is all one cycle.  The Iron Triangle, as Milton Friedman aptly dubbed it.

    • Obamacare is going to spend billions on education, outreach, recruiting, and marketing. That will all be done by NGO’s who will be contractors. The NGO employees will end up being paid Democratic party foot soldiers during elections and some of the funds will be laundered back to the Democrats as donations by the top “non profit” execs or their wives. (Not sure if they can really donate themselves.)

  • Why should federal employees – including congress- not have to live with the consequences? Of course it’s a rhetorical, we all know this is about plying a favored left power bloc. If Fed bloodsuckers…..I mean employees leaned heavily Republican, this would not be a story.

  • Be a pity if the pigs stopped feeding at the public trough and tried to go home and make it in the private sector the way the founders intended eh?
    I can’t tell you how upset that would make me.

    • This really puts the the test that old campaign line about having health insurance “as good as what Congress gets”
      What is the most amazing is that folks like Rep. John Larson don’t seem to be able to connect the dots to understand that this same thing is happening with the private sector

      • We can assume that none of the people Rep Larson represent come from this ‘private sector’ place  you speak of.  Clearly THEY aren’t complaining to him about their healthcare costs.
        His web site features nice buttons for getting you your piece of pie from the government with his assistance, grants, small business benes.
        By contrast, my guy sucks, he only offers me internship applications, or a flag.   They both are, apparently, qualified Washington tour guides,  and both will help you with Federal Agencies.

      • Then again, maybe Congressman Bozo’s constituents are too busy to write to him about such trivial concerns as health care costs increased by Obamacare

      • or maybe….they don’t plan on having any medical facilities any way….
        “As an example, in May, Medscape rated Connecticut one of the worst states in which to practice medicine.”

    • Unfortunately the highest ranking and worst ones tend to be millionaires (or become one) and don’t need the money.

  • Let us recall our favorite moose squeezing educator professes to have been some sort of ‘aid’ to a “Republican” Senator at one time or another in the past (when he wasn’t liberating pizza for the proletariat)
    Paid or unpaid if that’s the caliber person we’re discussing, I see every reason to send them packing ASAP.

    • Coincidentally enough, he’s here at –, misunderstanding Churchill while babbling about markets not saving us.

      • I didn’t either misunderstand Churchill, and I certainly didn’t try to sneak in a comment at the end of that discussion to assuage my depression over the fact that I can’t even keep a Russian bride happy. Stop saying that stuff. It just shows that you have no argument and your time is over. All hail the glorious state.

        Besides, why aren’t you guys babbling on about those non-existent scandals? Benghazi wasn’t a scandal because Republicans doctored emails. The IRS targeting of tea parties wasn’t a scandal because, come on! Tea parties! They want to hurt my children, so they deserve whatever they get, especially when they are putting at risk the programs of the great Obama of the christlike visage, peace be unto him.

        And that Snowden character is a liar, and I’m sure the wise leftists in Washington have proper safeguards in place to prevent abuse of the data collected from phone calls, text messages, paper mail, email, Facebook, Google searches, phone location services, Onstar, Twitter, Amazon purchases, and what books people read at the library. Why are you dense righties so worried about that stuff? Guilty conscience?

        Anyway, most Democrats agree with Churchill. Most Republicans do as well. And I certainly didn’t say that just to post an obvious cliche and sound wise and knowing to you sterile, inbred thick righties and climate deniers so that I could put my own pitiful state of life out of my mind for a few minutes.

        Why, if Churchill were alive today, he would be onboard with giving the government all kinds of power to deal with global warming, and he would probably be down with laws to deal with you child-hurting people who deny it. I decree it. I’ve read a book about Churchill, so of course, I understand him intimately. I remember that book well – one of the “Great Men” biographies I read in the sixth grade.

        Republicans tend to see Democrats as wanting government to control everything. Which is silly! We wise moderate non-ideological leftist elites just want to control enough to bring on a wonderful leftist utopia in which my children don’t suffer, everyone has enough food and cars and houses and stuff. And girlfriends. There’s a critical shortage of them, I find.

        Democrats often see Republicans supporting anti-market policies that allow the super wealthy and powerful to rig the game in their favor. Yes, Democrats have wonderful motives for controlling stuff, but Republicans and businessmen have evil motives for everything they do. I decree that too.

        And it has nothing to do with the fact that I can’t seem to find a way to make any serious money and have been reduced to stealing pizzas from business owners in protest. I’m really not into money which is a good thing since moose colleges don’t pay much. I’m perfectly happy right here in my snug little apartment that I had to get when my wife kicked me out where I have used about a case of silicone caulk to seal up everything so the magenta caterpillers with Sarah Palin’s face and ample bosom can’t crawl in through the cracks.

        Of course, some Republicans believe that markets magically prevent that super wealthy abuse stuff. But markets don’t adjust themselves. There’s no evidence to believe they do. I absolutely decree it, and teach it in my classes, so don’t bring up all those economists who would call that nonsense. From here in my lofty perch in academia, I can judge all these specialties much better than the specialists themselves. Because I’m so smart and competent and all. And shut up about 2010 elections and Arab Spring. Don’t even start. And for goodness sake, don’t drag out those charts that say no warming for 15 years. They give me hives.

        A few on the extremes of each party fit the caricatured image the other side has of them, but very few. And I’m not either one of the caricatured few. Stop saying that. Stop laughing.

        I tell students that if people take an “the other side is evil, idiotic and horrible” view to politics that’s a sign that their view is emotion-driven, not logical. While, of course, my own views, and in fact my whole life, are not driven by emotion at all. My Russian wife often said so.

        Nor am I driven by ideology. I’m not the least bit ideological, and the fact that I end up agreeing with the big government crowd every single time doesn’t mean I am. They just happen to be right. Every time. Pure coincidence.

        No, my views are driven by raw brainpower, and don’t start up about how I don’t really understand math and quantum physics and stuff. I do too understand quantum physics. The non-mathy parts I mean. I have a quantum physics theory for where those caterpillars are coming from that I’m testing out this week, in fact.

        If people try to solve problems and achieve compromise – respecting diverse views – then they are behaving in the way the founders hoped. Yes, George Washington would have wanted you nasty righties to compromise with we wise pragmatic moderate leftists, which of course means granting that we pretty much have everything right but maybe we’ll trim around the edges a bit to make you feel better. Jefferson would have wanted it that way.

        • Good luck with the magenta caterpillars…  Russian brides are notoriously jealous of those.  Well, and the girl friends among the co-eds in your classes.

        • “LOL!”


    Early looks at insurance offerings on the Obamacare exchanges show that insurers aren’t exactly signing up in droves to sell on the new Small Business Health Option Program exchanges. In some states, just one insurer has signed up for the SHOP exchanges, which are supposed to foster competition and make it easier for small businesses to purchase coverage.
    In many cases, they also see little incentive for SHOP exchanges in 2014. A limited tax credit for small businesses available only in the SHOP exchanges has so far received less interest than expected, and a key feature providing employees with more freedom to pick their health plan has been delayed in most states.

    GOLLY-bum…WHO would’ve predicted THAT…???

  • The really cool thing about this is that, when all these guys quit their jobs so they can avoid being forced into Obamacare, whatever new job they get will not only be lumbered with Obamacare, but also with all the other bureaucratic baloney and federal regulations that have been forced onto the private sector, while leaving the public sector free to enjoy union-blessed benefits.
    That’s assuming, of course, that they are able to get jobs in the private sector at all, now that jobs are scarce. I guess the big boys will be able to get crony positions that come with lots of benefits, but the ordinary government employee is not likely to have the same connections and protections for post-government job security and benefits.
    You remember George McGovern and how shocked he was to see what running a private-sector business is really like — the burden he so happily imposed on us during his years in the US Senate completed dashed his efforts to build a post-political career as a hotel owner:

    • I recall McGovern saying that all politicians should have to run a business.

      • I think Congress should only meet for one year. The other year, Congressmen would be assigned a random business from their district and be responsible for all compliance issues for that firm for that year. I bet we’d see more reforms pronto.

  • Neo: Yes, he did say that. Too bad he didn’t learn that lesson before he so successfully yanked evil businesses into line with government standards.
    Harun: That’s a great idea! I would add that the random business must be acting in a competitive market, without any government subsidies or other crony-based advantages that would tilt the field in their favor. The business must sink or swim on its ability to provide a product that consumers want to buy and earn a profit in the process.
    Last: To add to my own comment, I just think it is astonishing that government workers think they can avoid Obamacare by quitting their jobs and working somewhere else. They are either entirely incapable of seeing beyond next week, or they truly do not have the faintest idea of what they have decreed the private sector shall endure. Neither option says much for their ability — which should be a disqualifying factor in the eyes of any prospective employer.

    • There are plenty of employers out there who consider ever having held a government job to be a disqualifying factor.

    • I think what they’re doing is retiring before a certain date to ensure they receive the benefits they now have and not the more expensive one’s they’ll have when ObamaCare kicks in.