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Car Review: The “S” stands for “Spock”

This week, I present you with a $17,000 car that in a number of ways, drives exactly like a Ferrari 458 Speciale. It is, without a doubt,  the car that Star Trek’s Mr. Spock would buy.

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12 Responses to Car Review: The “S” stands for “Spock”

  • I take it that you aren’t a fan of the TDI…

  • I haven’t driven a TDI for a number of years, but diesels are generally disappointing for anything but fuel economy, at which, it must be said, they excel.

    • I hear good things about the Jetta TDI… I am lead to believe that, over the last couple of years, diesels have gotten much better…

  • Are auto reviews generally humorous?  Have I been missing out by not paying attention to cars all these years?    In which I discover I’m about learning through humor.
    While I admit, I am definitely about “this thing takes me to work and brings me home”, big problem with no AUX connection for my IPOD.
    I ain’t wearin headphones to listen to “Long cool woman” though.  That should be played loud to abuse younger drivers at lighted intersections (who no doubt can’t hear my tunes due to their nuclear bass set on 11).

    • Look up Jeremy Clarkson’s auto reviews. They sometimes even mention the autos. And he is somewhat of the anti-Erb… So win-win.

  • Did the Passat magically vanish?

  • Just watch that “S car go”