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Outplayed on the world’s stage

Well you’ve all seen the Putin op-ed in the NY Times so I’m not going to spend too much time on it other than to say it is another indicator of the lack of respect the President of the United States has internationally.  I can’t imagine Putin trying this with any other president. This is just “in your face” stuff from the Russian president.  On the other side of that, I can’t imagine an op-ed like that ever being given the okay in Pravda or any like publication.

But it is another among many indicators of how outclassed and how outplayed the administration has been in this foreign policy mess of their own making.

That said, it’s time to look at the status and likely progress on the quest to bring Syria’s chemical weapons under international control.

Secretary of State John Kerry headed late Wednesday to Geneva with a team of arms control experts for intensive talks with his Russian counterpart, Sergey V. Lavrov, to try to reach an agreement on how to secure and ultimately destroy Syria’s chemical weapons.

Mr. Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, was taking his own arms control experts to the negotiations, holding out the possibility that there would be depth and detail to the talks. But sharp divisions remained between the two powers less than 24 hours after President Obama said he would hold off on an American military strike on Syria and gave a qualified endorsement to a Russian proposal for international monitors to take over the country’s chemical arsenal.

“Sharp divisions” is diplo-speak for “we’re miles and miles and miles apart – don’t expect any agreement anytime soon.”

Or as we said the other day, “Syria has all the time in the world to do whatever it wishes to do.”

American officials said the Syria debate would now unfold largely in Geneva, where the United States wants the talks to focus not only on Syria’s chemical weapons but also on securing munitions like bombs or warheads that are designed for chemical attacks. The officials acknowledged that securing the delivery systems for attacks goes far beyond what Mr. Lavrov has offered or is likely to agree to in Geneva this week.

Adding to the complexity of the diplomatic task is the reality that even if a deal is reached, it would take a year or more to destroy Syria’s chemical stores. One estimate by Pentagon officials determined that Mr. Assad has 1,400 tons of sarin, VX and mustard agents, and that it would take at least 200 to 300 days to take control of the weapons and, short of destruction, to make them unusable.

A lot can be hidden in “200 to 300” days, can’t they.  And, talks can easily stall, be delayed, be postponed, be suspended, etc., all while Russia plays hardball to our T-ball.

With Putin’s op-ed and Russia leading on the Syria debacle, while the administration plays defense, you’re seeing a leadership shift right before your eyes.  Barack Obama has all but ceded the superpower role the US has enjoyed … he’s squandered it with is inept handling of foreign affairs, his abject lack of leadership and his inability to attract any support for his policies.

I’m pining for Jimmy Carter for heaven sake.


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31 Responses to Outplayed on the world’s stage

  • “One estimate by Pentagon officials determined that Mr. Assad has 1,400 tons of sarin, VX and mustard agents, and that it would take at least 200 to 300 days to take control of the weapons and, short of destruction, to make them unusable.”
    Would anyone like to venture a guess as to who will be asked to pony up and help pay for whatever is done?

  • Funny.
    If I understand correctly, DESTROYING CW (safely) can take LONGER than PRODUCING CW.

    • I predict a sudden rise in ‘green’ companies that can safely destroy CW which are owned by Obama campaign contributors.
      These companies will be in need of start up funding that only the US government can provide.   For the Syrian Children.

      • There may be another, but the only place I know of that does that is Anniston Army Depot in Anniston AL.

        • Dunno if it is still in operation, but there was a incinerator in Tooele, Utah as I recall.
          Or most of Maine…

      • Oh no, don’t misunderstand, I don’t expect these new companies to actually destroy anything.
        The name and style you’re looking for here is Solyndra.  This isn’t about accomplishments, this is about moving capital into the pockets of America for Obama helpers.

  • Just remember, in the next decade+ when we’re doing a UN-led intervention into the Syria quagmire, which Boy King in the White House made it possible

  • He’s finally transcended Jimmah!.

  • “With Putin’s op-ed and Russia leading on the Syria debacle, while the administration plays defense, you’re seeing a leadership shift right before your eyes. ”
    And in the process made it very clear to the likes of Georgia and other uppity former Soviet Republics that they cannot expect much help if Russia decides to get grumpy again. But in expert foreign policy world this is probably good and necessary, it is important in a multi-polar world to not be able to count on anyone to come to your aid until after you’re dead.

  • “He’s finally transcended Jimmah!”  You are so right.  With the taking of the hostages at the US embassy in Tehran, the Carter Administration was held hostage for 444 days until the day after the Reagan inauguration when they were suddenly released.  30+ years later and Putin has taken Obama’s entire administration hostage without the need for a foreign embassy or the firing a single shot and what’s even better, the Obama administration has willingly put their hands behind their back and openly begged Putin to put the manacles on.  Obama and Kerry are puppets dancing to the strings that Putin is pulling!!!  If would be funny except that the US will be damaged in the world’s eye for years to come and Russia, with this one coup, has taken the lead on the world stage.  We are now an also ran – second “string” to Putin’s whims.

  • Let’s hold off a little (please). If we hurt the boy kings feelings to much he really may launch a attack in order to prove he is relevant. I do not want that to happen but a person must be careful when dealing with a adolescent.

  • The thing that struck me about the Putin piece in the NYT is how many of his arguments could have been taken directly from Scott Erb’s rambling dialogues on US foreign policy.

  • Writing an Op ed is meaningless.  What shows real lack of respect is Putin conspiring with top US allies France and Germany to undercut American foreign policy.   Of course, that happened when Bush was President and somehow you didn’t see that as a sign Bush wasn’t respected, I suspect you criticized Putin, Chirac and Schroeder at the time.  Your partisanship and ODS is causing you to really engage in massive hypocrisy!   Seriously, an Op Ed is nothing compared to how Putin manhandled Bush.

    • Seriously, an Op Ed is nothing compared to how Putin manhandled Bush.

      The comparison is not between the op-ed and the actual foreign policy during Bush’s reign.  It’s between the actual foreign policy under Obama and the foreign policy under Bush.
      What an obvious, useless straw man.  Now, keep calling people “deranged”, “crazy”, “not to be taken seriously”, etc. as the opener or your participation in an article’s comment section and then come back and whine about personal attacks.
      You assho1e.

      • A quick look at his famous (in his own mind) blog shows him getting totally pwned over Obama by some dude called pino. He’s no doubt just a tad riled up and looking for a release.

        • The real funny part is in one of Erb’s responses to pino where Erb says ‘I’ve read books’ to support his Obama is so awesome claim.

          • Well least we’re reading his site.  He planned this, just like Kerry planned the Russian intervention.

          • Owned.
            Oh wait, I mean I reject that he was owned.   And I rejected sunrise this morning.  It’s still dark here in Austin at 9:24 am, it is! I declare it to be so!

          • I love how he asks “what the heck is a red line anyway” and then next sentence says the international community drew this mysterious object and that, even though he doesn’t know what it is, he sure as heck knows what it means. It is cute how he tries ever so hard to make sense at his own blog, where he can’t just stink the place up with his lolz and his sillys, but still gets owned.

    • Writing an Op ed is meaningless.

      Well, not if you gauge it by the Obamic response.  They didn’t think it “meaningless”.
      Got all wee-weed up, as a matter of fact.  When something is “meaningless”, the people at the highest reaches of government don’t respond, stupid.
      You are just doing blithering self-parody…again.  Some more.  Another time…

    • If you think all Putin did was write an op-ed, then you are a complete idiot.  But I think you know that Putin did much more than write an op-ed, and you’re just trying to spin things so you don’t have to admit Obama was completely humiliated.

    • Damn skippy…we criticized them all.  We criticized the French for all the deals they were doing with Saddam, same for the others.  Not only did we criticize them, we all pointed to their cozy relationships being the reason the UN wouldn’t vote to sanction an action.   How quickly we all forget about Koffee Anan’s son Kojo and his lucrative deals with Iraq.  How quickly we forget how we accused them all of profiting for food for oil.
      Useless twit.
      In other people I might say “You just choose not to remember”, in your case, your various erotic fantasies of rubbing Obama down with hot oil have taken up the available memory for anything prior to Monday of this week.    You’re really better off with the magenta caterpillars.

    • Don’t you have some negative quotes about Bush by famous people to invent?
      How many Op-eds have foreign leaders written for the Times?   Must happen all the time, right?

    • Ahh the eternal pointlessness of the mediocre mind. A third rate professor at a third rate school writing an insiginificant blog for his own vanity is pointless. The leader of one of the largest countries in the world writing a piece in one of the papers of record of the most powerful country in the world chiding the president of that country is anything but pointless. But only a true student of foreign affairs would realize this. No actually even teenage pot-head could realize the various levels of power here. It is lucky you don’t teach, Scott!

      Oh wait…

  • It’s embarrassing to have this numb skull as President of the United States of America

  • Erpo should read out a little more from his moonbattery punk-meisters.
    He could learn things.  I would be happy to teach him…at my usual hourly rate, of course!
    On August 11, 2012, ten days before Obama’s statement, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu had a joint press conference in Istanbul. During that press conference the following exchange happened:

    QUESTION: Madam Secretary, for you, can you tell us a little bit more in detail about your meeting with the opposition activists? Did you get a better sense of whether they are really prepared to be able to be involved in leading a transition? What kind of questions did you ask them about who is actually doing the fighting on the ground? And what kind of answers did you get?
    And then, for both of you, there has been a lot of talk about this common operational picture. What exactly is that common operational picture? Does it involve the potential of this corridor from Aleppo, north to the border here, turning into some kind of safe haven? And does it include anything on how to deal with the chemical weapons that everyone has expressed concern about? Thank you.
    SECRETARY CLINTON: [yadda yadda] And both the minister and I saw eye to eye on the many tasks that are ahead of us, and the kinds of contingencies that we have to plan for, including the one you mentioned in the horrible event that chemical weapons were used. And everyone has made it clear to the Syrian regime that is a red line for the world, [italics mine] what would that mean in terms of response and humanitarian and medical emergency assistance, and of course, what needs to be done to secure those stocks from every being used, or from falling into the wrong hands.