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The Left’s defense of … everything

Andrew Klavan discusses what the left has been reduced to in defending its failures:



I think he pretty accurately capsulizes today’s climate on the left. Totally out of arguments, adrift in leftist failures worldwide,  all they have left is to yell"shut up" at their opposition.  And as he points out, they simply use different code words in their attempt. I also agree with his conclusion:

Don’t shut up.


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30 Responses to The Left’s defense of … everything

  • I am reminded of the inimitable Yosemite Sam, to Bugs Bunny…
    “SHUD UP, shutten’ up.”
    I will continue to be Bugs.  Er.  You know what I mean…

    • And Erb and his ilk will continue to be Daffy.

      • “Engage me as an equal” = “Shut up about how stupid and destructive my ideas are and grant them the same respect as your own”

        “Your time is past” = “Shut up because you are no longer relevant”

        “Be pragmatic” = “Shut up about actually reducing government and just accept that it’s not possible”

        “Stop calling me names” = “Shut up so that I can spew more leftist dogma at you”

        “I’m a professor who knows all about this political stuff and you should take classes from me” = “Shut up and listen to your betters”

        • “Stop calling me names” = “Shut up so that I can spew more leftist dogma at you”

          “Psychotic”, “sycophant”, etc. are not NAMES, they are appropriate descriptors.

    • Personally I want to be Marvin the Martian.
      Just wait till I find that missing Illudium PU 36 explosive space modulator.

  • Not only true, but pure genius.

    • I love Klavan.  He does some WONDERFUL stuff.

      Along with the other people at PJMedia, like Bill Whittle.

  • I commented last week (or later) that there was not Obama Doctrine.  Well, that problem has been solved.
    Foreign Policy has a piece attempting to outline the Obama Doctrine. It’s summed up by the title .. “Speak Softly and Carry No Stick”
    Both Obama and many of the people whose advice he has listened to since 2009 are morally driven figures who nevertheless accept that the world is a fallen place which cannot easily be changed, even with all of America’s might. Samantha Power, a senior White House official before she became U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, used to say, “We are all consequentialists now.” We — that is, outside advocates and activists like her who had joined the administration — had an obligation to choose words, and policies, according to their consequences, not according to some abstract moral scale. If praising dictators in Sudan or Burma, as the administration did at times, encouraged them to reconcile with their rivals, then they should be praised. Cutting ties to demonstrate the purity of your indignation, by contrast, is irresponsible.

  • “today’s climate on the left.”
    McQ; Now you are saying there is a climate change on the left! Make up your mind please! Climate change, man made climate change, no climate change, natural climate change,
    and now left wing climate change! Please pick one and stick to it so we can decide if it’s one of your phoney scandals or something we can reach a CONEY-censes on!

    • Are you referring to “Global Warming,” “Climate Change,” “Global Climate Disruption” or the new moniker, “carbon pollution.”
      There most definitely is a rash of Global Word/Phrase Pollution going on out there.

    • Hey!  I trademarked “CONEY-sensus” the other day.  Despite the slightly dissimilar spelling, the two terms would easily be confused in the minds of consumers.
      Back off.  You don’t want me suing you…  (For a purely nominal annual fee, I will grant you a license to use the term.)

      • My different spelling will hold up in any court of law! Besides I prefer to settle my dissagrements the old fashioned way. I you want to persue your claim then I will be forced to challenge you to a duel!(I will not participate in a spelling bee)

        • Very well.  For the shear IQ destructive power, I chose Erpisms at 10 paces.  Ha-ha!  Take THAT!

    • Kindly hit the Detox ward before posting in here, hhhmmKay?

  • Countdown for Erb to show up and state we are all “Climate Change Deniers” and representative of the Neanderthals of the right in 4 . . 3 . . 2 . . 1 . .

    • It’s like spraying Maine moose urine all over everything, brings him in every time.
      the only way he could have made it more certain was to add Obama’s name to the post title.

    • If he drops in, I want dibs on asking him about how the thousands of casualties in Egypt this week are “good and necessary”. And how that “anti-Tea Party” Arab Spring thing is working out.

      • The peaceful muslims have been attacking the wicked army in it’s many locations.   I understand the Egyptian army have been deploying troops in Christian homes and churches.

  • My 10th grade daughter had her last day of school yesterday. A teacher gave her a sheet of instructions on how to lead a “green,” low-carbon summer. The sheet included suggestions like “hitchhike.” Great idea for a 16-year-old girl! Also, don’t have a baby over the summer. Um, don’t worry: she wasn’t planning to. But not for reasons of climate control. Is our world getting stupider all the time, or what?

    There is a Malthusian wet dream video making the Collectivist rounds called “The Story Of Stuff”.
    Read the whole thingssss by the guys at Powerline.

    • “Also, don’t have a baby over the summer.”
      Liberal fascists!  She should be able to have as many babies over the summer as she chooses, right?   It’s her body parts!  She has a right to choose to have as many abortions as she wants at 16!

  • I enjoyed Ragspierre’s last blog. My only rebuttal is that brainwashing begins young in this country. The progressive agenda is handed down to the school boards and then is force fed to our young. Sort of like how they did it in Nazi Germany.

    See, THIS kind of crap is what you get when you hate markets and trust “smart people” to run a command economy.
    Nobody is smart enough to run even a fraction of an economy. And NOBODY has a right to take my choices from me.
    Get it, Erp?

    • Fits right in with the green, meat is evil, agenda.   Yeah!!!!!!!!!
      Take that you Gaia hating fiends!
      Now that corn that we fed to cattle can be used throughout the world to feed millions of poor peop….what?
      Now that corn can be converted to bio fuels and used to lower our fuel pric…..what?
      shut up!  Everyone KNOWS markets don’t correct themselves!

    Those of us tied to reality predicted this.
    The Collective, ever chained to delusions, hailed “The Arab Spring” as literally a new thing under the sun…an organic, spontaneous movement by Islamic nations toward democracy because…Facebook.
    And we said, “How many will die for this stupid denial of reality?”. We don’t know yet. The counter is still rolling.


    • Don’t forget the meme of the unarmed civilian peaceful protestors being gunned down mercilessly in the streets by the rabid military.
      Don’t ask how 40 odd police/soldier got killed during the peaceful protests on the first day (and then make sure the body count doesn’t itemize them clearly so we can count them as civilians when we’re hurling raw numbers around), don’t ponder the burning of Christian homes and churches (marked in advance so as not to destroy muslim favorable real estate), don’t wonder about the immeasurable damage done to historical artifacts by ‘peaceful’ protestors sacking the Cairo museum (no doubt destroying much heathen history in the process, praise Allah), don’t be curious as to why the military, obviously capable of committing a massacre any time it felt like it, waited till now to do it.  And for heaven sake, don’t even begin to fathom why a march declared in advance to be a ‘Day of Rage’ actually turned into a day of rage.  It’s only sensible to think something declared to be a day of rage would be peaceful and well ordered.   Why, I personally think all peace marchers should be encouraged to bring along their heaviest weaponry, from rockets to rifles to rocks to ‘march for peace’.

      • Correction, NOT the Cairo museum – Mallawi Museum in Minia.   That’s probably why it’s okay with the media.

  • And I know this is kinda OT, but…..  maybe not, it’s all part of the (shutup!) leftist fantasy (and it’s one of them phony scandals they keep talking about too)
    (along the lines of the “Guns kill people” thought process) Obama masks are racist, like wearing blackface
    I mean, everybody who buys one of those masks should always wear it as a sign of respect for the President, they should be the smartest masked person at any party or event and should comport themselves with the utmost grace and charm.
    Should we ban Obama masks?
    Or at least do background checks of people who are buying them to make sure they aren’t going to wear them in such a way as would reflect badly on the President?
    And make sure they haven’t shown any racist tendencies, make them fill out a Federal form to see if they’re on the list of known racists (SPLC lists).
    Should we ban their manufacture, and sale, and importation?
    because Obama masks make people do racist things!