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Again, if ObamaCare is so great, why doesn’t anyone want it? And why are the “elite” being exempted?

The latest proof of its undesirability comes from … Congressional staffers.  I mentioned this before.  They, like the IRS, want no part of this costly boondoggle.

So who rides to the rescue?  Why Mr. ObamaCare himself, even while he’s telling the rest of us poor, ignorant schlubs how much we’re going to enjoy his legislative legacy:

Members of Congress and Hill staffers will not lose their healthcare subsidies from the government when Obamacare is implemented because of an exception proposed Wednesday by the Office of Personnel Management.

Under the current system, the government covers most of the cost of healthcare premiums for members and their staffers. But an amendment to the Affordable Care Act — proposed by Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley — threw those subsidies into question saying that members and staff must enter into the exchanges or be covered by insurance “created” by law.

The potential for staff losing the subsidies led to concerns of “brain drain” from the Hill if staffers left as a result of the increased costs.

We could use a good “brain drain” from the population that has helped bring us this debacle that even they don’t want. But on to the good part … relatively speaking:

Last week, when President Barack Obama came to the Hill to meet with Senate Democrats, he informed them that he would personally get involved to sort out the confusion, and the White House said that OPM would issue guidelines this week.

The guidelines, released Wednesday, allow for members and staff to retain their subsidies from the government, an exception in exchange for giving up “premium tax credits” that they would otherwise be eligible for under Obamacare.

This is what our government has become … the dispenser of favors to the politically favored. Apparently Congress is “too important to fail” and they don’t want to be losing all those brilliant folks who, over the years, have brought us to this state of affairs.

And yet there are fools who will defend this sort of favoritism.  Because, you know, government is just a big candy machine for some … if you have the right coins.


15 Responses to Again, if ObamaCare is so great, why doesn’t anyone want it? And why are the “elite” being exempted?

  • Some Republican should introduce a law into Congress calling for a universal waiver from Obamacare.

    They don’t seem to have the spine to go for a repeal or defunding it. I guess those just sound too mean.

    Yeah, “universal waiver”. Sounds much nicer.

    • I have been thinking, since the waivers started, that if we win the next presidency even if we do not get the senate back the new pres. should just declare anyone who had a waiver now has to follow the law and everyone who didn’t get a waiver now has one. If it is legal for Obama to give out waivers then it is legal for a new pres.

  • Again, if ObamaCare is so great, why doesn’t anyone want it? And why are the “elite” being exempted?

    They are in love with Obama.  And like any new girlfriend, if she asks you to keep her cats for the week while she leaves town, its no sweat.  But a day or two after she’s not around anymore reality sets in and you just want to accidentially leave the door open. 

  • Excellent idea!  Congress passes a law granting exemption from ObamaCare for every American and defund it in the same law. 

  • why are the “elite” being exempted?”

    They aren’t. Any other questions?

    • Here’s a question for you: Why don’t you back up your point, rather than peeing and running?

    • Like Canada and Europe, the rich automatically bypass these systems because they can pay their way in cash.  To begin with insurance is maybe used as a travel backup, otherwise insurance actually costs extra to manage.  So if you’re able to absorb the cost of catastrophic health incidents, its better on average to forgo insurance.
      And then you’re completely ignoring Bruce’s examples.

    • Geeze Barry, you could at least say “Let me be clear (pause for tele-prompter page to roll up) They aren’t”.
      Don’t you have a fund raiser or a golf game to get to?

  • So you found your solution
    What will be your last contribution?
    “Live it up, rip it up, why so lazy?
    Give it out, dish it out, let’s go crazy,

  • …and, if it is SOOOOOooooo good, why is it MANDATORY…????

  • Rags asks “…and, if it is SOOOOOooooo good, why is it MANDATORY…????”
    You forget the Progressive mindset:  the Glorious State doesn’t let the plebes choose, because they might choose “unwisely”.  Therefore, if something is not forbidden, it’s mandatory.   (Or is it the other way around: “If it’s not mandatory, it’s forbidden” … ??  Sigh.  The Glorious State is going to have a long hard slog re-educating me….)

  • What part of The Cloward – Piven Strategy is unclear?

    • I think objectively, the fact that Obama has refined the C-P strategy to include the SUPPLY side, as well as an exploded DEMAND side is inescapable.
      It is STILL very hard to get your head around…the idea that there are people who call themselves “Americans” who are that evil.