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NLRB appointments indicative of Obama’s desire for executive rule

Here’s a story not getting much attention, but is indicative of how President Obama tends to use executive power when he can’t get his way with Congress.  Rule by executive fiat.

What am I talking about?  As you may recall, Obama made appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) during a supposed Congressional recess.  Except it wasn’t really a recess.  Congress was not between sessions (that constitutes a recess), but was instead it was on an intrasession break, one of many Congress takes during any session.  Never have those been considered recesses of the type in which recess appointments could be legally made.

That is until this administration.  That’s precisely how the vacant slots on the NLRB were filled with Obama appointees.

Enter Cablevision.

Over the past year, Cablevision has been in the midst of a brutal public battle with the Communication Workers of America over pay for technicians and allegations of union-busting. In May, Cablevision sought the intervention of an appeals court to stay proceedings at the NLRB, and now, the company is hoping that the high court will take up the issue of the NLRB’s authority.

The point, of course, isn’t particularly about the dispute.  It’s one in a long line of management and labor disputes. The question is whether or not the NLRB is legally constituted given the way the appointments were made.  It’s about the rule of law.  When citizens see the government flout the law or ignore it, it doesn’t set a good precedent.  Yet that’s precisely what has happened in this case.

And that’s what Cablevision is questioning.  How is there legitimacy in an illegally appointed board?   And why, should their rulings be obeyed, given the circumstances of the board’s recent constitution. Here’s the point:

“The role of Congress is to ensure a balanced NLRB and the Obama Administration bypassed Congress in order to stack the NLRB in favor of Big Labor. Two different federal courts — the D.C. Circuit and the Third Circuit — have established that the NLRB is illegally constituted and has no authority to take action. The NLRB continues to ignore these rulings, and we ask the Supreme Court to compel the NLRB to immediately halt its unlawful proceedings against Cablevision.”

Shades of Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela – Chavez kept the institutions of a democracy, but he packed them with his loyal appointees that shared the same ideology and agenda.  With what has happened with the IRS and the EPA, etc, that’s not as big a stretch as one might imagine.


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13 Responses to NLRB appointments indicative of Obama’s desire for executive rule

  • Oh, NOOOOOOooooo, McQ.
    These are pragmatic centrists.  (If you mean they came from the Central Kommittee.)
    One need simply look at the people in the Obamabanana Republic to see what a Collectivist radical Pres. Snoop-Dog is, was, and will be.

    • The Pragmatic…..isn’t that a building in the Tidal Basin opposite the Pentagon?    The one Fanny Foxe liked to jump in? (ohhhhhhhh Willlllburrrrrrrrrrrrr)

    • Hey, if he can invent histories, so can I dammit!

    • The apparatciks and nomenklatura are busily at work!

  • Forget reigning govt in.
    Capture it. Hold onto it. Use it to crush the left.

  • I don’t look at it as though Obama started out looking for “executive rule” per se, but it did end up that way.
    Obama, a political product of Chicago, is used to the “Chicago Way” where even the few Republicans will bend to some pork.  As such, he really doesn’t have any negotiating skills .. in the true sense of negotiating.  He just doesn’t know what to say or do with people, like those “EVIL” Tea Party folks, who don’t respond to pork.
    Obama was faced with a choice, learn how to negotiate or go it alone with “executive rule”.
    Obama choose badly.

  • When citizens see the government flout the law…

    “When CERTAIN citizens see the government flout the law…”, there, fixed it.
    The ObamaJugen/quislings/MiniTru folks all love his fascistic ways.

  • “When citizens see the government flout the law…”
    NLRB or….refusing to enforce the Obamacare employer mandate in January 2014 because it would be ‘inconvenient’ for the Democrats running for election?
    What do we make of a government that chooses to pass laws and then practices temporary nullification to make sure it gets itself good an entrenched before it has to enforce that law.
    King Barry does WTF he wants.   This is HIS country.

    • Bu…bu…but how many TENS OF THOUSANDS of people will DIE in the meantime????  Pres. Snoop-Dog SWORE that 30-40,000 people a YEAR would DIE if we failed to pass ObamaDoggle right now

      • Last year I didn’t think I could have more disdain for this man….
        I was wrong.

  • So much talk for nothing….  You think Stalin cared about frightened subjects whispering about his crimes in their basements?  When you’re ready to take up arms and fight for liberty against a man and a system that are both clearly corrupt and a perversion of democracy, then people will care what you think.  Then they will listen.  If your idea of resistence is blog posts and forum chatter, expect to see the inside of the camps sooner or later.  You’ll have the whole of the liberal establishment against you, with all it’s accumulated power and influence and a good deal of the rest of the country too, as they have long ago been put to sleep by the easy life of living under a government nanny.  But at least you’ll be fighting for what’s right.  When I start to see federal employees being shot down in the street, then I’ll know liberty loving citizens have found their courage.  The revolution wasn’t won with pamphlets, it was won with arms and blood.