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Prepare for the next government push to scam their way into your wallet

The Wall Street Journal reports:

When President Barack Obama lays out plans to tackle climate change in a speech Tuesday, including the first effort to curb greenhouse-gas emissions from existing power plants, he will unleash a years long battle that has little assurance of being resolved during his time in office.

The president has called climate change a “legacy issue,” and his speech may head off a backlash from environmentalists should his administration approve the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada. But the address is unlikely to blunt criticism of Mr. Obama’s approach from the left or the right.

He is set to propose a host of measures to help lower emissions of gases that climate scientists say contribute to climate change. These include ways to boost energy efficiency, promote cleaner energy and rein in emissions from the existing fleet of power plants, according to people briefed on the speech.

Of course, as we’ve seen, the science and reality doesn’t support their contentions – and that’s all they are – at all.  It is another scam designed to literally create a tax out of thin air.  And they will try all the emotional arguments too.

We’ll be told that F3+ tornadoes are up because of climate change :

We’ll be told that hurricanes are up  because of climate change:

We’ll be told we’re suffering more drought/wetness because of climate change:

And that temperatures are higher than ever:

Reality is a bitch.

All you have to remember is what they said would happen based on their predictions hasn’t.  In fact, it’s not even close, is it?

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24 Responses to Prepare for the next government push to scam their way into your wallet

  • The MET just today released a study crediting man made particulates with the reduction in Atlantic Hurricanes in the 20th century….
    “suggests aerosols may have suppressed the number of Atlantic hurricanes over the 20th Century and even controlled the decade-to-decade changes in the number of hurricanes.”
    One way or another, proves the bullshit behind “the science” over the last decade
    10 years ago we were creating super storms that would devour our civilization, now our aerosols have suppressed them, and the study purports the storms actually got worse when we REDUCED the aerosols!
    It would be better if they just published a document saying “We’re sorry, we don’t have a farging clue, but send us enough money to keep us happy and we’ll stop terrorizing you so frequently.”

    • Seriously though, it’s just an excuse to reach into our wallets and bank accounts before the scam is totally discredited.   Once they’ve passed laws, they’ll claim the laws ‘helped’ and they’ll up the price.
      Cause God knows, I don’t work for the betterment of myself and family, I work so the US government can ‘protect’ me every day.

  • Fact-proof – the left’s delusion in two words.  Evidence of the fraud is overwhelming.  There was a recent NYT article laying the groundwork for the coming confiscation, save a bit of accidental journalism.  It somehow slipped by the editors that the climateers have no clue why their models don’t work – but we should spend the trillions just-in-case.
    It’d be humorous if it wasn’t so expensive…

  • Countdown for Erb to enter the discussion by calling McQ and anyone who agrees with him a Neanderthal in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

  • Ten years ago, I would have called the models “unproven”. The time frames involved, the ambiguous nature of some of the proxy temperature data (tree rings, ice cores, and the like), the omission of natural solar variability from the models, and the suspicious convenience of the global warming theory for power-hungry leftists were the basis of my own skepticism.

    With the release of the ClimageGate emails and the accompanying code, my skepticism turned to cynicism about anything these so-called scientists put out. When a lead researcher says he won’t put out his data because the person who requested it just wants to find something wrong with it, he’s not practicing science. When data analysis programs have magic fudge factors that no one can explain or recall the origin, the output of such programs is pointless. Basing trillion dollar policy decisions on such a foundation would have been lunacy. 

    A few years later, we have more data, and it’s now clear we need to move the models firmly into the “failed” category. The variance of the models from actual temperatures is too big and has gone on too long for the models to be considered viable. That’s just science; when the data refutes the model, the model needs to be junked or completely revamped.

    Just as Marxists in academia never came clean about their support for the Soviet Union, we should never expect to see more than a handful of climate change activists ever admit any of these problems with the supposed scientific basis of their beliefs. They’ll just go on talking about a “consensus” that has been reduced to groupthink in their own numbers.

    But it doesn’t matter as long as the already-skeptical public gets at least a vague understanding of just how fraudulent the climate debate has been. The recent scandals probably help. It’s getting hard to find anything the average person trusts government about.

    • From my understanding they measure climate in 30 year intervals…now I don’t understand Bayesian statistics, but in regular old statistics, they sure don’t have many data points either way. I think the 15+ years without increase messes up the Bayesian claims as well.

      • The recent trend, now that we’re in a plateau is to average temperatures for 10 years or more to keep the upward trend in place on the temperature graphs.

  • The BOTTOM line is this…
    The Collective will NEVER let this go without a rolling, screaming cat-fit, BECAUSE it is “global” something-or-other.
    It has the potential for GLOBAL power grabs and income redistribution.
    AND it fits so nicely with the dogma of their Malthusian, misanthropic, anti-choice world-view.
    Back to you, Erp…for the articulation of “the bottom line”…straight from the bottom.

    • Technically, if GW was occurring it really would be a collective action problem that could require a government solution, i.e like the tragedy of the commons. Of course, since the effect of CO2 is logarithmic – every doubling of CO2 leads to less and less greenhouse effect, the only solution would be a time machine to warn the people back in the 40’s and 50’s to stop creating so much CO2.

  • Clearly there has a been a “Climate Change” in DC these past few months, except Obama is digging the whole deeper.
    Even Politico sees bad news ahead …

    A MONKEY WRENCH FOR McCARTHY: If Gina McCarthy didn’t already have a target on her back, she does now. The president’s climate change speech only intensifies the already-complicated politics surrounding her confirmation to become EPA administrator. “It absolutely paints a bigger target on her back,” one oil industry lobbyist told POLITICO. “It was 50-50 she was getting across the finish line without Tuesday’s speech. My read now is that the White House is willing to kiss her goodbye with this upcoming announcement. What political harm would accrue to a coal state senator putting a permanent hold on her?”

    • Has anyone set up a fake email name generator for government officials yet? Probably save them a few days of work thinking about how to get around FOIA.

  • If the EPA and the UN would just ban volcanos the problem would be solved!————-CONEY

    • .  and just how did they ever allow something like the Grand Canyon to happen.
      They must have had a mountain of studies to get the permit.

  • It’s a religion, and a stupid one at that

    • Its not just a religion.  Its an opportunity to make people believe they’re saving the planet if they vote democrat.  Its like those old fire alarm sales men who had pictures of burn victims around help to make the sale.
      If you look at the Democrat’s whole approach to issues, its like they are appealing to 7 year olds.  Cartoonish villains on many issues, world in peril, and the situation is black and white.  The solution is clear (vote Democrat).  Ironically from the guys who like to blunt action by decrying the world is many shades of gray betray that meme in a heartbeat.
      Unfortunately, it works.

  • There’s no chart for Dorritos!  I mean doreechos, errr, derechos.
    Where’s the chart for derechos?   One destroyed the mid west a couple weeks ago didn’t it?   It was in all the weather forecasts, from Chicago to Pennsylvania, derechos were going to destroy everything in one giant super storm of straight line windage.
    I was taking that as seriously as our recent War with North Korea (we really HAVE always been at war with North Korea), and the apprehension and punishment of those dudes that attacked our embassy in Benghazi!
    Shoot, I can’t believe there’s no chart on derechos.

    • Data on derechos is considered unreliable, prior to establishment of permanent human settlements on the American Plains.  Before that, buffalo meteorologists were often faulted for making inaccurate instrument readings…the well-known “hoofy problem”.
      Sometime in the mid-Twentieth Century, with the advent of “mobile homes”, the number of derechos spiked.  Some contend they were provoked.

  • Word from the White House last night was that the boat and skis are ready .. they even brought in Henry Winkler to give the President last minute tips.

    Yes, today, the President will “Jump the Shark” with his Climate
    Policy based on the the “settled science” and consensus that have all
    the markings of political theater and nothing to do with science.

    The EPA, stuck in the past, and unwilling to follow the science where it
    leads, have given our President everything he needs to fight his dirty little “War on Coal.”

    In the days ahead, little children will begin to utter the refrain, much
    like the way the horses always whinnied at the mention of Frau Blücher, but instead the refrain will be from Little Jack of the movie “Meet the Fockers”


  • Meanwhile in the real world, the temperature cycle continues without a “hockey stick” in sight.

    Further, temperatures are nowhere close to the mean of the predictions.

  • Whoa.  BIG MOTHER…

  • Gotta get it done NOW!!!!! Now!  NOW!    NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just like Obamacare & immigration.   Just like the attempt on gun control….
    NAO!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The rush to get er done before even the low info voters realize it’s bullshit.

  • You know, that last chart’s prediction looks suspiciously similar to the actual unemployment data with Obama’s stimulus package, doesn’t it?  Maybe they just got their two sets of data mixed up.