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A little plug

Just as a reminder for any of our automotively inclined readers, I have been using Medium as an outlet for my automotive writing. The archive of articles is here. If you like anything you read there, please be sure to hit the "Recommend" link on the article. A recent sampling of articles include:

What God Drives on the Weekend (Jaguar F-Type)

Curve Carver (Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ)

Good Enough (Volvo S60 T6 R-Design)

Doctor Hoon (Mini John Cooper Works GP)

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3 Responses to A little plug

  • Excellent review of the Volvo and nice capturing of the “lagom” spirit. It bears thinking about that in Sweden Volvos are not really considered as luxurious as the equivalent BMW or Audi, they’re good solid family cars for the good solid workers and middle-class so aren’t detailed as nicely as the Germans. These days you can get more bang for your buck out of a Skoda Superb, for example.