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This week’s car review

There’s no easy way to break the news about this week’s review subject: It’s a Lexus. But it’s one of the F-Sport ones, not one of the boring ones. Oh, and it can reduce you to tears of impotent rage, so there’s that. As always, please “recommend” it.

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3 Responses to This week’s car review

  • I hope you get a chance to take a whack at the new BMW 4 series. I’m told they softened up the 3 series in recent years, and the 4 series seems to be their entry into the space of people who prefer to drive a car rather than just steer it.
    I’m actually reading your reviews as a potential purchaser. My 3 series is 13 years old. It’s getting time to think about something new.
    I don’t get the incomprehensible dash problem either. In the software world, our historically awful UX is actually getting better. Why are things getting worse in cars, where user experience is far more important to the safety of the user? A loaner BMW X1 that I drove on my last service drop-off was so bad I took photos of the center panel to use as a bad example in my UX design class.

  • I heard somewhere once that Lexuses (Lexi?) were mainly aimed at women wanting a powerful car. Not sure if that is true or not. Anyhow, it is amusing that in certain places you are not allowed to talk on a mobile phone while driving, but trying to operate the idiotic center console controls is perfectly legit even if you are 1000 times more likely to rear-end someone that way. With respect to the superfluous “Eco” mode, are these modes simply put in so that a lower emissions can be stated on the spec sheet? These modes are almost as amusing as Prius drivers who insist on trying to race everyone on motorways, dragging all those batteries along at 80 mph.