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So here we go: Egypt at the abyss – military said to have Morsi under arrest

The old means of changing government is back.  The Egyptian military is reportedly staging a coup.

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is reportedly under house arrest after the military ultimatum expired Wednesday, reports Al Hayat TV.

Morsi’s spokesman denied the report, according to ABC News, but word of the house arrest provoked cheers in Tahrir Square.

This comes as Egypt’s military moved to tighten its control on key institutions before their afternoon ultimatum expired.

The military stationed officers in the newsroom of state television on the banks of the Nile River in central Cairo. Troops were deployed in news-production areas.

Officers from the army’s media department moved inside the newsroom and were monitoring output, though not yet interfering, staffers said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk about the arrangements.

Apparently, this is the plan:

Under a plan leaked to state media, the military would install a new interim leadership, the Islamist-backed constitution suspended and the Islamist-dominated parliament dissolved.

And our position, as reported by ABC?

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama is urging Morsi to address the people’s grievances and the White House is also warning Egypt’s military that a coup could jeopardize relations with the United States.


Oh, and where in the world is John Kerry?


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19 Responses to So here we go: Egypt at the abyss – military said to have Morsi under arrest

  • Kerry?
    He’s busy leading a CIA expedition into Colombia-One in Austria to make sure Snowden isn’t hiding in Evo Morales’s hair.

  • In a just world, Kerry would be down in the middle of Tahrir Square, on the receiving end of some attention from the gangs of rapists.

  • Pres. Snoop-Dog…
    OK, you guys knock that off!!!!  Put that back, right NOW.  Don’t MAKE me wag my finger and stick my chin in the air at you…!!!

    • You forgot his most potent weapon….
      “Wait till your father gets home!”

  • Pass the popcorn. One group of anti- America, anti-Israel thugs vs another.

  • U.S. aid must be cut if it’s a coup
    OK, Mr. Downside is speechless…

  • How can the Muslim Brotherhood losing power be a bad thing?

    • Who said it was?

      • It is for Barack.  My theory to Obama’s overarching actions to the Middle East is to allow the formation of a Middle East Superpower.  This because the Evil West has pushed them around too much.   No whether he has direct sympathy for Islamists or just feels that the Islamists are a doorway to creating a unified Middle East, idk.  But I will say Obama is livid right now.  This really puts a crimp in his plans, especially the if the government ends up being secular in nature of any kind after all is said and done.

  • Jonathan Alter Links Egyptian Military Coup To Obama’s Cairo Speech
    Fifth Grader in Podunk Links Egyptian Military Coup To Barack Obama’s Golf Handicap
    I’m not sure which one is more impressive, but I’ll go with the golf handicap

  • The unfortunate thing about this is that its getting to be a democracy of the mob situation.  Not unlike revolutionary France.  You technically had democracy but whoever was able to whip up the mob or exploit the mob’s frenzy became the next leader and typically became a terror.  The mob liked their power, too.  ‘Protest’ and you get change and very little patients.  Somewhat addictive I imagine.
    If that’s true, they’ll be doing this for a years and finally settle on a benign dictator, not unlike Mubarak, once they finally get sick and tired of the frenzy.

  • Happy Independent’s Day, y’all…!!!

  • I wonder what Pres. Snoop-Dog will tell us about himself for Independence Day. Maybe a new Obama photo?
    What a difference a president makes.

  • And they found John Kerry on a boat, seriously.   Probably planning another Christmas shopping run into Cambodia.