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Why does anyone still take Al Gore seriously?

That’s a legitimate question.   The man makes it up as he goes.  The latest evidence is his invention of a new category for hurricanes (which is right up there with his invention of the internet for veracity).  Yes, friends, his claim came during an “interview” (here, see if you can hit these softballs, Al) by Ezra Klein.  In it, he likened “deniers” to slave owners, racists and just about any other bit of nonsense he could muster. 

As to his claim:

A Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) expert says Al Gore goofed during his widely circulated Washington Post interview on global warming.  Gore, noting stronger storms fueled by climate change, told the paper “the hurricane scale used to be 1-5, and now they’re adding a 6.”

I’m sorry, that’s more than a goof.  It’s a lie.  It is simply not true.  Period.  It never has been true, no have there been any plans to add such a category by the one place that would do it:

“There are no plans by the National Hurricane Center, the federal office responsible for categorizing storms, to create a new category,” she wrote on the environmental group’s website.

There there was this as well (James Taranto covers it):

Gore uses the interview to claim vindication for his 2006 "documentary," "An Inconvenient Truth": "You mentioned my movie back in the day. The single most common criticism from skeptics when the film came out focused on the animation showing ocean water flowing into the World Trade Center memorial site. Skeptics called that demagogic and absurd and irresponsible. It happened last October 29th, years ahead of schedule, and the impact of that and many, many other similar events here and around the world has really begun to create a profound shift."

But that’s not what Al referred too when he talked about water flowing into the WTC memorial site in his movie:

The reference is to Hurricane Sandy, a Category 2 storm when it struck the Northeastern U.S., flooding parts of New York and New Jersey, including downtown Manhattan. (Sandy peaked in the Caribbean as a Category 3 storm. By comparison, 2005’s Hurricane Katrina went as high as Category 5 and made landfall at Category 3.)

But if we roll the film–which is less than scintillating, but the clip lasts less than 2½ minutes–we find that what Gore predicted in "An Inconvenient Truth" was something far direr than a storm and a flood. He predicted that lower Manhattan–along with vast and heavily populated swaths of Florida, California, the Netherlands, China, India and Bangladesh–would be permanently submerged owing to higher sea levels.

"Think of the impact of a couple of hundred thousand refugees when they’re displaced by an environmental event," Gore intoned in the movie. "And then imagine the impact of 100 million or more." And then keep imagining. While Sandy caused severe temporary disruption and wrought an unusual amount of damage because it happened to hit a population center, it was not different in kind from other natural disasters. Lower Manhattan was soon dry again.

Again, a lie, or at best an extreme exaggeration.

And that has been typical of this entire politically driven “science based” effort to claim that we’re headed to disaster because of man.   As Taranto says, “while Al Gore isn’t a scientist, the Climategate scandal showed that some scientists are no more scrupulous than he is.”  

Have to agree.  Exaggeration and alarm are the only way their science-deficient bunk can get any press.  So they indulge in it freely and call their opponents names.

Hurricane Sandy was a Cat 2 hurricane.  I’ve actually flown into a Cat 2 hurricane (Alex).  Trust me no one was calling Alex a “super storm”.  That’s because it hit Mexico.  But Sandy hit one of the world’s biggest media centers (and it hit the area perfectly for maximum effect).  Had it bumped into North Carolina instead it would have just been another Cat 2 already forgotten.

Instead we have this charlatan hyping it for headlines which are easily debunked.  You have to wonder why?  Certainly in hope of headline reading low information citizens seeing and believing his bunk.  But there’s more to it than that … follow the money.


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21 Responses to Why does anyone still take Al Gore seriously?

  • Al spent too much time getting stoned at Harvard and yelling for Tommy Lee Jones to crank the stereo up to “11”.
    From the same man who thinks the earth’s core is millions of degrees hot.
    The same one who wants his ‘Sacral chakra’ ‘massaged’ (Al Gore Chakra massage comes complete with happy ending!).
    Inconvenient truths indeed.
    People believe his bunk for the same reason we keep hearing Obama (despite people being unhappy with;  his domestic policy, his foreign policy, his tax policy, his healthcare plan, his policy on flying around in Air Force one, his policy on vacations, his African-American unemployment numbers, his NSA policies…etc…)
    still gets an approval rating of 47% of the country.    Assume for the moment that’s a real number.
    That’s the people Al Gore is talking to and has been talking to.   Not us.

    • still gets an approval rating of 47% of the country.

      Yeah, well Vlad Putin gets very high approval numbers, so at least we’re not alone in the “I’M STUPID- KICK ME” category.

  • Further proof – we ARE a nation of ignorant dumbass morons.   That’s why Al Gore is in business instead of begging with a red solo cup on a street corner or cleaning windshields with a rag at stop lights for 50 cents.

    A petition to the White House for Obama to intervene in the selection of Ben Afflick as Batman.
    We have people who use 911 to complain about their McDonald’s service/food.
    Clueless ignorant dumbass morons who would be perfectly happy with a King/tyrant to make their decisions for them every day.
    We are soooooooo screwed.

    • I notice that even, today, the luxury cars (Lexus, Acura, Lincoln, etc) use advertising that seems to be targeting teenagers or “kollege studints” at best.

  • Queue Erb to call us all a bunch of flat earthers, deniers, and intellectual neanderthals….in 5, 4, 3…..

  • Regarding the whole Ben Affleck/Batman petition thing, I had heard that if any petition on the White House’s site reaches 100,000 signatures, Obama would address the issue himself. If true, I almost hope this one reaches that threshold just to see the Dear Leader hold a press conference to address it.

    • They wisely torpedoed the petition on the White House web site before that became a problem.
      The idea that they even HAVE such petitions….now they don’t even bother to send a flak catcher out, they let us vent to a web site where they can chuckle or ignore, and delete.
      No more Mau Mauing the flak catcher.  Kenyan Barry should understand THAT reference, I’m sure that was one of the ‘dreams of his father’.
      Now you petition the White House directly for any whim that comes into your head and they’ll actually consider it? That’s pretentious collective elitist rubbish to demonstrate to the peasants they care.
      It seems even THEY recognize there are limits to the idiocy they will permit under said pretense.

  • OwlGore…proof of the P.T. Barnum First Law…

  • Why are you attacking one of the greatest capitalist of our times? The man has made billions, perhaps even millions, using the trusty P.T. Barnum business method!

    • Maybe Brazilians, even.

    • Barnum would probably try to get Al to go into business with him, knowing him to be the humbug he is.
      Barnum and Gore’s Hi-tech circus!
      See the “Hockey Stick” that Mann created, a genuine ManBearPig carcass, and a working model of the ‘internet’ that Al created.
      A mermaid from the future submerged city of New York!   People with flames for hair from the globally warmed earth!
      Hurrrraaaay  Hurrrrrayyyy

  • Frankly, no matter what the science says, I can’t take anybody seriously about “carbon pollution” when they have a “carbon footprint” of a small African nation.
    Folks like Al Gore are the environmental equivalent of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.  It’s all about the money.

    • Pastor Gore – If you send him your money and a jar of your exhaled Co2 he’ll pray over them and God will award you carbon credits.

  • Al who?

  • “Why does anyone still take Al Gore seriously?”
    Those who do, believe he speaks the truth.  Bear with me.  The late Peter Benchley, of Jaws fame, wrote a satirical political/espionage novel called Q Clearance.  In it, the protagonist, a speechwriter, tells the President, a thinly fictionalized LBJ, that he worried he’d taken too much poetic license in a glowing college recommendation letter he ghost-wrote for the President, about his none-too-bright layabout nephew.
    Benchley was a liberal, but he captured a postmodern attitude more common on the left than on the right when he had the President respond, “It’s true, that’s what matters.  Facts aren’t important, as long as they support the truth.”
    Which I think is more or less what the CAGW publicists tell themselves when they take liberties with the facts, or seize on any weird weather event to yell, “YOU SEE? What more proof do you need?!”

  • Most of the comments target Gore’s loopy interview, and I know I’m being picky, but Taranto errs by referring to Sandy as a Cat 2 Hurricane at landfall.  It had transitioned to post tropical storm status before crossing the NJ coastline, though the wind field had the characteristics of a Cat 1 hurricane.  What made it so damaging was a very large circulation forcing the storm surge into the narrow NY bight area (and we know NYC is the center of the universe) at high tide and full moon.  McQ is correct that a landfall anywhere south of Hatteras would make the news for one news cycle.  You want a Superstorm?  The 1938 hurricane bisected Long Island on its path north with 180mph winds in New England and a surge over 20′ with 600 fatalities.  And all this before the Age of the SUVs.