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Filner/Weiner: where are the “war on women” accusations?

George Will brought up a very good point on ABC’s This Week this Sunday.  When discussing Democrats Bob Filner and Anthony Weiner and their current problems, Will uttered the following:

"If these two people, [Mayor Bob] Filner in San Diego and [Anthony] Weiner here, were Republicans, this would be a part of a lot of somber sociology in the media about the Republican war on women."

Who has heard any hint of that?  Anyone?  Are you seeing it in the media?  Given how the left and Democrats try to define the “war on women” would they really not include these two under that definition?

By the way, the panel on This Week got a huge cackle out of Will’s utterance, because, you know, obviously his square peg just doesn’t fit the round hole they have conjured in their minds.


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  • OH, why stop there, McQ.
    Balless Bill Clinton, serial abuser of women, is their “senior statesman”.  Father of the Year, according to some.
    ANY Kennedy of the JFK generation (excluding the brother killed in WWII, about who we know nothing).
    FDR and Lyndon Johnson were TERRIBLE skunks to women.
    This is like forgetting that Deemocrats are THE party of racists.

    • Don’t forget that in nearly every Democrat legislators office, women are under-represented, and paid far less than the male counterparts..

  • Stockholm Syndrome? Perhaps Democrat women think they somehow deserve abuse?

  • War on Women?  What happened to justice for Trayvon?   They got more social unrest at the end of the surfing competition in LA than they did out of Trayvon.
    Geese, these people are geese, because sheep may be smarter.

  • It’s been strikingly obvious to anyone who pays attention and is honest that ‘women’ are just more members of the Democratic plantation, and when they note things like the Dem’s serial abusing candidates and office holders they are considered ‘not women’, just as blacks become Uncle Tom when they stray from the Democratic playbook on acceptable thinking by African Americans.
    And as Rags notes….the storied party of organized racism now the magical champions of racial equality and justice.

    • “Magical” being the operative term….

    • ‘women’ are just more members of the Democratic plantation,

      The word is “dupes”, another form of “useful(less) idiots”.

    • They are still the champions of racism.  But instead of a dictatorial racism of ‘they must be controlled’, its a coddling racism of ‘they can’t survive independently without our help and guidance’.  Both stem from the notion that Blacks are inferior, incapable of being ‘moral agents’, and a harm to themselves and others if left to their own devices.

  • One further note:  How many of us survivors/victors of the Cold War would have ever thought the American media could do such a splendid imitation of Izvestia and Pravda?
    Because therein lies a great part of our problem.

    • Yes, its blatant propaganda.  To quote Brave New World, “Sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth”.  The goal is to burn the notion republicans have a war on women, facts at hand be damned.
      The only mystery is how deep are they in it themselves.  Do they realize the villainy of their propagandizing or do they believe they are serving some ‘greater truth’?  They just know the republicans are evil and they must train the masses to know the same thing.   Or do they sit back and think, we can cost Romney the election with a last minute narrative aimed at women.

  • FLASH…
    Sheila Jackson-Lee has been recommended by the CBC to head DHS.
    No shit.

  • You remind me of Wonko the Sane, anyone outside the bubblesphere of Bitter Old White Heterosexual Christian Male are on the Plantation 😀

    • We know we do.  You realize you relegated yourself to the last line in Bruce’s piece?
      So play with these notions for a second.  Can you name one high profile Black Republican or Woman that hasn’t been vilified or trivialized in some way?  Does it make sense that they are all evil or deficient?  Is that sane?

    • Yeah, Filner, fine man, you do yourself great credit, just as he does great credit to decent men everywhere.
      No wonder women expect this kind of behavior from the average man, the Democrats have trained them so well.

  • Where are the accusations?
    In a related story, this gobsmacking item from Ace:

    Money graf:
    Regardless of how the Bob Filner mess eventually ends—and itwill end, somehow—there are questions that need to be asked and answered.
    They are questions that should have been asked long ago, and should have been asked by those whose job it is to ask such questions: us.
    Who are “us”?
    “Us” are the San Diego news media reporters, editors, producers and writers who pretty much knew who and what Bob Filner is and has been.
    Yes, I’m including myself in that group. I’ve covered Bob Filner off and on since he was elected to the San Diego Unified School District Board in 1979. From the beginning, most of us saw how arrogant Filner was and is, how abusive he could be to his own staff members, how he felt elective office entitled him to be all those things and more.
    We all saw that in Filner, and yet we did nothing about it. Filner was often a topic of conversation among us when we gathered at news conferences or when we would gather at the various watering holes many of us frequented together when off work.
    The near universal opinion among us was, “Can you believe this guy? Why does he get away with acting like that?” Then another round of drinks would appear, and talk went on to other things.
    And there’s your answer.

    • One factor to always keep in mind: journalists, by and large, don’t have the guts to do anything with an ounce of risk.

      You can tell by what they choose to cover and not cover. Very few of them will cover anything that isn’t safe and fulfills the left’s narrative. They wait, and wait, and only jump in when the rest of the herd starts moving in that direction.

      If it ever does, which they all secretly hope will not happen. That’s what they’re all desperately hoping about the entire current round of scandals, and that’s why they seize on every preposterous assertion by an administration official that there’s no scandal.

      The exceptions, such as Cheryl Atkinson, show them the risk of not following that course.

  • Granted the “war on women” pejorative is a steaming pile of crap that Democrats love to grab and throw at Republicans every chance they get, knowing the media will help them in such propaganda.  After all, what is more misogynistic than opposing the infringement of the rights of employers by mandating that they pay 100% for contraception and certain tests?  And, by “misogynistic”, I mean against gynecologists, who benefit immensely by this rule.
    There are some idiots who make idiotic remarks about rape and pregnancy–in the last election, when discussing the Republican candidate who made a rape gaffe, it was rather alarming that one had to specify which one.  And, people who answer questions about their support for new laws by referring to religious texts or traditions don’t help the image.
    Also, I’d point out that many of the Democrats who merrily grab a hunk of the “war on women” and sling it carelessly will then turn around and complain about “Islamaphobia” or cheer the election of Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood, ignoring the real-life war on women that Muslims have waged for centuries, from female genital mutilation, “honor” murders, punishment of rape victims, wife beating, and all the oppressive limitations on dress and freedom of movement.
    All of that said, George Will is full of beans.  Women have affairs, too.  And, wives who tolerate a husband’s infidelity voluntarily trade their dignity for political power.  It was a bit clever of him to grab a clump of the war on women muck and fling it back, but it had no merit.  It just made him dishonest like the Democrats.