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Observations: The QandO Podcast for 01 Sep 13

This week, Bruce, Michael, and Dale discuss Syria.

The direct link to the podcast can be found here.


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6 Responses to Observations: The QandO Podcast for 01 Sep 13

  • Great podcast, except not enough discussion of what happens if the Congress approves war.
    I think that will happen for two reasons:
    1) GOP is stupid.
    2) GOP reluctant to make America look weak.
    3) GOP afraid of being called racists…”you supported Bush’s wars…”  (Erb’s critique is related.)
    4) Actually, violating 1925 convention on gas warfare is pretty serious.
    5) Obama has started showing the intel, the photos of dead kids, and pumping up our training efforts. (There is a non-Al Aqaeda alternative!)
    This intel may be great or slanted, but it could affect Congress.
    According to Drudge links, Boehner and Cantor have already signed on.
    Oh, and keep in mind from a Congressional power standpoint, they may think they already gained back their power, so now agreeing saves Obama’s face is worth it and maybe avoids that whole constitutional crisis and icky impeachment scenario…do you really want to impeach the first black president? Better just give him what he wants.
    Personally, I was 100% against any attack. Now I am 95% against it based on what I don’t know about intel, the actual strategic situation there, etc. but 5% ain’t much.

  • I also think that if the GOP votes part-line for Syria, it might be the end of the party. This is very unpopular.

    • In a cynical moment, I briefly considered the possibility that the GOP leadership doesn’t really know what to do because it’s all so muddled, and just decided to give Obama what he wants hoping it will make him as unpopular as Bush was the last two years of his term. That would match some of their other stated excuses/rationalizations for letting him have his way with them.


      But I rather doubt they think that far ahead. Besides, it probably would not work. Having a bunch of Democrats vote to support Bush’s actions in Iraq didn’t mean they were ever held to any shared responsibility, but the GOP doesn’t get that kind of pass from the media.


      A more charitable explanation is that they don’t want Obama to be perceived as powerless for the next three years, because that’s bad for the country. I rather doubt a desultory bombing of Syria will have that effect. It looks like the damage to his credibility has already been done.

      • I agree that the largest reason will be not wanting America to too weak.
        The domestic advantage of a neutered Obama may have bad international repercussions.
        There are rumors that this will be more than just lobbing cruise missiles, though.
        Personally, I think they should use the opportunity to sink Obama.
        Mainly to re-assert Congress and avoid Syria altogether.
        Suddenly Congress would be seen as a body that has influence and can act.
        It would also shake up images of Republicans as warmongers, etc.
        Thus, it will not happen. I bet we get the worse case scenario: GOP line vote, with Democrats defecting. They get their cake and eat it too.