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As usual, Obama tries to pass the buck

President Pass-the-Buck is at it again.  This time he wanders out of the country to do it. In Stockholm he tells the world:

“My credibility’s not on the line. The international community’s credibility is on the line, and America and Congress’ credibility is on the line because we give lip service to the notion that these international norms are important,” Mr. Obama said, referring to international laws against the use of chemical weapons.

America and Congress is it?  Is it America and Congress who shot their mouth off?  Nope.  It was Mr. Obama.  It is indeed his credibility (what’s left of it) that’s on the line.  And, as I pointed out yesterday about how he was going to try to find someone or something to blame all this on, this is simply him validating my point.

He shoots his mouth off, he then goes to Congress and now it’s Congress whose credibility is on the line?  I don’t think so.

Oh, and apparently, the crediblity of Congress (and one supposes America) is only on the line if they vote “no”.  And if they do, who cares, he doesn’t need them anyhow:

President Barack Obama said he retains the right to order strikes against Syria even if Congress doesn’t authorize them, but he is seeking approval from U.S. lawmakers because he thinks it will strengthen America’s response.

*cough* BS *cough* This weasel we’ve elected president, who is so far in over his head he doesn’t know which way is up, is looking for political cover – period. He’s only going to Congress to strengthen his hand, even as pathetically weak as it is.  The “I/me” president has put himself out on a limb and sawed it most of the way through.  Now he just want’s some one to share it with him (and as usual Lindsey McCain – er, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are amenable to the idea).

This is raw politics at its worse.  Obama goes out of the country to take a swing at Congress and the American people after finally asking for their approval.

This is what some of you elected.



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35 Responses to As usual, Obama tries to pass the buck

  • And, channeling a certain expert:

    “”Do I hold out hope that Mr. Putin may change his position on some of these issues?” Mr. Obama said. “I’m always hopeful, and I will continue to engage him.”

    Would anyone like to place bets on Putin being convinced to change his mind? Maybe Obama is unaware of Putin’s recent activities in the Baltic, running simulated bomber runs at Sweden in March and at least one spy plane a little later penetrated Swedish airspace. Needless to say, the old Swedish antagonism of Russia is alive an well and no one believes for a minute Obama will be able to deflect Putin from HIS national interest.

    • You are SOOOOO cynical.  Just look how he TOTALLY made Putin his punk over the Russian invasion of Georgia.
      Or…uh…don’t look at that…

    • Hope to engage Putin?  Putin is probably laughing himself sick thumbing his nose at Obama.  Some reset or relations, eh?

  • My credibility’s not on the line.

    Talk about backing a bet with nothing…!!!
    Pres. Bumps In The Road HAS no credibility.
    Not with our allies.
    Not in the Muslim world.
    Not among the Chinese or Russians.
    Not among our troops.
    And certainly not with Americans.

  • Since your dear President is kindly imparting his wisdom in Stockholm, let’s consider why he chooses to use the occasion (nominally meant to be about free-trade agreements and climate) to expound on why he must cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war in Syria. In a region with a very large Syrian immigrant population. Tone-deaf much? As far as I can tell, his speech went down only marginally better than a bucket of cold sick.

    • “When we are in a delicate position from a foreign policy viewpoint, it is hard to argue that shutting down our government is in the best interests of America,” [Senator Dick “head”]Durbin told reporters.

  • I feel sorry for the next president, republican or democrat, for the ugly repair job they will need to do.

    • Next President?    You speak dangerously friend.   Long live Obama.

      • I fully expect ‘removing the term limit’ trial balloons any time now.  But at this point even his own party must be getting sick of him. 

        At some poine he’ll be identified as more of a threat to ushering in the “Utoptia” than a help and he will be lost to history ASAP or worse if he tries to resist that. 

        • I don’t think the regulars want King Barry any more than we do.   I doubt Boxer, Schumer or Reid really think that highly of him.
          And we KNOW the Clinton’s probably don’t.

  • “If you have a Red Line, you didn’t set that — someone else mad that happen!”

  • “Congress set a red line when it indicated that in a piece of legislation entitled the Syria Accountability Act that some of the horrendous things happening on the ground there need to be answered for. So, when I said in a press conference that my calculus about what’s happening in Syria would be altered by the use of chemical weapons, which the overwhelming consensus of humanity says is wrong, that wasn’t something I just kind of made up. I didn’t pluck it out of thin air. There’s a reason for it.”

    The Syria Accountability Act of 2003 is based on the same intelligence that got us into Iraq …

    According to the Central Intelligence Agency’s ‘‘Unclassified Report to Congress on the Acquisition of Technology Relating to Weapons of Mass Destruction and Advanced Conventional Munitions’’, released January 7, 2003: ‘‘[Syria] already holds a stockpile of the nerve agent sarin but apparently is trying to develop more toxic and persistent nerve agents. Syria remains dependent on foreign sources for key elements of its [chemical weapons] program, including precursor chemicals and key production equipment. It is highly probable that Syria also is developing an offensive [biological weapons] capability.’’.

    … of course, “It’s Bush’s fault !”

  • I say thank God we have a thoughtful President who refuses to be goaded into action just to “look tough.”   If he were a Cowboy he’d say “gee, people are thinking I’m weak not doing anything so I better fire some missles.”  Instead we have a mature, thoughtful, leader who is saying “no one is going to goad me into anything, this is going to be done the way I want it, under my conditions.”  He also is challenging the international community not to just rely on the US, but to join to act if they want something done.   Compared to the debacle from the last President, who took the US into the worst foreign policy catastrophe since LBJ, Obama knows that this isn’t personal.  He has to make the best decision for the country.   We have a leader, not someone worried about “prestige” (no leader worries about that – if you worry about your prestige, you’re not a leader).
    Moreover, he understands we’re a constitutional democracy, and he isn’t a Monarch.   He’s not going to just decide to hurl us into war without Congressional approval – thankfully!   I personally think he’s going to ultimately hit Syria hard, and it may work – this could end up being seen by many as Obama’s finest hour, we’re only in the early stages.  But I hope he doesn’t, even if it’s effective.  The US has to refuse to act as a world cop, and has to work to build an international consensus to deal with violation of global norms.  We’re not powerful, rich or strong enough to take on the task alone – nor would it be the ethical thing to do.  Still, I am so happy we have a real leader now – it’s been awhile!

    • In which I resort to name calling – Asshat.
      You know, coming here and posting things even you don’t believe just to stir up trouble really is an indication of a sick pathology.
      but by all means, continue, it will all be quoted back to you many times in the future to demonstrate your credibility in foreign policy is nil.

    • If he were a Cowboy he’d say “gee, people are thinking I’m weak not doing anything so I better fire some missles.”

      Now you’re just getting nasty, talking about Balless Bill Clinton that way.
      You are just a lying Collectivist tool.  And you’re so stupid, you think you can pull it off.
      What a moron.

      • Now if he’d meant Clinton, he’d have said “If he were a facile liar and womanizer”.
        Clearly he’s trying for the insult intended when using the word cowboy in this context.
        Personally, I’d rather be known as a cowboy than an asshat like Erb.

        • In my experience of travelling your land, Texan cowboys are much to be preferred over Northern asshats. Cleverer too much of the time.

          • If you gets to Dallas, dinner are on me.

          • That’s might kind of you. I haven’t been in Dallas for a couple of years (get to Houston and West Texas much more often) but if I do I’ll be sure to let you know!

          • My garden paradise of San Angelo by any chance?

          • No, never been to San Angelo. Usually it is “paradises” in the middle of not-much in the baking sun messing around near gas wells. Not much garden work 😉

    • And in which we once again attempt to correct your feeble understanding of your own government.
      We are a Constitutional REPUBLIC.   Which is a form of democratic government, but is not a democracy.

    • You hitting the pipe again?

      • You hitting the pipe again?

        This is nothing new and is not substantially more absurd than material he wrote in the 90s.  Go to  You can narrow the date, search for particular key words, etc..  When I read a sampling from way back, I have to reevaluate my impression of the past few months that he’s been getting more shrill over time.  This goes way back.
        A crack addiction would have killed him by now.

    • It must make you twist that Bush had more international and national support for Iraq than Obama ever had for Syria.  He can’t even keep the UK on board.  I wonder if he’s thinking  returning Churchill’s bust and other anti-anglo insults were such a smooth move now.   Talk about personal ego.  This is why you don’t let your personal resentment color your relationship for a strategic and long term ally. 

    • …thank God we have a thoughtful President…a mature, thoughtful, leader…. We have a leader, not someone worried about…this could end up being seen by many as Obama’s finest hour….  Still, I am so happy we have a real leader now….

      Wipe your chin and dust off your knees.  You’re making a spectacle of yourself.

    • There is a theory that Obama simply did not know what to decide in this case, so he honestly thinks kicking the can to Congress as a way of making the decision for him.
      I have to say, that is something I could interpret as honorable. IF, he doesn’t turn around and blame the GOP when he gets a NO vote.
      And since he has been a relentless partisan and always blames the GOP for everything and gets away with it, I suspect he will do the same in this case.
      That is his nature. Always campaigning and always blaming. Never leading.
      p.s. you know Obama could have easily gotten support on Syria if he hadn’t burned his bridges from 2009 onwards with the opposition.

  • Has anyone seen Steve Urkel lately?   I think there may be a reason we never see Obama and Urkel together.

  • People need to consider – Putin has been doing some chest thumping too.
    It’s not good that both men have to ‘save face’, especially in the Middle East.
    And we know which of the two might actually HAVE a plan.

  • One wonders if at any point any of these hero’s yelled what McCain thinks is the same as “Thank God!” just before they shot prisoners.

    John McCain, making me wonder if I should be grateful that Obama won.

  • Don’t worry everyone! The Arabs have generously offered to pay for our invasion, everything is copacetic now!

    • Will they being buying American parents new sons and daughters or the parts that they might need to have replaced?
      I know Kerry thinks it’s ONLY about the money.    If a few of the nasty little brutes are killed to improve chances of Democrats being elected, well, so be it.
      They were probably in the military as a job or out of misguided patriotism, not as a political career enhancing move.

  • you know world leaders may have disliked Bush, some even feared him. But at least they had some respect for him.