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Syria – so now what?

Our local Noble Peace Prize winner has put himself in quite a quandary, hasn’t he? He’s decided that since he thinks Syria has used chemical weapons, it is our business to intrude on what is essentially a civil war, and give arms to an opposition whose makeup includes Islamic terrorist groups. Because, you know, some “bright line” has been crossed … or we think has been crossed, and according to R2P (apparently) we have to “P” or something (I guess the horrific numbers of death just weren’t enough to invoke that until chemical weapons, huh?).

Of course an obvious possibility in this case, since the Syrian government thinks that it is being punished for the use of chemical weapons, is they’ll now say “screw it” and use them liberally. I mean, why wouldn’t they? Even if they haven’t used them, there’s no “up” side anymore for them not using them now is there? World condemnation? We’ll we’re in the middle of manufacturing that right now, aren’t we?

Meanwhile you might remember that we “reset” relations with Russia because that darn Bush administration had screwed them up so royally.

Russia, a veto-wielding member of the U.N. Security Council, will not permit no-fly zones to be imposed over Syria, Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said on Monday.

“I think we fundamentally will not allow this scenario,” Lukashevich told a news briefing, adding that calls for a no-fly zone showed disrespect for international law.

Oh. Wait. Didn’t they tell us if a Republican was elected we’d see relations with Russia head back toward the Cold War era (btw, what Russia is alluding to is hurrying the deployment of the advanced S-300 missile system if we persist in this nonsense)?

Syria is a “no-win” situation for us if we intervene. Most of the intel I read says the opposition is riddled with Islamic extremists and Islamic extremist groups. Is it wise to arm such people? Well, a sane person would say “no”. A sane person would also stay the heck out of interfering in Syria.

But there are scandals to be dampened and distractions to be made. Because, you know, the Chosen One’s rep is much more important that a sane foreign policy or the lives of our military members.


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30 Responses to Syria – so now what?

  • Come on McQ! Obama finally gives into pressure from John McCain and others on right and you still condem him! After all McCain just got back from Syria and has identified our allies in this conflict!

  • I love the smell of sarcasm in the morning  … it smells like … Obama’s foreign policy (McCain … yeah, that’s who we ought to listen too).

    • … and having John Kerry as Secretary of State just makes the irony flow in torrents

      • Don’t you dare!  John is a hero, decorated for secret missions that he went on to the Sea of Galilee in his Swift Boat where he was wounded by a stray matzo ball!

  • We’ve managed to get the major Middle Eastern powers to form a perfect “Death Blossom” and now Obozo has managed to kick himself … where the sun never shines.
    All those lessons that “we” supposedly learn from Iraq, Afghanistan (and VietNam) that Obama mouthed during the 2008 election .. ignored.

    • Yeah, Iranian troops, Russian weapons, things are gonna go just super for the Rebels, ya know?
      This ain’t Libya (yes, if it were, we’d no doubt have a dead ambassador to the new Syrian government to show for our efforts.)

      • Just give them time, looker.  Just a little time, and they will produce another dead ambassador or something equally FUBARed.
        But not beyond all cover-up.  Just like Benghazi.

      • Let’s face it, if the Russians can’t keep a regime armed with their weapons alive, they might as well get out of the arms business.
        But now, we will buy Russian, or is that Chinese, arms and send them to al Qaeda et al

        • This one is going to be different from Libya – I think the Russians, having seen what happened to their former Libyan clients, are going to try something different than last time, no more simple “we object!” I think.
          They landed marines and docked Russian naval vessels in Syrian government controlled ports last year.   That didn’t happen in Libya.
          Nor did Iran officially send troops to Libya.  Between Hezbollah and troops….Barack and Hillary’s bombing from behind game won’t work this time.  Iran won’t be generous if NATO blasts Iranian troops from the air.
          Obama doesn’t have the balls and he’s backing the side that will end up losing and we’ll end up with an angrier more inclined to be radical Assad to boot.

  • Syria is a quagmire.

  • Agreed Bruce.  Every ‘policy’ decision by this administration is governed by political (leftist) calculus, and as such, there is no coherent national policy.  What is in our national interest here?  Doesn’t matter – it’s time to feint to the right, distract from the scandal-du-jour, and look tough.  There are already multiple AA (missile and artillery) systems in Syria, each very dangerous, but used in combination will be lethal to our pilots.  This is an absolute no-win for us, and the best we can hope for is that the President dithers aimlessly, not committing our forces into harm’s way.  Not much of a foreign policy, but at least it’s consistently confused.

  • Before Obama made this decision, were you praising him for staying out of it?

    • There was NO encouragement to get into it.   Widely recognized as a no-win for the US.
      Good lord, it’s bad enough to get involved at all, and under this President utter insanity.
      Arab spring is a farce, and that was widely noted here way back when this crap started 2 years ago.
      Good luck finding any proof that the guys who run this place thought we should rush in and help either Assad or the rebels.
      You might find some suggestions it would be good from the occasional numbskull commenter however.

    • Of course.  Because that’s the smart and right thing to do.  So why wouldn’t we criticize him for doing something dumb?

    • Praising him for not being an idiot…that’s the alternative is it?

      • Of course, as we may reflect, receiving praise for doing nothing has been the norm throughout his life.  I can see where, having set the bar somewhere just about an inch high, there might be inclination to praise him when he once more demonstrates he can step over that mighty height on his way to the next fund raiser.

    • They weren’t praising Obama for not spitting on the sidewalk, either.

      Were you trying to make a point?

  • He’s decided that since he thinks scandalpalooza is hurting his approval ratings, it is our business to intrude on what is essentially a civil war.

    Fixed that for ya.

  • Is it wise to arm such people? Well, a sane person would say “no”. A sane person would also stay the heck out of interfering in Syria.

    >>>> Not true. A sane person would arm whichever side appeared to be losing, then down the road stop and arm the other side to equalize. Our best play is actually to facilitate them killing each other off as much as possible.

  • I have a Russian co-worker who laughs at US foreign policy and says, “You stupid idiots, you should of let us deal with al-Qaeda.  Now you have nothing but problems with them.”

  • Not that this means this is an issue where we get involved, but Russia’s fucking with us just to fuck with us.  We’re going to have to deal with the BS sooner or later.

  • WTF did he agree to intervene NOW?
    Because France called his bluff by producing evidence that WMD’s were used to kill 150 out of 93,000 people?
    Supposedly they made the decision in April, though.
    I really do not get why we intervene now of all times.
    My prediction is this intervention will be a whole lot of nothing.

    • My guess is that they were trying to contact groups within Syria to elevate that best helps Team Obama’s world view.  Preferably some Anti-American, trans-national Islamic organization.

  • Maybe, just maybe this will be the start of a new view in AMerican politics. I hear utter disgust from libertarians, liberals, and now increasingly from the right. That evil warmonger McCain as will as the administration have lost credibility and people are just fed up with being contantly at war.  I predict that the next president elected will be running on a return to normanlcy campaign.